Friday, April 24, 2009

Site Updates

There's a whole lot of things that I still didn't get to do for this blog, but unfortunately there's a lot of time issues lol.

But now I do have the time! And I made a new layout for the blog yesterday, which hopefully I can code by next week? *crosses fingers*

I need to update the playlist downloads because I think I changed it nearly 3 times a week haha! (My memory's pretty good but in case I forget one of the songs you liked, post it here so it will definitely be uploaded ^^;)

List of stuff coming up:
  • Blog Background Music
  • Busan Offshoot Photos
  • Jeju Offshoot Photos
  • Beach/Swimming Offshoot Photos
  • Farm Offshoot Photos
  • We Got Married Offshoot Outfits Photos
  • Joongbo Fanarts
  • Hyunjoong & Hwangbo's Baby Pics
  • Episode 32 to 39 (which I downloaded already but need to cut and upload!)
  • Reupload all the music videos
  • SS501 for Le Conq Sportif
  • SS501 Album Downloads
  • Hwangbo Album Downloads

I cleaned by desktop earlier this week and I saw that I have all of those offshoot photos stored!! There's 100+ of them I believe.. All will be put on here shortly!!

I think that's it! I might have forgotten to add something, but my train stop's coming I gotta go!



eiwa said...

cant wait for all those offshoot picture....TQ ^^

cati_21 said...

thanks for the updats dear! :)

Ssangchu Heaven said...

elwa; you're welcome!!~~

cati; you're welcome! im planning to spam the blog with all the updates at the same time xD

Anonymous said...

I really like the songs Again & Again, Only You, Sweet Sorrow, Missing Heart &&& Bye Bye. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Lols. Thanks alot for updating so often!


freakiez.jessie said...

Never feel I've thanked you enough :). To the World... all the way!!!

joongbofan2 said...

Time flies! Isn't it this month last year that they shot their first episode in WGM?(in Jeju) Those off shoot photos that you are going to put up in a way make us reminisce those happy moments they were together. Can't wait to see them!...thanks a lot...

Anonymous said...

CAn't wait to see all those off shoot photos..... Thanking you in advance that you're goona share it with us Ssangchu believer.

myghostgarments said...


hanabi said...

I'm loving this blog !!! Thanks for putting this up !

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; those are now available on the download section ^^

quinne; no prob!!

jessie; *w* yeshh! to the world!!!

joongbofan2; i know... it's this month! or was it last march? ahh!!

they will be up soon sorry for the wait!

anonymous; sorry for the wait ^^;

myghostgarment; HWAITIIING!

hanabi; thank you!! and no prob~~~