Thursday, February 12, 2009

Request Link

All requests go here ^^


Anonymous said...

why can't i download all the song.
can u please help me.

Anonymous said...

So, if it possible to subbed eng of this mv plese upload to. i really want to watch this mv with subbed because it is so beautyful joonbo's mv.

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

loved HB and RSW pics ! Thank you !!! Happy Valentines !!!

Anonymous said...

hey promise dont ever dele this blog =D

Anonymous said...

ep 42 pls =)

Ssangchu Heaven said...

Everyone's anonymous!!~~

@an1: which song were you trying to download?

@an2: Oh "I'm Touched By You"!!! A lot actually requested me to add subtitles to that on yt, I'll be working on it ^^

@an3: Happy Valentines to you too!~~~

@an4: I promise :'D

@an5: as soon as tungtung releases the subs, I will upload it here ^^

hanabi said...

Can you also upload infinity girls ? just start from ig ep 70 IF YOU CAN ONLY .. no pressure !! even if you don't sub it ... missing HB so much .. Thank You !!!

blackclip said...

i can't download ur BG music :'(
can you make all of them downloadable? :X
i like them all! :D

Anonymous said...

create a link for us to view the past achives can ?

lisha said...

do you know the song that the show(wgm) uses as an opening song? the one that sounds like it was accompanied by a big band with trumpets? i think the start line go "tonight, tonight, baby... ooh what you like tonight?..." if you know the title and if its at all possible to have a dl link to it... im compiling all my wgm vids.. and i wanted this song for my dvd menu... thanks and more power!!

clo06ud said...

Hi i was wondering if you can upload subbed episodes of the lunar special :(
and or if u knoe anybody whose subbing it :)
please and thank you

Anonymous said...

My requests ....
1.BBQ photos
2.I heard that it is the SS501 members helping HJ to fold the cranes. Is it true ?
3.Can you download the cut in Infinity Gril about HB being asked to choose a member of Big Bang she likes the most, but of course she just kept silent and the IG girls teased her she only loves HJ.

Many thanks...

HWEEYING. said...

Do you have a download link for JoongBo cuts (episode 37 and 38)? Need it you know... :(

Anonymous said...

Hey, will u upload WGM ep 42 onwards? with subs. Been waiting for ages...hahahaha :)

Anonymous said...

i really fall in love with them!!! they are so hilarious, with tricks, teasings, caringness (tho tried not to be too obvious) etc
really driving me crazy haha

kinda sad that they had stopped acting for this show

hope you could upload more episodes of joongbo so that I could watch all of them

Anonymous said...

hi! can you download (I'm fortunate) the one that he sang to Hwang Bo for failing to play the piano Bogoshipta.

Alvina said...

I absolutely love this Joongbo site. It has a very nice, simple layout... I can only hope you update it frequently with equal amount of dedication.

My request is:
I love the songs that are playing on this website. I often just leave the blog open while doing my other work on the net. Can you please upload some WGM songs as well as some ss501 songs? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, thanks for uploading the episodes. Do you happened to have Episode 22 onwards? Do you mind sharing it? I can't seem to download it elsewhere :(

Appreciated it if you do and thanks for the hardwork.

Apple said...

Hi!(: I'd very much want to watch WGM starting from the very 1st episode but I couldnt download them from megaupload cos I'm dont have their premium membership. so I'd like to ask you where else can I get to watch them & download these videos? thanks alot!:D

p.s I seriously love hyun joong.(:

Anonymous said...

hey! thanks for uploading all the hwangbo cuts, i just found out about this awesome couple on the show :D i was wondering if you will be uploading episode 20 anytime soon? or anywhere i can stream it?

Anonymous said...

Please just promise to take your time to upload the remaining eps. Many cuts in youtube have been removed. Trust that they will be gone soon. I don't know how to keep the cuts.

Victoria said...

