Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am soooo sorry for not telling anybody about the blog situation!

A few days ago I was checking how to convert from template to layout here on blogger (I really wanted to get the "older posts, newer posts" links). But then I didn't know that when I upgrade, it deletes my past layout. o.o

I went crazy because the site became blank. o.o and that is the reason why I made it private... ^^;;

I tried to make another layout as soon as possible and this is the outcome hehehee (hope you guys like it ^^;;) I'm still working on it actually, but I don't want the blog to be out for too long...

Anyways, if you see the place looking awkward and super disorganized, it's because I'm fixing it still xDDD Oh and if you wanna tell me anything I should change or do on this layout right here, please tell me.. coz I'm having a major mental block on what to add. ^^

Thank you!!!~~~


claire said...

Hi SH I'm clarissa that gave you one of those emails ^^ Im really glad the site is up again *whew* Thank you so much!

I don't know anything about layouts so I have no suggestions lmao I really like this one though!

Anonymous said...

OH. MY. GOSH. my heart stopped when I saw the message that this blog was on private,, i tried to google, twitter, check soompi and they all said the same thing!!

im so thankful that it's only a layout problem,,, please don't close the site, we love this joongbo world and were so thankful for your efforts on sharing the joongbo love,,,!!

Anonymous said...

I just love the fact that I come here and instantly feel warm and happy.

@anonymous: me and my friends were all butting our heads on how to access the site too!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

claire; hihi clarissa!! i just replied to you actually ^^ sorry about the confusion ^^;;

..and thank youuu!

anonymous; *hugs* im so sorry ^^;;;

oh google? i didn't know you can google this blog... o.o

i had an email about how many wanted to be invited on the blog on soompi, but i forgot my soompi password... ;___; it's been a few months now...

don't worry, i will never delete this blog... thank you so much for your support!! joongbo fighting!!!

anonymous; thank you ^^~~ for me also, anytime i watch hyunjoong or hwangbo.. there's something about them that is so carefree and makes me happy ^^

Anonymous said...

yes you can google your blog silly!

Mel said...

I'm so happy to hear that your blog wasn't hacked or deleted.
I really enjoy reading your blog and I read it religiously.
Thank you Thank you for everything you've done with regards to Joongbo!!

ifallsodeep said...

i went gaga/crazy the last time i visited your website.. i thought you really made it private... i was kinda sad bec. i was not able to go online bec. of the holidays..

im glad that your back..

i may not ever said this.. but.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all of the updates. IT IS TRULY APPRECIATED! :)

peiyu said...
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peiyu said...

Hi SH, thanks so much for all ur efforts in maintaining this blog. i went to soompi forum and it's amazing how many pple kind of depend on your blog for 'survival'. i don't deny that I myself too, come to SH daily as well. I'm really thankful that you've got ur blog up and running again!! =) cheers.

=p said...

Glad you're back!!!

For a moment there, my students were going to have a cranky teacher when they get back from winterbreak!! So, I'm sure they thank you =p

Enjoy the New Year!!!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; i just did xDD that's awesome xDDDD

mel; hi!!! i don't think it could be hacked because my password is super hard... even i forget it sometimes xDDD

thank you so much for your support *w*~~

ifallsodeep; so sorry about that ^^;;;

i should've thought about it more carefully... ayayayy..

you're welcome and thank you so much also ^^

peiyu; omg.. i didn't know that... that's very humbling.. ;__;

next time i will update everybody in case i change things up again hihi~

=p; you're so funny xDD
oh how is the wedding plans going along?

advanced happy new year to everyone yeeeeee!!!~

Annery said...

I'm really glad that you are back....
Was thinking if your blog go hack or what...
Thank you for coming back so soon... :)

eve said...

hey! really glad that u are back! :D

was SO sad that u locked it up and blogger said to contact the author of the blog but i didn't know ur email add!

and now so happy that i can see the blog again! :D

Thank you so much for always updating about Joongbo~

Happy New Year! :)

Anonymous said...

YEEESSSSSSS!!!!!! you're back... THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH..... nice new layout...

Anonymous said...

Omo!!! really glad that the blog is back:D

Thank you so much...is one of the best new year gifts for me...>

Happy New Year:)))

May the New Year bring you extra-special happiness!

Have a Great Time...>>>mermaid1277

Anonymous said...

love the new songs!

Anonymous said...

Dear SH...I hope it is gratifying to you, and proof of our appreciation for all your hard work, that so many of us were going crazy trying to figure out how to re-connect with your wonderful site!!! Can't say how relieved we are to come back to our Ssangchu home!

