Saturday, May 9, 2009

Requests Update

I love Mate's new album, so I uploaded their whole "Be Mate" so you guys can enjoy it too!

I updated the Blog Background Music links as well since I'm about to change my playlist again xD~ I really wish I update it as much as I change the songs but I can't seem to keep up with myself x__x;; Sometimes when I hear a new song I just add it, or when I want to hear an old song I immediately put it there o.o

Mate's new album & bg music downloads are all in this post:

And on to the requests!!

lisha said... hello... i'm back with a follow up... and thanks again for taking time to answer... the song i was looking for was played from ep 18- 38 and is heard from the time the animation is shown up until right before and even as the host introduce the show as "star wedding variety..." thank you,don't fret though if you don't have the song.. you're doing more than enough for the ssanchu-loving community hehehehe thanks!

oh.. i don't have that file ;___; i wish i can do the avi to mp3 thing and just cut that part for you, but i don;t have a converter ^^;

iris said... can u upload all joongbo couple episodes in this blog?? for a few days ago, i've noticed that most of WGM episodes + JoongBo couple episodes had been deleted due to MBC copyright.. i hope u can upload all JoongBo couple episodes in this blog from the beginning till the end. thank you. i appreciate for all your effort n time in keep supporting n loving the JoongBo couple without end..

all joongbo cuts are now uplaoded~~ yay! i know they deleted a lot on youtube... grrr.. that's why i put them all on dailymotion hehe

Anonymous said... hihi.. i trying to download hwayobi-half and it's okay... but i dont really know how to use the download thing. is it alrite if u could send it to me? thanks..

on megaupload you have to put the code on the right hand side of the page, then wait 45 seconds and the download link will appear.. but if you can't do it, yeah i can send it to you ^^

MusicBox said... Hi I just wanted to tell you how much I love this site. I miss the Ssangchu couple. The new WGM just doesn't have the same feel as season one. Anyways this is not a request but a gift. I have an online boutique and if anyone is to put in their order form they're a fan of Joongbo I'll throw in a free gift (either a little necklace or something else) with their order. Joongbo forever!

is your site still running? I searched for it but the blog cant be found ^^;;

Anonymous said... thank you very much for JoongBo's up date. my day is not complete without visit this site. keep it up!

thank you! and i will~~

Janice Tan said... Hi there, Thank you so much for this blog. It is really great that you took the time to compile all the episodes and goodies for us mere mortals. Keep up the good work!! And last but not least, please upload ep 30 with English sub. Cause that is the only episode which I am missing right now.

You're welcome (*w*)/
Episode 30 is now up :D

myghostgarments said... i know this site isn't my personal therapist..but at this moment. i wish there was the rest of the joongbo episodes for me to watch so i can forget about everything else. Y__Y

LOL TO THE WARD!!! xD that cracks me up so much lol.. all of us became crazy xDDD
and all of them are up now ^^

GIGI said... Hi! I have been spazzing on the Ssangcho couple the past week. I've only discovered them because of Kim Hyun Joong and now I adore KHJ more and admire Hwangbo. Keep up the good work and I hope the links are still alive when I find the time to download this weekend.

I haven't checked if the links are still available, but as I remember as long as someone downloaded it 30 days before you downloaded it, the link won't be dead ^^

GIGI said... I love the site and will keep coming back!

thank you!!!

Annalisa said... What a great website!!! I just love it!!! I was wondering if you can post the english lyrics of "A message for you" :D Thanks!! And Keep up the good work!!!!! :D

여트막한 마음 언저리 그대 홀로 쓸쓸히 서성일 때
곁에 모두 어딘가 사라졌을 때 숨겨왔던 오랜 슬픔이
아무도 이해하지 못할 아픔이
목이 메어 눈물조차 힘겨운가요
어두워진 길 위에 혼자뿐이라도
얼어붙은 세상이 등 돌린다 해도
그대 그대 오 그대 난 항상 그대에게 있어요
Don't cry Don't cry Don't cry Don't cry Don't cry
그대에게 있어요
어두워진 길 위에 혼자뿐이라도
얼어붙은 세상이 등 돌린다 해도
그대 그대 오 그대 난 항상 그대에게 있어요
그대 깊은 숨 속 말하지 못한 아픔들
어느 누구 하나 헤아려주진 못해도
끝내 홀로 떠나가진 말아요
그대 그대 그대
always on my mind
잔인한 그 한마디 그대를 찌르고
어리석은 마음이 또 그댈 속여도
그대 그대 오 그대 난 항상 그대에게 있어요
아무것도 남지 않아도 아무도 들어주는 사람 없어도
잊지 마요 내가 늘 곁에 있음을

aurry said... hi can i know who sang the song "bye bye"? thanks!