No request, I just wanted to tell you that I am absolutely in love with your "Ssangchu" shrine. It's so pretty and organized! I found your videos on YouTube last week, and have been indulging in all the Hyun Joong/Hwan Bo cuteness ever since. And finally, last night, I arrived here. I'm done with episode 1 - 5, and I'm about to start episode 6 right now...hope you don't mind me lurking around! Oh, and thanks so much for making all this available for everyone. ^_^

Anonymous said...

hi. i just wanted to ask if you would still sub "we got married" after episode 42 and forth. tungtung fansubs is quitting the project. i was either wondering if you were going to lend a hand or if there is any other source for full episode subs? thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Firstly, thank you very much for creating this site! I love all the photos you find and videos you post ^^*
I was wondering if you could post the deleted scenes of joongbo?
Thanks in advance!!

kirin said...

hello sweetheart ^^

would you upload we got married ep 42? tung2 fansub nearly finished~ on the stage of encoding it

love ya <3

Anonymous said...

Hi...can you pls upload all the ssangchu episodes?? thks=D

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if hyun joong has a cyworld account? and if does, can you pls give me the link?

Anonymous said...

Hi can u post those new song that you have added to ur playlist recently ? =)

thank you note said...

just keep this site forever and never delete this site regardless of whatever what!!! thanks so much! (:

myghostgarments said...

hey thanks so much for making such a pretty site! i like to turn it on and just listen to the playlist when i'm working on homework. is this site defunct now though? are you not going to continue uploading the rest of the episodes? i notice all the comments are from february..Y_Y i hope not.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie!
Reali a million thanks for creating tis site.
Now everyday i come up to read on them to refresh my mind on them so that they'll nvr be forgotten. (:
Btw, I reali love yr BG music.
I wonder if it's possible for you to list the artists names beside the songs?
So tat i can try findin them somewhere else. ((:
Big huggs for all yr hard work and effort XD

Cindy said...

Hi, I love your site, Thank you for all the info.

Can you please update the song: Come to me. I heard it as soon as I came to your site but it isn't on your download list. If not can you at least let me know who sings it?


Anonymous said...

may i noe the song " what do i do" in korean? and also the singer who sang it? thanks. jope to hear from u soon=)


Ssangchu Heaven said...

I finished answering 1-30 comments ^^ Please check the requests page~~

Quinne; Alright ^^ Will edit the download post... I realize that would be better xD I seriously have no idea why I didn't write the artists also O.o

Cindy; Come to Me was by Clazziquai (Alex's group ^^) I'll post a download link now ~

Mumugal; What Do I Do is sung by Jisun, will add a download link for it as well!~

Just check the Megaupload BG Song list *w*

lisha said...

hello... i'm back with a follow up... and thanks again for taking time to answer... the song i was looking for was played from ep 18- 38 and is heard from the time the animation is shown up until right before and even as the host introduce the show as "star wedding variety..." thank you,don't fret though if you don't have the song.. you're doing more than enough for the ssanchu-loving community hehehehe thanks!

iris said...

can u upload all joongbo couple episodes in this blog?? for a few days ago, i've noticed that most of WGM episodes + JoongBo couple episodes had been deleted due to MBC copyright.. i hope u can upload all JoongBo couple episodes in this blog from the beginning till the end. thank you. i appreciate for all your effort n time in keep supporting n loving the JoongBo couple without end..

Anonymous said...

hihi.. i trying to download hwayobi-half and it's okay... but i dont really know how to use the download thing. is it alrite if u could send it to me? thanks..

MusicBox said...

Hi I just wanted to tell you how much I love this site. I miss the Ssangchu couple. The new WGM just doesn't have the same feel as season one.

Anyways this is not a request but a gift. I have an online boutique and if anyone is to put in their order form they're a fan of Joongbo I'll throw in a free gift (either a little necklace or something else) with their order.

Joongbo forever!

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for JoongBo's up date. my day is not complete without visit this site. keep it up!

Janice Tan said...

Hi there,

Thank you so much for this blog. It is really great that you took the time to compile all the episodes and goodies for us mere mortals.

