Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hwangbo Recent Pics [12/20/09]

her aegyo~~~ *w*

..and another idol! changmin of 2am ^^


Chelsea said...

hwangbo's looking as good as ever. I wonder if shillang is watching her??

nadia_gwapa said...

isn't she just gorgeous?

even as a girl, i can truly say she's one beautiful woman.

i hope she had a great year and an even greater 2010...

the same goes to you, SH!!!!

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

unnie is always so beautiful!
hope 2010 brings more joy and good news from the Ssangchu couplE!!
kekeke..i was like crazy for awhile there when the blog went private! i was like...omo!!!hoWWW diE!!!!
kekeke...but its ok now...tQ~~~
ur my life saveR!!!

GaGa said...

Isn't her aegyo looks similar to Hyun Joong's aegyo in Champagne?

Did anyone know which show filmed first? IG111 or SS501@Champagne?

vienne said...

i'm so happy ^_^
finally, i can view your site again^_^
i miss ssangchu heaven soooo much ^_^
it's indeed a happy new year for me ^_^
i like the previous layout, with lots of JoongBo pictures on top ^_^ and also Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo's photos which used to be on the left side with their "LOVE PLEDGES". I usually read it every time I visit your site ^_^
to the world!!!
ssangchu heaven, thank you very much for maintaining this site ^_^