Monday, December 7, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong 'Hot Date' in Hong Kong Explanation

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Popular group SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong explain his Hong Kong romance night sayings.

In the 2 Dec MBC Golden Fishery 'Radio Star', Kim Hyun Joong explained about the photoshoot by Hong Kong paparazzi in this summer when he was said to be secretly dating together with a young lady.

"She is just a closed noona of mine."

In August, Kim Hyun Joong late night dating photograph was put on internet and became a hot topic.

Kim Hyun Joong said: "Actually only few of us when to tour in Hong Kong, we had never thought of there being a paparazzi haven, when we woke up in the morning, the morning news section were all talking about us."

He continued to explain: "We only tour with few best friends, in the end it became a big issue."

"The close noona that went together with us, the news had guessed that our relationship was classmates, actually she was a noona who was very fluent in English, the noona's Chinese boy friend also went together with us."


Anonymous said...

haha, no one commented in this post. seems no one's buying it, huh?

Anonymous said...

hate this scene but if HJ is telling the truth so be it.

Anonymous said...

Three month later, now he kept talking about this scandal and each time the story changes. From primary school friends(Star Golden Bell) to Noona friends and now even Noona's boyfriend also there.
Guess DSP realized that KHJ lost a lot of Joongbo fans...
The damage control is too late. He could have said that right after the trip if this was true.

Anonymous said...

Well, I agree but even Hyun Joong is Hwangbo's and a celebrity hehehe he is still a young man and he is just like us. Can he goes out partying or hanging with his friends (boys/girls) I hope we can trust in him and supports him because I believe we aren't the only fans that support Hwangbo. Hyun Joong might be the greatest supporter of Hwangbo and I bet she would be even happier if knowing he's her fan than knowing me as her fan. but I'm not sad that's the true!

joongbo@heart said...

as much as i love hyunjoong to bits.
the stories they throwing out are just too ridiculous to believe!
wahaha .. its his life aniwae.

he is only answerable to himself and his significant half, so yay i am at peace with it.

i think he looked super hot in the pic. lol

little bee said...

Ummm, guys(or girls),

I saw the clip and I saw notjing special or wrong about that AT ALL!
Besides, HK is the common place for HB. She even spent the vacation with her Korean actress friend there(eun yeoung or something I can't recall her name. So you guys think that HJ would be stupid enough to cheat on her in HK??? Think about it! THINK! Like you are in Singapore and Malaysia or Thailand is the location your GF/BF visit there often that she or he has a secure place to stay in. Besides your lover has close friends living in that country too. You cheating on your lover in that country it's a suicide! Right?

Anonymous said...

Ummm..I dunno why so many Joongbo fangirls accused these 2 girls as "hookers"?

Have youn ever seen the call girls or hookers in real life? I don't think so! That is why "some" of joongboers can be naive enough to label 2 girls as.......

Look at their dress. They dressed the night dress but not very revealing at all. Their dress were sleevless and bare-shoulder but not so much revealing. Look at the legth of their skirt, it's knee length!!!! Gee!!!!

Sometimes I think fangirls are very immature, no matter what age.