Shin Gun Feat. J ^^

Anonymous said... will you please subbed with english subtitles the "come to play" show where hwangbo was present. Please, please, please....thanks a lot!!! you're site is the best!!!

Unfortunately I don't have time to sub long shows anymore ^^;

Anonymous said... will u pls put all of the deleted scene here..really want to wacth it but i cant find it anywhere..pls pls pls....

There are no videos of the deleted scenes, but they are collections of the fanaccounts of the people that were in the audience on the studio filming of We got Married... I have offshoot photos & the fanaccount collection though

Anonymous said... Hi. Just discovered your site from a fellow Joongboer. I'm interested in downloading only Joongbo episodes. Any chance you've uploaded those? Also, I don't have premium membership on megaupload. Can I still D/L the clips? Many thanks. Love your site!

Hola! I don't have premium membership also, so I can't upload big files on megaupload ;___; The links for the full episodes were from Koreansubutd & Tungtung. ^^;;; Once I find a free uplaoding site, I'll be uploading all the cuts~ I still have them saved on my desktop ^^

BUT you can download big files on megaupload even if you don;t ahve premium membership..

jackie said... Hi I was just wondering who sings the song "Kiss me" and "My girl?" Thanks!

Kiss Me is by 1TYM & My Girl is by Taegoon :D

Anonymous said... Hi there~ I see you use 'Eusha' 's graphics for your blog banner.. I'm trying to collect all ssangchu graphics done by Eusha, as they're just so cute! I've got a few, but not all.. Most of them I got from soompi but I don't have every one.. If you could, and don't mind, could you please give me the dl link..? Or you could email me at sporkmeetfoon [at] gmail [dot] com. Merci beaucoup~!

You're from France? whoa *high fives* I wanted ever sicne I had a French class!!

and Ohhhh... you know good thing you reminded me.. I think I have nearly everything from her dcinside hehe, I'll upload them all for ya ^.~

Anonymous said... hi Ssangcu Heaven, loovee yr website a lot. its simple and full of info about JoongBo :) btw, may i know where can i download all the JoongBo part? i really wanna keep them in my laptop so that i can watch them anywhere, anytime.thanks a lot!!!

I have download links with the whole episodes, but I don't have the joongbo cuts just yet.. ^^;

Anonymous said... Hi firstly i love your page, its nice to have updates on the joongbo couple! by any chance do you know kim hyun joongs 'mini homepage' or cyworld link if you do please post it up :) thanks

thank you~~!! Hyunjoong doesn't have a minihompy, but he does update on :D Most of his posts are with this title "....................................." lol

Anonymous said... hi, i want to get a copy of those Polaroid pictures you have (eg. from the vacation trip), but i cant find them.... :(

You can click on the pictures and it willgo to photobuckets main page and there you can save it on your desktop ;)

Cindy said... Sorry I left the request comment in the wrong place. Can you please upload the -mate- song you have playing on your site? Is this from the new group mate?

I'll upload the whole album for you coz I love them!!!!! And yep yep, they're the new group @w@~~ the drummer is undeniably handsome..!!

cati_21 said... hi dear!.... i will extend our SOS here!.... HB with the infinity girls will be filming in the Philippines on May 16-19..... we wanted to give her a welcome... but we dont know the details yet... so please please please... if you can help us.... since none of us can read/write korean and we cannot sign in as members in the MBC website.... if ever you can find out any detail regarding their visit.... we would appreciate it if you can share it to us.... through me or through the Hye Jung's Angels website... thanks a lot!

ALRIGHTYYY! Wow that's exciting!! You guys should wave a HUGEEEEE Joongbo banner xD!!!! Ahh I'm getting jealous now... I'll be on the lookout for you -ninja-!!!


Anonymous said...

tnx so much!! i've been trying to find 'kiss me' lmao i love ur playlist keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Do you have the English translation of HJ and HB love contracts (full version). I want to keep it as they are very sincere promoise and I want to own something belongs to them.

Anonymous said...

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