Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ssangchu Ward

I have read about a Ssangchu Ward in soompi, where we all get our daily doses of Joongbo spazz to be sane hehehe~ I thought it was really cool!! xD~~ Coz that's totally my life LOL!!

And it really fits since Hyunjoong pronounces World as Ward, so it can also be Ssangchu World??? and I am a citizen of the Ssangchu World??? xDDD Ah, I don't know if I am making sense..

So this page is basically about the Ssangchu Ward / World / Community :) I think it's interesting to know more about the people behind their usernames hihi~ If you wish to have your profile here, please email a mini pic, and a brief description about yourself to ssangchu_heaven@yahoo.com. Thank youuu! To the world!!!~

Ssangchu Heaven aka SH

Herrrrro~~! I am SH *w*~~ I became a fan of Joongbo when I was subbing Joongbo cuts in 2008. :) Back then, I only watched WGM because Andy was there, but Joongbo came and I was hooked. I started the blog about one month after the last Ssangchu episode aired. Many of my subscribers wanted to know more about what they were doing after the show, and since I look up the same things, I decided to just make one xD

Outside SH, I'm just a regular 20 year old girl who loves makeup and music. I'm a big fan of Dong Bang Shin Gi hehe~ and I am married to Shim Changmin!!!! *evil laughs* I tend to spazz a lot.. and I know that when I spazz it can be a little weird.. for that I am very sorry!!! ^^;; I'm very thankful for everyone who has been supporting and visiting the blog... I cannot believe it's been almost two years! Forever a fan of Hyunjoongie and Hwang Buin, our Ssangchu couple, who showed me a love story that I know I will never forget :)

Guest Bloggers of the Month

I thought it would be cool to have Joongboers to blog with me here and share their talents, whether it may be graphics, videos, writing, CSI, and even share their opinions and stories about Joongbo. *w*~~ There are many Joongboers around the world, and having you guys blog with me would be really great! This is very new and I really want everyone to know about it! Don't forget to give me an email at ssangchu_heaven@yahoo.com if you are interested, neh? :D Kamsahamnida!

October: Meme =p

I live for sports and breathe for books but boy do I love me some nice heels and Korean drama =p A huge Joongbo fan, I am. If I’m not browsing the web for Joongbo, KHJ, or Hwangbo related news, it’s because I’m caught up watching a Dallas Mavericks game or reading a good book.

And before I shame SSangchu Heaven too soundly, I must confess, though I’m a history teacher, my grammar skills are poor. If you see a misplaced comma or a punctuation error, kindly overlook them please =p

With that being said....Let’s do what we can to support and spread the Joongbo love. To the World!!!!!

Meme was there to the rescue when I needed it the most. *w*~~ October is not really my power month because it was my midterms month, and Meme helped me even if she was busy herself because she's getting married!!! How crazy is it that she could write awesome posts everyday while also planning a wedding?! :o She's like Wonder Woman to me haha. Very magical!!! xDDD~~~

Meme, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wonderful insights in the blog. I know I have said this a million times but words cannot express how thankful I am of you, and also Tommy for every post that you have shared. :) I wish the best of luck for you both! HWAITING! TO THE WORLD!!!!

November: LvKProgram

I discovered WGM accidentally 2 years ago. Since myself is 5 years older than my husband...Ssangchu couple caught my eye. Also Korean society, it's very unusual and taboo for woman to be older in the relationship. Specially 6 years age gap. Through watching this program...I witnessed pure and genuine feelings were developing between HB & HJ and I got hooked. I am a Korean American. Born in Korea. Came to States when I was teen. Working with Photoshop is part of my job. I am a Graphic Designer.

I started photo manipulation of HB & HJ...because I miss our couple and wish they are together for real. Because of Ssangchu couple...I had a chance to meet wonder people around the world through social network. There are many gifted & talented Joongbo fan fiction writers are in the network. Two of the JB writers requested art and JB PS became my hobby.

Let's support Ssangchu Heaven, Ssangchu Couple and Wild Fancy's!