Keep up the good work!!

And last but not least, please upload ep 30 with English sub. Cause that is the only episode which I am missing right now.


myghostgarments said...

i know this site isn't my personal therapist..but at this moment. i wish there was the rest of the joongbo episodes for me to watch so i can forget about everything else. Y__Y

GIGI said...

Hi! I have been spazzing on the Ssangcho couple the past week. I've only discovered them because of Kim Hyun Joong and now I adore KHJ more and admire Hwangbo.

Keep up the good work and I hope the links are still alive when I find the time to download this weekend.

GIGI said...

I love the site and will keep coming back!

Annalisa said...

What a great website!!! I just love it!!! I was wondering if you can post the english lyrics of "A message for you" :D Thanks!! And Keep up the good work!!!!! :D

aurry said...

hi can i know who sang the song "bye bye"? thanks!

Anonymous said...

will you please subbed with english subtitles the "come to play" show where hwangbo was present. Please, please, please....thanks a lot!!! you're site is the best!!!

Anonymous said...

will u pls put all of the deleted scene here..really want to wacth it but i cant find it anywhere..pls pls pls....

Anonymous said...

Hi. Just discovered your site from a fellow Joongboer. I'm interested in downloading only Joongbo episodes. Any chance you've uploaded those? Also, I don't have premium membership on megaupload. Can I still D/L the clips? Many thanks. Love your site!

jackie said...

Hi I was just wondering who sings the song "Kiss me" and "My girl?"


Anonymous said...

Hi there~ I see you use 'Eusha' 's graphics for your blog banner.. I'm trying to collect all ssangchu graphics done by Eusha, as they're just so cute! I've got a few, but not all.. Most of them I got from soompi but I don't have every one.. If you could, and don't mind, could you please give me the dl link..? Or you could email me at sporkmeetfoon [at] gmail [dot] com.

Merci beaucoup~!

Anonymous said...

hi Ssangcu Heaven,

loovee yr website a lot. its simple and full of info about JoongBo :) btw, may i know where can i download all the JoongBo part? i really wanna keep them in my laptop so that i can watch them anywhere, anytime.thanks a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

firstly i love your page, its nice to have updates on the joongbo couple!
by any chance do you know kim hyun joongs 'mini homepage' or cyworld link
if you do please post it up :)

Anonymous said...

hi, i want to get a copy of those Polaroid pictures you have (eg. from the vacation trip), but i cant find them.... :(

Cindy said...

Sorry I left the request comment in the wrong place. Can you please upload the -mate- song you have playing on your site? Is this from the new group mate?


cati_21 said...

hi dear!....
i will extend our SOS here!....
HB with the infinity girls will be filming in the Philippines on May 16-19..... we wanted to give her a welcome... but we dont know the details yet... so please please please... if you can help us.... since none of us can read/write korean and we cannot sign in as members in the MBC website.... if ever you can find out any detail regarding their visit.... we would appreciate it if you can share it to us.... through me or through the Hye Jung's Angels website...
thanks a lot!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

I just finished answering comments 31-55.

Please check here

leauduciel said...

Not a request, but I couldn't find any other way to send you a little line to say thank you!!!

this website is awesome, the links to other joongbo websites were incredibly considerate, and most of all, i love everything you've done for us fans of joongbo!

thank you! keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Love your site can you please upload the "Happy" song.


Anonymous said...

Please upload the song "It's you" Thanks!

itsdrizzling said...

OMG your website is amazing! thanks loads (:

im wondering if you can upload joongbo cuts on megaupload too? really wanna put them in my mp3 player and watch it anytime anywhere (: will be greatly appreciated if you can!

thanks! :D

ryuuen said...

love your site for all things joongbo! =) not sure if anyone requested for this yet.. are u able to upload the "Come to play" - we got married special?

starry said...

hii...thks so much for the updates and the efforts to upload the ssangchu cuts..anyways..would u have the song "i hope that ur love is always happy" ?

