Monday, April 20, 2009

Boys Before Flowers Special

A teaser clip was released today for a Boys Before Flowers Special and it seems like the clock has been fast forwarded to 5 years, as the boys visit Shinhwa once more.

There's a little Jun Pyo, old scenes with Ji Hoo, no Jandi whatsoever, but a lot of clips with Yi Jeong and Woobin! Will that bouquet of flowers Yi Jeong is holding for Ga Eul? And will there be romance this time around for Woo Bin?

[But even with the teaser clip, no one knows if the "Special" will be a mini series (like Meteor Rain), a music video, or a 1 hour regular episode... All we know is Kim Joon's company was the one that released the video to make us crazy with anticipation!!]

We all have to wait till April 28th to find out!~


Mokona said...

oh!cant wait for it!

Tweety said...

I want to see Hyun Joong/Ji Hoo again....I miss him so much>.<