Many of you guys know LvK for her wonderful graphics!!!! Because of her I stare at my laptop spazzing over Joongbo pictures xDDD~ Thank you for making us wonderful images Lvk!! *w*~~


Ansuh said...

WHAT would this ward be about?
I wonderrrrr^_^
Will doctor HJ be looking at us?
with the help of his Buin nurse?

Anonymous said...

My favorite joongbo moment on WGM was during their massage session on the Ant Tour. There was a ton of skinship happening. I felt the massages was just an excuse to touch each other =D

I also loved what HJ said his reason was for continuing their marriage. He got real serious when he said it was because it felt too sad and incomplete to end their relationship at that time. He was so sincere at that moment.

Anonymous said...

Is there supposed to be a discussion topic?

anyhow Ijust want to bring up a recent post made by non joongboer who just recently finished watching WGM. To recap, she wrote that HJ put up with her and HB was trying to hard. My point of bringing this up is not to bash the poster. She is actually very polite and indifferent. Rather, I want to discuss whether HJ put up with her. Of course in my crazy mind he didnt. Let's discuss the evidence of he stayed in WGM because his own willingness not forced by DSP

ICE said...

In my opinion they started to fall for each other during the farm episode. Hope their love will be true and happy forever. I'm a die hard fan of joongbo, hope if not openly they will be secretly together till truth is reveal.

jaywong said...

My favourite joongbo moment... hard to decide! But if I have to name the most..
It would be the times where they made bets with each other, laughed together and smiled from their hearts.

From that japan 'pooh bear' date, themepark date, dancing to 'nobodynobody', he sang for her in the farm with 995 papercranes in the guitar case...

What else can I say? It was a fairytale come true... right??

Anonymous said...

Inside WGM - For me, i wanted the most their 100th day/wedding episode specially their "eye contacts/stares" and kiss on the bus and when HJ said that he's scared of things, that many things have changed that day... It feels like he realizes many special things that day.
Outside WGM - YSMM guesting of HJ for BOF promotion where he sang "Dahaegnida" and said that it's the song that he'd sing for a girlfriend or someone's he's interested in.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone! I think I found the link to HJ talking about WGM. He mentioned HB's name but I don't know what he's saying.

I was just happy to see one of their wedding pics pop on the screen. Memories!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_0QjrHdunA at 1:51

THANK YOU SH for this amazing blog! =)

fang said...

i love this place...so safe from all those...? never mind, somebody might shoot me. lol!

a ward for the joongbo infected brain, wooooot!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

Whoa there are comments here!!! :o
I didn't know anyone would notice hahaha~ The Ward should be started soon :)

Anonymous said...

Glad for this ward. Yeah, today I'm sad. Well, HB twitted saying, they had their first snow, but she didn't know where. And in her twit she said they're suppose to meet at the first snow. I just remembered in WGM, when they talked about meeting for the 3 seasons, and KHJ said they could meet for the fourth, to make it all the seasons. So of course, in my thought, I'm hoping it's him she is suppose to meet.

Anonymous said...

i really want more updates about our joongbo couple! ;)

i'm a believer forever!

delaine :) said...

hi i just addicted to Ssangchu Couple, thanks to Playful Kiss. so, i wonder if there's more updates with them? if there's any, pls update! :D i know im talking silly right? but, i like Ssangchu Couple more than the other couples. and i burst into tears when i watched the last episode. T______________T

HB, you're the best wife anyone could ask for, and HJ, you're the sweetest husband i have ever seen! :)

lots of love!
<3 <3

delaine :) said...

hi i just addicted to Ssangchu Couple, thanks to Playful Kiss. so, i wonder if there's more updates with them? if there's any, pls update! :D i know im talking silly right? but, i like Ssangchu Couple more than the other couples. and i burst into tears when i watched the last episode. T______________T

HB, you're the best wife anyone could ask for, and HJ, you're the sweetest husband i have ever seen! :)

lots of love!
<3 <3