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this site!!
can you upload "this time, it's different"...i think it's by kang kyun sung...i can't find it anywhere!
thanks!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

This site is amazing!! Thanks for the updates! Can u upload the pdf format of the piano notes of 'i hope your love is always happy'? Thanks!!

cati_21 said...

if you really have the time....
can you sub the IG Cebu episode?
hehehehe is that asking too much?

Ssangchu Heaven said...

leaudiciel; thank you so much!!~~ messages like this make the blogging more fun *w* thank you!!

anonymous; happy is now uploaded on the music downloads post ^^

anonymous; it's you is uploaded also xD

itsdrizzling; ahhh i remember someone wanted this too.. when i find the time definitely, i'll upload them.

ryuuen; ah yes, i have it saved in my comp! i'll upload it ^^

starry; this is from rebby's music sanctuary: ^^

anonymous; you can now see it at the bg music post ^^

anonymous; i don't know how to play the piano.. and i did try to find the piano sheet music for it but i couldn;t.. huhu~

BUT! Jun made a piano cover here and you can see the notes:

hope it helps a little bit ^^;

cati; i was actually contacting a few friends of mine so that we can take part on translating moohan since i can't do it alone xD

if it works out, then we might do it... but as of now, they all have classes and you know i lack in the caption reading department *dies*

we should have an infinity girls subbing team neh? spread hwangbo love!!

agalang said...


can i please ask for a downloadable link for all the joongbo episodes? if it's not too much, can you pls. e-mail it to -

many many thanks in advance.

tummeng said...

I want to downlaod the song "If you pretend" that play on ur blog playlist, but I cann't find this song's link.

Can u help me?, please
...Thanks a lot for ur kindness

agalang said...

ooopppsss. sorry..didn't look hard enough...saw the downloadable links already...thanks!

btw, before i forget, would just like to say that i really love visiting your blog site...everything is so well organized and up-to-date! =)

i'm really glad you're a joongbo fan! i'm forever grateful.

more power!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

agalang; hehe~

thank you for visiting! and yes! i'll forever be a joongbo fan *w* it's hard not to be haha.. they're both so awesome...

tummeng; i can't believe i didn't post it! i thought i did o.o

anyways here it is~ If You Pretend - Kim Jong Wook Feat. Kang Min Young

tummeng said...

Ssangchu Heaven, many many thanksssssssssssssssssssssss.
I like this song and...

I like you.. hehe ^^

Ssangchu Heaven said...

awww thank you!~~ I LIKE YOU TOO!!! YAY! *high fives* xD

Anonymous said...

hey! can i request for the acoustic version of because i'm stupid sang by hyun joong?

thanks thanks!

Anonymous said...

hello! i just saw this and i became sooooo high over it! :D

ive watched several subbed vids of this part, but some said its 'you're defeated' or 'you're a loser'.

however in this vid's from ep 24, and they translated shillang's words to 'you okay baby?'.

do u understand korean?? could you please please tell me what did hyun joong say exactly? if you listen till the end, hj said 'you okay baby?' in eng!! :DDD

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; i don't think the official version of it is released yet... ^^;

anonymous; oh i didn't notice that! it did sound like "you okay baby?" but to me he said:

"Paebeja ne. You're paebaeja."

I believe this was when the grandmother was tellign ehr their age gap is too much? xD That's why Hyunjoongie said, "You lost." xD

Kuks said...

There was an English song played on the last episode. It was during the Horseback Riding scene? They were at the top of the hill. I wonder if you know the title? Thanks! ^^ And yes, please keep this site. I'm really grateful.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

I believe it's "Life Is Beautiful" by Vega 4 ^^

Anonymous said...

Can I request you to upload the English translation of HJ and HB love contract, the full version. I just get them piece by piece and I don't think they are all.


Anonymous said...

For those of us who don't understand Korean could somebody please translate or summarize the "Jungmin's Jungboo Reminder".

