Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hyunjoong Wants To Be Reborn As Tom Cruise

I didn't watch the full episode of Strong Heart yet since my clubbox is running really, really slow for some reason o.o

Anyways, there are lots of articles about this..

Kim Hyunjoon (HJB) revealed that he was jealous of Hyunjoong's (HJL) success in acting and variety programs. To this, Hyunjoong replied, "You want me to die faster? If I can be reincarnated in my next life, I wish to be someone like Tom Cruise."


It's funny because Tom Cruise is also Hwangbo's idol ^^

Let's look at Hwangbo's 100 Q & A :)
Many artists answer the 100 q & a survey.. just a random fact: dbsk's yoochun mentioned hwangbo as the celebrity he likes and celebrity he wants to go out with ;)

Hwangbo Hye Jung


1. Name: Hwang Bo Hye Jung
2. English name: Estella
3. Gender: Female (Definitely)
4. Date of birth: 16th August 1980, 7:55am
5. Family: Father, Mother, Elder Brother & I
6. Height: 165cm? I am not definite, maybe have grown taller since
7. Weight: Morning 48kg but after meals 50kg
8. What is your strongest quality: I always think first of others people’s concerns. Is there a problem with that?
9. What is your weakest quality: In decision making, I don’t take time to consider
10. One word to define your character: Simple yet detailed. Great curiosity, Ideology not heavy
11. Favourite actor: Tom Cruise (the other I can make it out in the Chinese Pin Yin) Korean actor is kept secret
12. Favourite Song: ‘Kind Person’, ‘My fragrance’,’ Love’, Tell, ‘Don’t Worry’, ‘Clear Shadow’, ‘She as to me’, ‘Again’, ‘Don’t be the last person to know (I don’t know what these songs are)
13. Favourite season: Spring, Summer
14. Favourite games: Zero game, blue marble
15. My dream type: When he smiles, it radiate with charisma, compatible, will treat my family well, wealthy, a gentleman who pays for me,
16. Same/Older/ Younger: Older or younger by 1 year or same age
17. Recently what do you feel: When it rains, I get slightly depressed
18. Is there anything in your pockets now?: I have no pockets
19. Outdoor activities: I reminiscence the trip with my mother
20. Alcohol intake: Soju 1 bottle, beer 4 bottle
21. After alcohol intake: I will be silence, people may find me too quiet, there is always mistakes make in those condition, always saying ‘Sorry’ that kind. It is better not to drink then to come to this
22. When was your first alcohol intake?: At Grade school, Grandmother & I drank makgeoli. Drunk until kingdom comes is at 3rd year of High School
23. When you want to married: Within 29-33 must definitely be married
24. My perception on my singing style: Of course I will sing to my best, but there are times that I wish it is the best; but it is not so
25. My dancing style: Still okay with choreography
26. What is the present you most want to receive: An air purifier now is avian flu. Ha! Ha!
27. When you are at home alone: Talking to the cats, cleaning
28. What do you say when you look at the mirror: I will practice my vocal chords. Ha! Ha!
29. What are you wearing now: A green skirt
30. How much is there in your purse: 46,110 won (She also have US dollars too)
31. What do you want to give your love?: A letter that written I love you. It is hard for me to say these word, so I need to depend on this form to say it
32. What is the biggest different between man & woman?: People are all the same, but when it comes to calmness there is the difference
33. When enter to karaoke what song you will sing?: Love
34. When your friends missed an appointment with you?: I must see what is the reason was? If it because of being busy and they missed the appointment, it is understandable
35. What if you love someone who is having an affair?: As I had said before, I will not beat him up. If the love relationship had change, we need the strength to overcome it. I will settle my feeling first
36. How long did you have to wait for a late appointment?: 24 hours
37. Your first kiss?: Third year of middle school (my heart fluttered)
38. The places that you don’t need to be cosmetic corrected: Eyes, Nose and the lips (it is best not to be greedy)
39. Places you need to be correct: If it is possible, maybe the height
40. Who is the most person you think of now?: Mother and Fury who just gone to heaven (I think it is a pet)
41. First love?: High School Second year, can’t remember but that relationship lasted 2 years
42. What can you remember that will make you cry?: Father returning home and his work uniform is dirty
43. What do you feel after you grown up?: Compare to myself, I think of my family
44. What is the thing you most despise?: Nagging people, Pretenders, Rude people
45. When is the time you have dignity?: When I have money
46. What was the most absurd?: A shoot that never materialise (It was not because the it can’t allow to be shoot, but the condition that the shoot)
47. Now at this moment who have you met often is going to be your Prince Charming?: In my eyes all of them are
