Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hyunjoong & Hwangbo MV - (Epitone Project - The Person That Hurts)

The Person That Hurts
Epitone Project

Thinking about it now
Still makes my heart ache..

You shyly confessed to me,
"When the cherry blossoms appear
Until winter comes,
I will always want to be with you."

What do I have to do to forget her?
From the day we separated,
I stayed here,
Hoping you would return.

I was really scared
How can I live without her?
Were the moments we spent together too much?
The more I think about it,
The more I wish to apologize.

It really hurts...
I was young and naive
I had too much tears.

I's really hard...
Thinking about it again,
I wonder, how much did I hurt her?

I... I'm the person who hurts...
If only I could apologize.
I... I... The person who hurts...


Anonymous said...

Missing them more each day .... JB forever !!!

Thanks for this beautiful MV !!

Anonymous said...

The first time I noticed that HJ holds HB's hands when they are talking. Their last night is really touching.

After so many months, I still cannot !!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing and subbbing!
Thanks for the efforts!

I love Kim Hyun Joong. LOL :)

Anonymous said...

TOO SAD... they were the happiest couple and the saddest one of all. :( you can bet they were the most easily affected compared to anbi and other couples... HB unnie said "in this life its unlikely to see me cry" and she cried the next episode :(

too little too much too soon:(
the part where i saw KHJ's expression change in the mt halla is so bittersweet.... :( (2:02-2:09)

whats your name in soompi? ;D

keioloveshwanhee said...

Still hoping for their team up in the future. I can't erase them in my mind. It's so touching to watch their last episodes. Can't help but cry every time i watch the farewell trip of our couple. So sad that it really end so soon and that so soon that KHJ realizes that he felt something really strange for HHJ. Oh my! Sure it's a feeling no more can be express.

Anonymous said...

I stumped upon this page by accidently looking for this song's Eng translation.

I totally agree with you guys that this couple was the happiest and saddest couple of all. So many emotions, so many mixed feeling. Fun, laughters, sweetness, carings, excitements, sorrow, longing, pain, joy, romance, expressionlessness, teasing, seducing, giggleing, crying, consoling, touching, aching..... all emotions one can ever experience!

And that is why this couple has HUGE impact on HUGE audience around Asia uptil now. Their ending in WGM is so open-ended that it gives us huge room to IMAGINE. What's next? Will they be together? Or are they apart? Apart? WHY!!?? They are made for each other!!! etc.

I love them with all my heart,no matter what the antis say. And I dare to say that their story after WGM is even more heartfelt. Cause they must face all the obstacles together just to be together secretly for 2 years. This situation is not for the light hearts at all.

Ps. I wanna ask PD of WGM. Did you select all the songs in Mt.Halla FAREWELL segment just to kill us all? All the songs were as if made to cut through our hearts like a knife! omg.