Saturday, April 9, 2011

[Photos] Hyunjoong Soccer Match


in action!! 

hey kidz~~~

dass funneh~~

me so tired guys..

run run run joongie!

i can move like this!!

good game!! *clap* *clap*


LvKprogram said...

Nice to see HJ get to participate and enjoying one of his favorite sport. I hope he gets to do more of things he love & enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Its really nice to see hyun joong smiling so wide, and so naturally ^^

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

he looks he in LOVE???
Ommmo....hehehehe...i like him better this way...just like when he was in WGM wif HB onnie....he smiles!! and look happy!

Jayne said...

ahhh~ Wish i can play a game with him! :D
Soccer is my fav sport too! keke.

Anonymous said...

Do excuse the following: every time I get to see HJ become more fit and healthy my joongbo heart/mind automatically thinks its for his Hwangbo. He wants to have as much brownie points as he could get from her. She loves her man 'manly' physique, and I know he loves being fit too( rationally it's all his own will and higher sales promo) but it's just more fun to think that it's all to impress his gf HB that he is physically, mentally, and spiritually able to be her man. * i want to see her run into his arms and he tosses her around, I bet now he could piggyback her for hours* lol :P

Anonymous said...

the hair is really UP