Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ryu Shi Won & Hwangbo At Infinity Girls

As many of you know Hwangbo gave her home made Valentines Day chocolate to her friend Ryu Shi Won, and even revealed that he was her ideal man to marry. (If not, click here.) I was browsing soompi today and jaejoongie shared how Hwangbo gave her chocolates to Ryu Shi Won! I ran out of clubbox points, I can't quick download the video!! X___x;; I want to watch it!!! Once I download it fully, I'll upload the cut+subs! But if you want to watch the raw episode, you can watch it click here. (It's around 13:30! I tried not to spoil myself, but I saw their hug while trying to find where the cut starts!! *w* It was a really friendly hug, not just a typical pat on the back most celebrities do!!!)


RSW said, "Why did you give me this?" (chocolate)
HB said, "Usually you give Valentine to people you love or your boyfriend, but the latest trend is to give it to those you are thankful to."
Then RSW replied, "Thankful? What are you so thankful of?"
HB was like... "...uh... I thought really hard but there was nothing I could be thankful for! So what! Ok fine I admit, I used your fame as a hallyu star to my advantage!" (of course she seemed like she was trying to think of whatever excuse! haha! They're really close friends RSW even used informal words toward HB by accident in the interview.)
RSW said looking at Hwangbo funny, have you ever thought of me as a man? (thought of marrying him?)
Then HB looked flustered and surprised saying, "Why do you ask me that kind of question? Are you interested in me?"

Then RSW was like, "Answer the question!"
and HB said, "I don't think you'll like me saying the reason why I never saw you as a man."
RSW was like, it's okay they can cut the scene if it's inappropriate.

HB was like "Really?"
Then RSW was like wait! and HB whispered something into RSW's ears.

And he was like ooh I see.
Then he followed up saying... "So you could've seen me as a man, but there was a reason why you couldn't so you stopped yourself seeing me as a man. But if the reason wasn't there you would've seen me as a man."

Then HB said, "Of course! I'm human too."

In the interview somewhere (during the brain drawing) There was a little corner for Thinking of what a married life with RSW would be like.
And somehow the talk turned to this.

it was so cute I couldn't stop watching. I really think they would make a cute couple haha.
And the first thing they did when they saw each other was hug! aww, and then HB continued on with linking arms with RSW. (ROFL full flirt mode??)
RSW was also teasing that it was a lie that she made the chocolate herself, saying he knew this brand. And HB was like "I made this myself! You don't trust me?"

Thank you jaejoongie for sharing!!! Now I'm absolutely going crazy!!! TT___TT I want to watch it so bad.. Talking informally, and the all around chumminess is too much for me to handle!! (even in just translations.. I wonder how I'll act when I see the actual episode TT__TT)


....And his minihompy's background is Hwangbo's Valentine chocolate gift!!!!! AND CAN YOU SEE THE DOGGIE + RYU? Gah.. Hwangbo loves dogs also... TT__TT I'm a BIG Joongbo fan, but seriously.. this is just too cute. I'm a sucker for these things...



But my thinking of this situation is: Hyunjoong kissed 2 ladies since the farewell episode of WGM, I want him to get jealous too! Hwangbo shouldn't be the only one getting jealous~~ I want a juicy love triangle, whether it's Junjin + Hwangbo + Hyunjoong or Shi Won + Hwangbo + Hyunjoong, I don't care, I just want Hyunjoong to be extremely jealous and know that his Buin will be snatched away if he doesn't make his move anytime soon!!!


hanabi said...

lol ! we share the same sentiments ! I want HJ to be jealous with all of HB's guy friends , hehe !! For him to realize that anytime , HB will be out of his reach ... thanks for the continuous updates with the both of them !!! More power to you !!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you, HB isn't only one to jealous because she is so more beautiful everyday. then i want to see HJ move someting too.

Anonymous said...

I am jealous of HB too.

HB is close friend of hot men, like RYU, Lee Wan (I am looking for the clip they hugged). AND THEN hot boys say that HB is their ideal woman : Yunho from DBSK, Brian from FTS,... I am sure there are still many on the list.

HJ, fighting. I trust that HB's eyes are just on you.

Anonymous said...

what im waiting now is the retaliation from HJ! whahahahaha like a blatant revelation of his ideal woman whahahaha.....

Anonymous said...

They are so close...rsw is so sweet...
Btw there's a typo in HB's info section, she was born in 1980 not 1981.

Anonymous said...

some sub pliz...i already wacth it!!

hard sub pliz..hehe thanx!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! Plzz sub it and upload the video.. Thank you so much if you do it... I miss Hwangbo so much.. We can see Hyun Joong at BOF but not her... I really want HJ to get jealous... :) Are we bad girls???

Anonymous said...

Wow HwangBo knows a lot of men, it would be okay in America but it seems to be a no no to be friends with a lot of men.

Also didn't know HB was a type A blood type just think her and another type A would clash must be difficult to find a guy she would match with since she is a leader and very dominant.

He is one of my favorite would love to see him in a drama again.

Anonymous said...

RYUBO!!! I like it. LOL

Bring on the competition. :)
Ryu's like the real Ryu of f4... So gentlemanly and prince charming-like.

HB looks so lovely with Ryu. :> I havent watched ryu's dramas yet actually ,(melodramas are not my cup of tea) but his appearance piqued my interest.


LiLMissVexatious93 said...

`~* ohh2!!~
ii TOTALLY agree witchu ! ! !
I feel like SMACKING Hj on the head && kick his a$$ for not realizing Hb. PLEASE GET JEALOUS .

&& have you people thought about the fact that everything about JoongBo seems fated ?
[x]Hjs' ideal women drawing that has Hbs' features
[x]The horses helping them "talk"
[x]Their similar tastes when picking the wedding dress && stuffs
[x]The fact that the lights on the bridge didn't off after midnight && didn't let them go their separate ways

LOADS of things just made the SsangChu Couple have a destiny-soulmate kind of feel ya know ??

p.s.That box ChocoLattes is one heck of a DeadlyTemptation . Now i want one .

jyntio said...

Ryu Shi Won is one of my favourite Korean actors. He has the gloomy look that will make every viewer fall for him. Somehow, Kim Hyun Joong has that quality too...... =^_^=

Anonymous said...

oww they look cute together!! i so envy hwangbo. Wer same age and she achieved a lot already and she knows lots of men hehe. She really shines on that pic. The best for Hwangbo. Go girl!

Anonymous said...

just my thought...maybe its not that HJ "won't" make a move but it's that he "can't" make a move because of career pressures.if what HJ had shown to Hwangbo in WGM was genuine..fate will take care of their destiny :D

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

Anonymous said...

i really want to watch this really you know where i watch it?

Anonymous said...

sorry i mean where i can watch this ?

Anonymous said...

well we now know that RSW just got they were just really good friends. all i wanna know is what or who was the reason for this remarks----> "So you could've seen me as a man, but there was a reason why you couldn't so you stopped yourself seeing me as a man. But if the reason wasn't there you would've seen me as a man." anyone we know!?!!? LOL

Anonymous said...

ohhhh! we have the same sentimrnts too! i want KHJ to be jealous! urggg! it's obvious that they will be happy ending up together!