Sunday, May 16, 2010

Joongbo We Got Married DVD To Be Released In Japan!


The Joongbo Collection DVD will be released in June 14, 2010 and it will include Japanese subtitles! Right now it's available for preorder in Yesasia, and there will be two collections. Each collection will be 4700 Yen (or $56.49).

Click on the pictures to link to Yesasia! :D

Watashitachi Kekkon Shimashita Collection Vol.1

Duration: 259 minutes
Audio: Korean
Subtitles: Japanese
2 DVDs + Booklet

Watashitachi Kekkon Shimashita Collection Vol.2

Duration: 216 minutes
Audio: Korean
Subtitles: Japanese
2 DVDs + 3 additional postcards

I am not sure if the booklet and postcards are included if you purchase the DVD to Yesasia,
but the Japanese SS501 fansite has these added goods! :)

I know a lot of Joongboers are wishing for English/Chinese/Thai/French etc subs. but you know how do we eat an elephant? One bite at a time!!! One day we might have a whole bunch of Joongbo DVDs in every language!! whee~



Anonymous said...

Envy the Japanese fans, they are so lucky. I sure would love Joongbo collection with English subtitle. I wonder when this will be possible? I would hide it my safe (lol). I wonder if Joongbo will get any portion of the proceeds?
Ssangchu couple: I will love you always.

SH: thank you for keeping up with the blog. You must be pretty busy now, sorry we're such a burden (lol).

Ssangchu Heaven said...

@ anonymous; I think I would buy a collection to watch and to store for my children LMAO!!! THEY GOTTA SEE THIS LOVE STORY!!! xD

and nu nu nu you guys are not a burden~~! I love all of you and the ssanghcu couple!!~~

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you have seen this yet, but it's the postcard MV:

Thanks for the news as always!

Anonymous said...

i want!!!

Jarah said...

They need one wit English subtitles!!!

I would shell out that much for Joongbo!

Anonymous said...

i will buy too if they have it english subbed

Anonymous said...

i would buy them if english envy the japaness fan...:(

Christina said...

oh god, if they dont have eng sub i wouldn't not that i dun support but then i dun understand..
hmph..will they release the eng sub one? will surely buy.

Anonymous said...

OOOOOO...yaaaa!!! This is what I'm waiting for....NVM i will surely buy if they have eng sub. waiting...waiting...waiting..

wanting said...

can you inform me if the korean audio but eng sub is out??!?!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3

Anonymous said...

why are they doing only the jap subs but not the eng subs?? doesn't mbc know that there are joongbo fans all over the world?? *wail wail wail*

Anonymous said...

I really hope to have Eng Sub for this DVD... anyone, any idea if they are going to release the Eng Version?? I miss them....