Wednesday, April 29, 2009



I can't believe it's been a year already!!!!!

This couple spread a lot of love, and they seriously made my 2008 (and onwards) ridiculously filled with HAPPINESS. When I'm stressed, tired, unhappy, bored etc, my medicine is just watching a Joongbo episode and I will be HIGH the whole day xD


I wanted to have an awesome Joongbo day today but I went to a Pathology Conference, then went to my Anatomy & Physiology class, then participated on a scavenger hunt, then made a Ovarian Cancer Board, then went to a University Dance... =______=; If only I didn't wear those shoes... I went for the Seo In Young look and it's painful. (Oh, btw, did you know she had another nose surgery?)



BUT with all of that I made a new layout, as you can see... *w*
It's much more colorful and playful coz I think that represents the "ssangchuness".

Hope you guys like! Tell me if something is not right O.O
Actually I know something that's not right, I don't know how:

1. To make the middle part stop being so long.
2. Add the "Older Posts" link
3. I don't really know what I'm doing xDDD

If anyone can help me with that, I would be eternally grateful!!!~~




Angela said...

Love your site. Even tho this couple no longer on WGM I still love them together. Thank you for the pictures. You made my day.

myghostgarments said...

aaahhhhh!!! i'm such a stalker..but YAAY! super fun to the max right now. love the new layout. and haha. he didn't look like an alien in his baby picture! he looks exactly the same! haha actually to think about it i guess he could pass for a super handsome alien right now, with the big eyes and triangular face. :p anyways back to original topic. this is seriously a sangchu heaven.

hanabi said...

Love your new lay-out !!! So alive and colorful ! Fits the ssangchu couple's 4D-ness ...Keep up the good work !!!!

To The world !

Happy 1st anniversary my beloved couple !

jackie said...

Thank You!!! I love visiting your website. It makes me feel happy thinking of Joongbo memories!!! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

your site is so nice!!!! wonderful work done!!! i love the small-chibby versions of our joongbo couple! love them!!!!!

*radiates love (:

Anonymous said...

i like your current layout. and i only have one comment: it would be great if you could add in the 'Previous', 'Home' & 'Next' link navigation at the bottom of the page. so that i'll be easier for us the reader to go back and forth within your blog entry.

joongbofan2 said...

I love your new layout especially your new banner. Just looking at it makes me smile. You're right ...just watching their episodes take my worries away. They're full of fun...thanks a lot for your hard work and thank you for creating this site and share it to us ssangchu also your background music..**I am dancing to the beat right now**

Happy first anniversary Joongbo and may you have many more anniversaries to come...

Anonymous said...

great work there!


Anonymous said...

oh my GOD u'r new layout is soo CUTE!! love it to the most!!

aww uri JOONGBO COUPLE first anniversary!!

congratulation!! i'l alwAys support both of u..


thestyliss said...

love the new layout! thank you, i've been lurking and this is the first time I post.

totally agree with you on 'made my 2008...' :)

Ssangchu Heaven said...

angela; thank you so much!!!

myshostgarments; i'm glad you liked it!~~~ and well i dunno, he gives a pretty big stare at the camera on every picture xD

even now he still does that LOL, but you;re right, he's a suuuper handsome alien!!!

hanabi; thank you!! and i will!!!

jackie; thank you for visiting~~~

anonymous; another fan did the chibi versions at dcinside, i thought they look hilarious so might as well use them for here xD

anonymous; i've been trying to do that, but I don;t know what's wrong with the code... I'm not sure why it's not working.. Maybe because I'm using a classic template? Do you know how?? Please help me T___T

joongbofan2; thank you so much *w*~~~ they really do decrease my forming wrinkles lol

xue; THANK YOUUUU~~!!!!

anonymous; thank you xDDD I wish I can fix some of the problems with it tho haha! but i'm not a computer henius =_=;;;

thestyliss; haha, don't worry, i'm a lurker to joongbo thread at soompi & a lot of dbsk blogs also.. xD Sometimes I'm afraid that my spazzing might scare people away lol

Anonymous said...

Happy JoongBo Anniversary!!

Love your website, you make my day bright!

To the world!!!

Anonymous said...

Ssangchu Heaven, you are great. I love your new layout. The baby blue you used for the background makes me think of ssangchu couple. I remember they wore similar colour in one of the wgm eps. baby blue is not a romantic colour, but ssangchu couple made the colour so different.


ジョイ said...

"When I'm stressed, tired, unhappy..." I totally feel the same way. Thanks very much for sharing this with all of us. :) ほんとにありがとう。

Anonymous said...

wow! nice layout.keep up the good work and study hard there!


cati_21 said...

just got back from vacation!
waaaaaaaaaaah! love the new layout!
i thought I clicked the wrong bookmark when I saw polka dots!!! hahahaha.... i love the look very playful! :)

naz said...

love ur site!!!!
i miss them so much
even thought of going to korea
i'm going nuts

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; thank you~~~!!

anonymous; i'm glad you liked it!! oh yeah! you know of all the matching outfits they wore, the baby blue one was the best for me!!!

ジョイ; wow you speak japanese? im so jealous... and im glad to share everything!! Being a joongbo fan is all about sharing and spazxing togetehr xDD~~

anonymous; i will *w*
i dunno about the studying part tho haha, but thank you!

cati; heya cati! hope you had fun on your vacation~~ and LOL, the pola dots is kinda bright xDDD

naz; thank you!!!! going to korea is always nice 8D hehe~

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

i LOVe ur bLOG!~
its cuTEEEE!~
keep up Da gooD wORK...
soRRy can't heLp with any suggestioN, COz...hehehhe..i am kinDa dUmb boUt deCoring bLOg...

Anonymous said...

still on my golden week vacation, i felt empty so I visit hideout and was so amaze made it more lively and interesting. I like it very much.

Thank you , thank you!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

untouchable; thank you! and LOL it's okay xD~~ (we're in the same boat!!)

anonymous; thank you!!! i hope you have fun o your vacayy! i wish id ahve one soon, but it's still a month away ;__;

barbara said...

its been 1yr but i only knew ssangchu couple this year.. but i am catching up with everything! and with you it is great help :]
i will be visiting your site regularly..

i like everything here.. so ssangchu!and ow i love the background music.haha ahm i am from the Philippines and i was happy that hwangbo unnie got to visit here!!
hehe.. Hope to see her as well as Kim hyunjoong.

fighting. God Bless

Anonymous said...

i wish they were married in real life or at least dating because they make a perfect couple and hwang bo said in an interview that hyun joong only calls her on her birthday because she was the older one in the relationship and i was watch a game show that hyun joong choose lee hyori over hwang bo that made me sad.

Liana said...

me too.. i wish they are really together.. they complement each other so very well ! im still rooting for them even though it's been 2 years plus!

naliasam said...

Ssangchu Heaven ...Hi!! i thought i will only visiting, but i guessed i will be the permanent resident ... maybe i ve turned to be like KHJ ... love at the first sight ... thank u i ve searching for this for 3 years already .. tq