By the way...not only are you the tentpole of everything Ssangchu, but followers like me who have no Korean background are learning a lot about things Korean through the English subs and the info we get on your site. Your fab music lists and download links give me access to Korean pop that I would have no way to experience otherwise. Sometimes the song tag is english subbed and sometimes not, but it looks like if I click the youtube icon I get linked over there...where there's usually more info to clarify artist/album/song. Thanks for being the Ssangchu Korean Cultural Exchange!

Can't be so easy keeping up with it all, but Joongbo love is powerful! Hope our love is a help too. To the World!

Anonymous in Los Angeles

Ssangchu Heaven said...

annery; thank you ^^

eve; ayayay so sorry ^^;; the link to my email is on the lower section of this blog, so if anything happens just email me xDD~~~

happy new year ^w^v

anonymous; yes i am xDD!! ..and thank you so much!! glad u like it!

mermaid1277; i'm glad its back too!! i was nearly dying because so many things happened and the layout was still not done D:

thank you so much!! i wish you all the awesomeness in everything!!!!!

anonymous; thankies ^^

anonymous; hellooooo~ i really do apologize for that.. i truly am so humbled by everyone's support, and how they're worried about the blog.. ;___;

your message is so heartwarming.. aigoo. it's snowing outside and im reading all these messages, its better than hot coffeeeeeee i tell you!!!!!! thank you so much!!!

hope everyone's enjoying their vacations ^^~


bimchi said...

yey you're back..:)
thanks:btw, it's me bimchi:)

isabel said...

SH, so so glad you're back!!

I was frantic when finding out I couldn't access your site.
You're blog is totally my happy place. where I get my daily ssangchu fix.

Loving the new layout, btw. And I'm looking forward to future ssangchu posts.

To the world!!

ssorry said...

thank you so much ssangchu

ssorry said...

thank you so much ssangchu

amanda said...

sigh..everything is right in my world now. i thought i was having a nightmare when i first opened your page right after i woke up. i was having an anxiety attack just like a druggie without a fix. i am SOOOOO glad you're back! ^^

Anonymous said...

yes! thanks SH you're back. I was really going crazy looking for a way to get into your blog... and when i could'nt i thought maybe something is wrong with my computer... my day is not complete without opening your blog... this is indeed a Happy New Year!

nadia_gwapa said...

i'm just glad your back....<>

i already became your follower already...

LingLing said...

Yaaay i am happy to see you back and glad nothing has happened to you cause i also was worried when i saw this blog being private :)

This new layout looks nice :)
Hope u'll get everything fixed soon and no other complications will meet you later in the future :)

Happy New Year!
and thank you for this awesome blog <3 totally loving it :)

Chelsea said...

thank you thank you for keeping this blog for all of us! Omg I was soo sad when I saw that it was private hahaha. And the new layout is awesomeeee :D Thank you and happy new year!

bb said...

goodness gracious me...! you gave us all such a scare, you know...?! i seriously thought you'd gone private, and was frantically trying to find out your email addy to get myself in :p

and... keke, don't you ever scare us like this again, ya?

happy holidays and have a fab year ahead! may the coming new year bring you only good things, good news and good people :)

joycediosa said...

Hi! So happy you're back... I was really worried back then when it says private.... I really enjoy reading news/updates and watching videos of our heros KHJ and HB... thanks for bringing this back!!!! this is the only site I visit when it comes to the Ssangchu Couple so please... please... stay ok ^^*
Thanks again!!!
Have a wonderful and peaceful year 2010!!! ^^*

=p said...

Thanks for asking!!! Like I said, when I couldn't access the site...I was like "damn I guess this is a sign for me to start planning for it"

Trust me it's much more fun reading about khj and hb then researching on colors..flowers and centerpieces...

You and this blog keeps me sane ;p

fang said...

hello SH!

whew! the past days were really scary when we couldn't open your blog :D

and i posted your message on soompi the other day because there were lots of us in panic mode.

the new layout is nice...but i miss the old banner :D

SouL said...


i was really shocked when i found out that day when the blog is private..im so sad when the message wrote "YOU ARE NOT INVITED TO VIEW THE PAGE" :(
i try to find out how to contact u to invite me but fail :p

anyway..it's a relieved that i can view your blog now..thanks for the updates and HWAITING!~~


CHARMED said...