48. Why aren’t you going out with them?: I said that all of them are too suave
49. That person sense of feeling: Who? Do you know who he is?
50. When you see him what would you say?: This is not all
51. What is your biggest worry?: Able to afford to buy a house that everyone can live in
52. When are the most depressed?: When I aren’t able to say what I think of saying
53. What tactics you have that you will not be jilted?: Not to hold the relationship too tightly that it will eventually snap
54. Rating of the person: Morality, trust, concern
55. When you were in school: Never study hard, can never able to return to rectify that now. Ha! Ha!
56. First number on your speed dial: My mother
57. Wall paper in your phone: I must have happiness
58. Phone bill: Within 100,000 won
59. Countries you wish to visit: Africa, New York, USA, Milan, Italy
60. Favourite drama: Be strong, Geum Soon
61. Most dislike film: Hippie
62. The film you most remember: ‘Extension’, My mind is a blank’, ‘Empty room’ (must be some Korean titles that had been translate to Chinese)
63. Most recent movie seen: The recent I have seen, the last I have seen is Boogey man
64. The movie you recommend: ‘Extension’, ‘The future appointment’
65. If you can be the character of the movie, which will you like to be?: My Sassy Girl
66. Enter how many café: 4 café. Fan’s cafe and the cats’ café
67. The café most frequent: The cats’ café
68. What is the biggest gain you get from the café?: I get more knowledge about the cat and to be able to understand my cat’s heart felt feelings are all about
69. What do you want to say to your fans?: Know and love those who are beside you is more important
70. Are you able for the person you love or able to marry another person?: Able to
71. What your parents say about marriage?: As long it is the person I like. They will also like. It is really touching
72. Do you think you are flirting type?: Of course not. I am a person. Did I mention, control is important
73. What is your earliest out of bed?: 7am (it is because of school) Weekends, it is 12pm
74. Latest to bed: Between 12 midnight to 5am
75. If the first time you meet a person and he ask you how to contact you? If it is job related. Okay if it for others matter. No. (This is because I am a profession. Ha! Ha!) If I like him very much, I will not give it either, but will other methods to have him contact me
76. Is that anyone you particular like in your profession: There are too many for me to give any thought
77. Do you think you will start a relationship with actors: It is hard to say, maybe there are two…..Korean actors
78. Future children that you like to have: Three and above
79. What do you really want to do if you have the chance?: Singing, Dancing, do a lingerie ad (Ha! Ha!)
80. Ten years from now, what will you do?: I will sing until death, Fashion house, taking care of kids in the family
81. Do you have any beauty tips?: I don’t have any
82. Most often speech used … (on the phone): ‘Can’ …’Who are you?’ (But use the cutest tone to relay them)
83. What is the first thing you do when you get up: Do my cat’s meal. Open these eyes
84. If you were to have 100 billion: I will put them in the bank account, then buy a house
85. If you were to become transparent (spirit wise): 1. Help people out of boredom or be a flirting ghost 2. Like a spirit goes lurching to help on other (But people think I am an angel)
86. Great stage singer: BMK, Song Chang Hui, Park Mi Kyung
87. Why do you want to sing? If you are to die you don’t wish to sing those songs, what are your thoughts?: If people like to sing but can’t pull through, then everybody can qualify to be a singer
88. What type of man you most despise?: Every actions he does, that brat think that all girls will like his type
89. What type of woman you most despise?: Those who play importance to outer appearance but not what is inside of them
90. You have your love, but eventually you meet with a better person: I have touch on the subject many a time already…this is just fated destiny. If I continue to love a person, there is no reason to change my heart for it
91. If you were to meet the person that you had separated coincidentally: I may go and hide myself
92. What is the most important thing in the world?: Family, my diary (memories)
93. Once on the internet, what do you do?: Check my e-mails
94. The most absurd call you received: When I playing card, they start to call out “Hwangbo I love you” (Ha! Ha!)
95. When you can’t sleep?: Listen to the radio, & cook
96. If there is an after life, what are you going to be?: To say this, it is funny? I want to be a Princess, because the palace is bored, so run away (Ha! Ha!)
97. If you want to live your life again: If again, I want to be a man. I have the confidence to make a woman live in happiness
98. After you have written this, what will you do next: I need to go to Mi Rim Unni. She stayed down the block
99. Until now how direct and honest are your answers?: I don’t need to lie
100. The last thing you will like to add: I am grateful to have done this.


