Friday, February 13, 2009

Who Received Hwangbo's Valentine's Day Chocolates?


Sadly it's not Hyunjoong, but her close friend, Ryu Shi Won! (Beautiful Days, Wedding). She revealed that whenever she's bored, she will call Ryu Shi Won and he will cheer her up and even treat her to meals. On a recent episode on Infinity Girls, she said that she made the chocolates herself as a "Thank You" for his friendship.


Park Bo Ram asked her about Ryu Shi Won being the man she will marry, and she replied, "I thought about it, but I think it's better if we remained good friends for life."


As you can see, they're really close!!~ ^^ Hwangbo has a lot of guy friends, so I don't mind this news that much. But still.. I wished she gave the chocolates to Hyunjoong instead...



Credits: Hwangbo's Cyworld + Daum + Star News


Nona said...

awwwww thats just too bad!

if it was hyunjoong,
won't it be just oh-so-perfect?

Anonymous said...

or she gave it to hj in private..... coz i'm a believer

hanabi said...

Joongbo are sharing V-day in their hearts !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did they SMS each other ? Did they meet ? Did HB give chocolate to HJ (he is not that kind of person giving chocolate) ? Did they do anything for their Valentine Day ?

Are you thinking of these ? I am thinking of these ...

mona said...

I 'm a believer of JoongBo. Seeing them apart makes my heart ache. But I admit I admire d RSW. I saw him many time in Japan TV programs, he has many good treats too and good cook.

Anonymous said...

Too bad..
I knew that Hwangbo has a lot of guy friends. But RSW is a good guy.. If they are together, i think it is good. ^^ Everyone wants her to be happy..

Anonymous said...

Or maybe HJ should have given her chocolates instead?

A news at on HJ... it was reported that HJ is buying a mobile phone :) the first thing that came to mind is HB... damn! hope he calls her!

StrandedAngel said...

HB deserves to be happy since HJ has moved on already....but still wishing for a JoongBo

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, not bad. RSW is a cute and nice guy too.

jyntio said...

Friends ~ presenting chocolates or cakes on Valentine's Day to show their gratitude for each other's close relationship

Married Couples ~ receiving 'gold & silver' on Valentine's Day to show 'love lasts forever'

Get the hint? =^_^=