Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kim Hyunjoong On YSMM

On the recent YSMM episode, Hyunjoong revealed that he will go after a woman even if that's his friend's girlfriend. The men in the studio all became alert, saying that Hyunjoong shouldn't come to their houses. Kang Ho Dong even said that he will never let Hyunjoong see his wife, and the other guy (I don't know his name) that he should call if ever he's visiting his neighborhood.

Another guy commented, "...and they're all older women..." (He meant that Hyunjoong prefers older women, and since the guys are older than Hyunjoong, that means that their girlfriends/wives are older too.)

Hyunjoong replied, "Yes."


Q: What type of women do you usually fall for?
HJ: Someone I can be comfortable with, like a friend. A down to earth person. A woman who does whatever she wishes.
Q: Can you explain when you said you get attracted the first time you meet a woman?
HJ: I get attracted at first sight.
Q: So it's not falling in love with her the more you meet?
HJ: In that case, I'll be more and more disappointed... But if I fell in love the first time we met, that feeling will last till the end.
Q: While working, you meet new artists for the first time right? For example Love Letter and X-Man... Was there a time when you fell in love at first sight?
HJ: There is.
Q: During filming?
HJ: I'm serious, I keep on thinking about her before I sleep. That happened...
Q: Was it on Love Letter or X-Man?
HJ: I.. don't know. *laughs*
Q: We need to know at least that much information!
HJ: But I didn't pursue her.. In my heart, I keep on thinking...

Kang Ho Dong asked how many times he saw Lim Jeung Eun. (She was the only girl there.) And Hyunjoong said two times. When asked if she was the girl he was talking about, he replied, "It's not her."

Then Kang Ho Dong asked him again, "If you have someone you love, if you want her to be your girlfriend, what song would you want her to listen to?"

Hyunjoong answered, "I like Lee Juk Sunbae's "It's Fortunate."


Comments: I didn't want to mess up the post if my spazzing is all over it, so I'll just keep it here xD Anyways, I thought it was funny when the other guy implied that Hyunjoong likes older women! His preference only changed after he got "married" to Hwangbo.. ^.^

And when he replied "I..don't know" when Kang Ho Dong asked if he first met the girl he likes on Love Letter or X-Man... I nearly died!!! I think I will die with any answer anyways... If he replied:

Love Letter - *dies with sadness* He wasn't with Hwangbo here... :(
X-Man - *dies with happiness* First time Joongbo met was on X-Man!!!!~~~~~~ WOOOOOOT!!
Not those two - *dies with confusion* It's not Hwangbo??? Then I will go on thinking that maybe he only counted seeing her in "We Got Married" then I will assume that he meant "It's not on those two shows but on another variety show instead. *wink* *wink*"

..but with "I.. don't know." What the heck do you mean??!!! Why didn't you answer it!!!??

The best thing about this to me was him saying he wants the person he loves to listen to "It's Fortunate".. which happens to be the song Hyunjoong sang to his Hwang Buin on We Got Married.



Anonymous said...

After watching the cut, I just thought he was talking about hb. He said "I don't know." because he could not say No. If he said No, it meant he was referring to WGM. He cannot tell us his answer direct of course. But I think we would believe what we believe. So it's hb.

Love them so much, so much.

Nona said...

there's so much things that he said in YSMM that reminds me of HB.

and the song, "It's Fortunate" is totally joongbo. ^^V

p/s: i can't believe i'm on your site every single day.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was HB !!!! I love them soooooooooooo much !

Please continue with your beautiful blog ! You are my new favorite , hehe !

Anonymous said...

It must be HB, can't be other one else.

I came across an article saying that "HJ thinks HB who is good at cooking is good, but he likes more a girl understands him." Though I think HB understands him just like he understands HB (remember what he said in their first farewell ep ... he knew exactly how HB reacted.)

I am a die hard fan of them. Feel sad when knowing HJ says "but".

I visit this website every day, just like I still watch their WGM cuts every day. They make me feel happiness is around me.

Just a reminder. If possible, please remember to upload the Jeju Islands BBQ photos in this website. Thanks for a trillion for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

HJ is a smart and mature guy.. he does know who is the best and he of course is referring to HB...

Anonymous said...

to the world!

blackclip said...

mannn~ i really hope the girl he's referring to is HWANGBO! :D
i saw the video cut about this too. i almost got a heart attack when he's answering was it on Love letter or X-man. hahha!
oh geeez. the MC shld have added WGM in the qns!!! :/
owells. think i will just assume he's referring to HB ^^ WUHAHAHAH!
thanks anyway for this. :D


Anonymous said...

I watch that cuts too...yah...! when he sang that song i die for happiness.You remember guys ... they promise to meet again after 4 years I wish years will fly so fast so that they can meet again . 4 years is too long for me to wait.JoongBo fighting!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog...

On the YSMM interview...I sure hope its HB... *wishful thinking*

I also heard he'll choose the girl over friendship-- which reminds me of the DBSK Yunho, Micky and Hwang Bo angle :)

I hope HB comes back on screen...more guesting perhaps since HJ is everywhere.. i hope their paths cross...

whizzdome said...

he talked about hwangbo at that tyme..he said i dont know just bcoz he dont want it to become some kind of spazz..