ALSO!!! Let's look at Hwangbo's room...
(These are screencaps of foreverB13 from baidu which were shared by neewgm on soompi :DDD)

There's a photo of someone on Hwang Buin's wall ^^~


"Hwangbo's Husband = Tom Cruise"

Why is it Tom Cruise Hyunjoong?
Maybe to defend your title as Buin's hubby?

Btw, I read the comments from the previous posts and there are some disagreements... thank you so much to the many joongboers that explain and handle the situation! *bows*

The blog is peaceful because of you all (")( ^.^ )(")


Anonymous said...

How can I give up on them when they keep on giving hints?

claire said...

I love this! Is the 100 Q & A the one he read on the come to play episode? If it is, mayb he's keeping the information and does everything. ;P

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

when did she answered these questions?

Anonymous said...

didn't KHJ mentioned that when he had swine flu, he thought a lot abt his future. he mentioned he wanted to have 4 children: 2 boys, 2 girls...and hwangbo mentioned in the Q and A that s he would like to have 3 or more children!!! What a coincidence!?!

Anonymous said...

haha nah i don't really think that the children part is a coincidence, lots of people want to have many children. but the thing about tom cruise is COOL haha I will keep on believing! ^^


fellow joongboer said...

to me the thing about the children is something..
when you looked at korean families, they usually have 2 to three children right?
i am not a korean but i read some artist's profile and stated they have one or two siblings only..
thus i was supprisedfor the first time i read about khj wanting 4 kids..
i would like to assume its something

TQ ssangchu for the highlight
to the world!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha..i like this. Tq SH for nice article like this. it's sure made my day..

i feel great

to the world!

Anonymous said...

I used to believe that they will be a a real couple someday. But I guess God knows what the best for them...I wish they will success in whatever they do.
I love both of them!!!^^

Anonymous said...

Everytime I was about to give up the hope of them being together, little hint like this would surface. I'm sure HJ knew HB called Tom Cruise her husband in some show. Now he wants to reborn as TC? Is that mean he want HB to call him husband too in the future?

Anonymous said...

I am jumping for joy coz of this... they are slowly giving us some hints... i hope one of this day they will reveal/admit that they are together in real... WOW!!! if that's happen, girls "LETS CELEBRATE" :))



Anonymous said...

From reincarnate to lion to Tom Cruise..AMAZING!


ZZSTAR said...

Hii Ssangchu Heaven :D!
May i know the exact link to this 100 Q&A? Cos i went to and cant find it at all. Thanks in advanced :D.

Joongbo fighting, forever <3!

Anonymous said...


i found the 100 QandA at ShigellaVirus blog (please check the spelling though)...

i hope you will find it there :D

EarthtoBella said...

Yep, the thing about having four children is something. I know plenty of Korean families (I actually meet them on a daily basis) and having one or two children has been their way of life since the late eighties/early nineties. For a Korean to state that he/she wants to have a big family must follow that the "soon-to-be spouse" is in agreement. :)

Anonymous said...

First he tried to imitate Eun ji won, the man who tried to put his arms around Hwangbo..
Second, He tried Rainism. Rain who once paired up with Hwangbo. In WGM, he once teased Hwangbo about Bi (Rain).
and Now he wanted to be reincarnated as Tom Cruise, who's Hwangbuin's favorite actor..
So tell, what's the meaning of this?
Is it just coincidence?
To the World!

Sunshinecrush said...

Where to watch the episode HJ & HB was on Strong heart with subs?

Anonymous said...

What episode did Hyun Joong teased Hangbo about Rain?

Anonymous said...

I believe he teased her about Rain in WGM when they moved into their apartment. Not sure what ep., but was the time she was making pizza for him and forgot to put in the yellow bell pepper for him.

Anonymous said...

I am so confuse!!!Part of me want them to be together, part of me thinking maybe HB is better off without HJ. I just want HB to have someone who is reaLLy good at taking care of her. Who is 100% devoted to her. Not sure HJ is able to do that. Hope I am wrong about him.