SH, happy new year!!! and thank you for keeping us posted as always. Like everyone else, i went frantic when i couldn't access your blog and tried every possible way i know of to get connected to it and i even thought it was just me. Obviously, I wasn't alone. lmao. True, don't give us another scare like that. hehe. Thanks for all the hardwork. You've surely put in a lot of effort keeping this blog. THANK YOU and A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!! - CHARMED

", said...

Haha.yeah.U gave us all a scare there.
I thought my mozilla was getting crazy again.
All the best this New Year.
A new year for us with joongbo.So keep us updated on everything about Joongbo,like you always do and changmin of course i suppose.haha
Really appreciate all your efforts.hope you are doing well with all the studies and stuffs.
Thanks for never letting us down

Anonymous said...

Hey SH!!! This is Janjan here and it is my first time dropping you a msg. When I saw that your blog was "privatize", I almost had a heart attack!!! Now that it is up again, I think it is a jolly good time for me to drop you a msg to appreciate and thank you for this wonderful blog! I am a fan of the Joongbo couple and I like your blog...very much! More than that, it is your personality (which is shown through your blog, of course) that captivates me to keep coming back to read. :) Please do keep it going and I hope that you have an awesome 2010! =D

mikki said...

thankfully the blog is up!
i was wondering desperately how to add u as a friend so I can view your blog! I'm glad it is up now!! just a tiny comment, i missed those pics of joongbo in ur previous layout! those with their suitcase, shinlang with the cucumber and all those cute pics! pls try incorporate those back into the design! Its so personal! :D anyway, u r doing a great job on this blog! LOVE U!!

vienne said...

i'm so happy ^_^
finally, i can view your site again^_^
i miss ssangchu heaven soooo much ^_^
it's indeed a happy new year for me ^_^
i like the previous layout, with lots of JoongBo pictures on top ^_^ and also Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo's photos which used to be on the left side with their "LOVE PLEDGES". I usually read it every time I visit your site ^_^
to the world!!!
ssangchu heaven, thank you very much for maintaining this site ^_^

Ssangchu Heaven said...

bimchi; heya bimchiiiii!!!!

isabel; hihi thanks~~ i really hope i can add news daily ;___;

to the world!!!

ssorry; hehe i like your username!!! you're welcome ^^

amanda; you're so funny! xD hehe
i hope you are okay now aigooo

anonymous; oh no it wasn't your computer.. sorry about that ^^;;

happy new year!!!

nadia_gwapa; oh hank you so much!! when i switched to this layout, i can finally add some widgets! hihi

lingling; oh please don't worry... everything is fine now.. just simple mistakes here and there xDDD~~ it won't happen again !!~~

chealsea; kamsahamnida!!! it still needs a lot of fixing though hehe

bb; herro bb!!! im so sorry ^^;; i figured no one would notice coz it was the holidays haha...

it won't happen again hihi~~~ hope u have a great holiday too and an awesome new year!!!

more happy things to come to our joongbo and yonsama!! yes yes!!!

joycediosa; no problem ^^~~ sorry about the trouble.. hihi..

oh! and for more ssangchu news you can also check the links at the bottom~~ ^^

=p; haha!!! omg im telling u i love the idea of weddings!! i would have pulled my hair out if i were you lol..

what theme are you looking for? there are korean sites where you can see really really beautiful themes...

fang; herrrooo!! i miss the banner too.. im thinking of changing it to a more ssanghu one hehe,, don;t worry!

im gonna post all the funny fanarts they ahve also ^^

soul; ayayayy im so sorry ;___; i reallly didn't know it would cause this much trouble.. ^^;;

hwaiting to you too!!!'happy new year!!

charmed; i wll not do it again hehehe~~ i really didn't know it would be that way.. or the layout change would take that long...

thank you so much!!!
hope u have a great year!!!!

",: well mozilla does have a lot of bugs hahaha.. i rmember when all my tabes were deleted o.o

yes yes! more joongbo news ahead! i really hope they can be in at least a show together ahh..
still believing on them!!!~~

joongbo fighting!

anonymous; HI JAN JAN!! your name's so cute! i think this is the first time someone commented about my personality hehe... thank you *bows*

hope u ahve an awesome awesome aweesomeee 2010 also!!!

mikki; heya mikki! yes, i ahd a lot of messages about the banner also. i will fix it, neh?

i have more of those funny pics so i was trying to add all of them without it being too piled up hehehe

thank you so much!!~~~~

vienne; hehehe~~ yay!! those quotes will be back, definitely!!! i will add them for ya! ^.~