Anonymous said...

hi, u just want to request the special episode of WGM when they guested on Come to play... thanks..

Xue said...

hi! do you have the links to the song Words I Can't Send? I couldn't find it in the links you provided, nor on the Net. Thanks!

p.s. i have said this before, but i still wanna commend you on the great job done for this site! i check it out everyday!

this girl ♥ said...

first iiiii just wanted to say that i absolutely LOVEEE your site!! :D

and seconddd, i was wondering about the song on your player labeled as " maybe " would you happen to have the download link to that? or the singers name and song name??

its sucha a beautiful song i'm in lovee with ittt <3

thanx so much!!

ashleytan8 said...

i was just wondering if you could upload the episodes of the Anycall Haptic Mission , the ones with kim hyun joong in them?

Thanks! love this site!

ashleytan8 said...


Anonymous said...

hi! can you upload the mp3 file of KHJ's be my girl/please be good? thank you!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; you can go to quotes and then love pledges ^^ it's there now ^^

by the way thanks for saying it, that's a very important part of their marriage!!!

anonymous; i added a translation for it in the post ^^

anonymous; *punches myself* this was requested before but i kept on forgetting!! omg.. im so sorry.. I'll upload it right away!

xue; it is now under the blog background music post ^^ and thank you for checking the blog a lot!!~~

this girl; maybe is by subin feat speed motion ^^ i love the song too!!!

ashleytan; ahh, on youtube there's hoonfami who also subs the haptic missions ^^

ashleytan; they are now up hehe~~~

anonymous; "please be good" is now on the blog background music section ^^

freenight said...

Can i request the piano music which was played at episode 38 WGM where HwangBo start crying on the mountain in the beginning of the episode?

Thanks alot!

WS TAN said...

may i know where can i download WGM- Ssangchu couple only?

Anonymous said...

hey. i want to know ringtone of hwang bo when their fake farewell mission where Shin Bong Sun called. please help

star said...

do you have Hwang Bo's Mature & Can't Believe the Words lyrics? :)

Anonymous said...

Coming to your blog is like a drug for me HAHA. Anyways, I was wondering whether you know the song being played in the farewell episode- either ep3 or 38, sorry i can't remember- just as the couple was writing in the sand. Thanks alot!:)

S said...

hi i luv ur site! i go on it everday and it is amazing how you are able to find ssangchu info and update the site almost everyday! thank you so much! I love joongbo (everything they say makes me crack up or smile) and i am a diehard fan of we got married and BBF.
Im in korea rite now :)and i'm so happy that in the same country as joonbo ^^
Do u know any fan meetings or concerts or appearances hyun joong and/or hwangbo are making in july. I would die to see them JUST ONCE and this is one of my goals that i want to fufill in my life.
Can u please find out for me??
Thank you so much for everything and ur site is AWESOME BEYOND WORDS :)

CarideE said...

hello! i love your site! thank you very much for keeping us up to date! :) keep it up!!! wee!

anyways, do you have a download link like in megaupload for the WGM JOONGBO EPS only? coz its hard to download from dailymotion. :( thank you very much!

Bee said...

Hihi, i downloaded the wgm episodes via megaupload, but i couldn't play those videos without .avi at the end. for e.g., [[TungTung fansubs] 081019 We got Married episode 30 (ENG SUBS).avi.002] --> i can't view this file even in vlc. i tried renaming such that .avi is at the back, but still i can't play. any idea to solve this? or could you send me the videos pte-ly instead? thank you very much!

btw, i'm so addicted to your site! gotta log on everyday!

Anonymous said...

hey, it's kitkat...

sure you're getting tons of request for this... but am looking for just the joongbo cuts (w/eng subs), like you have on your site. do you know where i might be able to find them all (epi 9 - 38)? many thanks again, for making my morning... its nice to be in the know with our ssangchu couple :0)

Shi Qing said...

can i ask where to dl wgm epi only hyun joong and hwang bo??? i do really like them alot. Ur links for dl epi are all wgm- hj & hb or mix ???