ZZSTAR said...


Thanks! I found the 100 Q&A at shigellavirus @ wordpress!
Thanks a million :D!

vivienne said...

i'm soooooooooooo happy when i read this:)
i'm a big JoongBo fan:)
fingers crossed:)
i really wish they'll end up being husband and wife for real:)

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

i never give up on them!
neVER!! and now...more and more hints are out! yaa..people who is not a true joongboer will say that.."enough with all the bull****, they are not 2gether! wake up to reality!"
aahhh!!! for me, its never end between them ever at all...they may not around each other but their hearts are still 2gether!!! cayOKK!! joongbo!! kekeke...i will still believe!!!! even deep down inside me sometimes say are they? are they not?! but still i keep on believe. that you!! ur blog are my life saveR!!! and keep letting me believing!!!

Anonymous said...

I think ep. 11 try this link..

Anonymous said...

half of me is THINKING that there's a great possibility that they are not together. regarding the tom cruise thing, it could also be possible that anyone, whether an artist or not, would want to be like tom cruise someday, right? or rain for that matter. theyre both HUGE stars in the entertainment industry, so its really possible that both HB and HJ and other artists we dont know, look up to them as their idols. re the eun ji won thing, it could also be possible that he imitated him because he doesnt know how to imitate the others or just for the sake of the show..

however, half of me is still BELIEVING the "little" hints that they are showing. like the hwang buin aema thing by HB. for me, it doesnt look like coincidence anymore, considering if they really dont want to be associated with each other. then, the get hot and aegyo of jungmin and so on.. maybe this is the reason why even if its just half, i still keep visiting these threads and waiting and hoping for the time to come that they will come out in the open and admit their true feelings for each other...


Anonymous said...

WGM EP.11 (at their first house and preparing food for their guest. Infinity girls and ss501)

HJ was cutting mushrooms on the dining table and HB at his back was doing the same thing on the table divider. Then HB asked HJ..

HB: You don't know who's coming today right?
(HJ was continuously doing his thing and then said..)
HJ: Is the guest female or Male?
HB: Who do you prefer?
HJ: Bi (rain)
(using a big voice and then smiled)
(HB on the other hand was smiling and said..)
HB: They said it won't Rain today..
(Then HJ looked at her)
HB: I'm sorry..
(after a second)
HB: Hey! you started first but why are you staring at me like that?
(HJ looked at her and said..)
I didn't stare at you.. I just looked at you to see if you're doing well..
HB: I'm speechless (while laughing..)

This was one of those cute moments of Hwangbuin and Shillang!

To the world!

vivienne said...

@ anonymous
-> yessss you're right.....
that is just one of the million cute and inspiring moments of hwang bo and kim hyun joong:)
to the world:)

hyunhwang said...

Dear Anonymous, jungmin did the get hot and aegyo when? Can you please give me the websites please? Thank you if you can!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the informative information - I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy this blog. :) Cheers, [url=]women giving birth videos[/url]

fudgeorange said...

This is so cool!:)I don't think it's coincidence. I'm usual skeptical about these things, but for some reason, I think the guy wants to measure up with the lady's ideals... guy's competitive side trying to show up... haha. ahckk..though their situation seemed complicated, I hope they work things out... it would be such a waste to just throw that happiness away. Hurry up, hyun joong!!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

"I just want HB to have someone who is reaLLy good at taking care of her. Who is 100% devoted to her."
For this anon, I don't know who you can call "devoted". For me, a man who put his whole life on the risk, his career, his future, his financial security just to date one girl he loves, I call him "DEVOTED".

For general Tom Cruise thing, I persoanlly think it means what it means, he gave us hint about his status with HB. It's just not random idea. Cause he personally worshipped Seo Taiji, why not reincarnate as him? Why Tom Cruise? Besides he gave the good explanation too that he loved Cruise's ambition to strive better and to work harder. I'm sure he gets those information from HB cause when you have some people as your idol or inspiration you will read his or her bio and interviews. I am definitely sure HB won't fall for Cruise's look only but his ambition too. And HJ absorbed those qualities by listening to her talking about Cruise.

Ps. I am a Cruise fan too and I also like that quality in him as HJ described that is why I can relate to HJ's explanation and sense that it came from SOMEONE.