Friday, April 22, 2011

Joongbo Community Updates!!!

we want our bbq scene!!!

  • There will be a Joongbo US Meet on the 29th of April!!! More info on the image below shared by aznfemale_59 :DDD

  • A wonderful charity event called The Child Haus Charity Event was organized by Filipina Joongboers (Bubblezzangs) last 17th of April. These ladies are totally making a difference with their generous and loving hearts! More power to you guys!!!
photo by michsann, shared by luvhjxtoo



BabyG12 said...

Good job SH ...

kiani said...

I'm really excited 'bout all the Ssangchu Couple activities that are happening.

OMG..and the petition! this is our moment, let's make it happen, let's send that petition on it's way, let's flood MBC with our letters.
Ssangchu Couple fighting....