Anonymous said...


do you have the piano sheet for 'i hope your love is always happy?'

i really want to learn it and play it for a friend, cos its really touching! :D really appreciate if you can help! :D THANKS!

Anonymous said...

i'm wondering if you can make an mp3 available of the song I hope your love is always happy, the original version with lyrics. So far all i've been able to find is the piano/instrumental version. It'd be great if I could download that version
Also, Music sheets would be nice

Please and Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sry but could u pls put all the songs in a file so that i could just download the file and all the songs are in it. Including the SS501 songs. Pls help me to put it in a file! Thank you!

liezylhinayon8 said...

english sub for NuDaJi Episode 1 thanks

liezylhinayon8 said...

english sub also for the infinity girls valentine ep thanks

lotipanget said...

hi.. can i please request an mp3 link for the song WISHES by LE COUPLE... the lyrics really match with our dear joongbo... thank you!

i love your site!

Anonymous said...

hi!! can you please download some cut episodes of some variety shows kim hyun joong and hwang bo entered (please with subs)..?
i really love your site .. thank you very much .. kamsahamnida ..

Anonymous said...

Hey I love your current playlist! Can you send me a list of all the artists? I can't seem to find the artist names by just searching the song titles =(


Gerri said...

hi, your website is such a blessing. i love joongbo. how can i download all the ssangchu episodes? i want to keep a copy for myself that i can watch over and over. thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ssangchu Heaven, I have a request. Would you be able to translate the following link:

It is a radio interview with Hwangbo. If not mistaken, I think I heard Kyu and JungMin saying something about Hyun Joong and Hwangbo's CD.

Your help is greatly appreciate. Thank you.

Lanie said...

where can i find the Infinity Girls Philippines Special Episode...
Can somebody help please.
I Need to watch it.

dire_angel said...

Hi! I love your website! Love your pics of joongbo... Could you send me a visitor password of your photobucket acct so I can copy the pictures to my own photobucket album? I'd really appreciate it. My email add is; i'm using same email for my photobucket acct. TIA!

Anonymous said...

hi...I don't know if you would be able to find a copy of's of Jung Min and Kyu Jung interviewing Hwangbo on a radioshow...If you can't it's cool...i thought it woould be fun to know what they are actually saying !!!

Anonymous said...

would you be kind enough to post a link for subbed episodes 43 - 56 of WGM . . . tenkyow so much!

Feena said...

Hi! :) I was wondering if you could find & upload the song "So Goodbye" by Small Acacia Band. I've also seen them referred to as Sogyumo Acacia Band.. so I don't know, whichever way you're familiar with.

I've heard this song on WGM goodbye episodes, & I can't find the mp3 of it anywhere. Would appreciate your help! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi.. I browsed the download links for the backgroud music but I can't find "Morning Charm" by Standfast... I really want the song... I hope you have it.. Thanks a lot!!

Kimmie said...

Hi, I have grown really fond of your ssangchu site/blog. I found something really interesting about's not subbed and its a show about her traveling to hongkong to learn how to be a makeup artist. I was wondering if you wanted to post it...just e-mail me and I can give you a link to it.

Rosie said...

theres a song on your background music called we will go by astro,i really love it,could you put up the download link please??thank you thank you!! :D

I love the site :P

karen_jjm said...

hei, does everybody know about the song who Hyunjoong sang in japan?? with hwang buin vers.? i want to dowmload it if u have?

Anonymous said...

i hope you acn post any joongbofanart again ! i love that !!! so romantic fanart !!!

Anonymous said...

hwang boʻs leaving infinity girls! aww!

Marilyn said...

I was wondering if you could post the link for the "Because Im Stupid" acoustic version pleaseeeee!! I found many versions but it seems they are ripped from the episode not the ones from the album.


The Double Girlz said...
I jus found dis part but i could not finf the eng sub for this... could u pls sub it and other parts? PLssss!!!!

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