Monday, December 7, 2009

Kim Hyunjoong's Diary Entry December 6th ".............."

Credit: DSP Message Board + (Chinese translation) + (English translation) & xiaochu @

2009-12-06 3:00:57pm

Haven’t written for a long time^^ Everybody is doing fine right?
You’re reading this message because you have been doing fine right? Because I forgot my ID and password
I made a call to KyuJong and borrowed his ID... I really can't remember..
I definitely remembered it was HyolJoong.........kekekekekekekekeke
Now, we completed the last broadcast for 2009, and just want to speak my thoughts
Year 2009 to me is very precious and busy, I parted and met with many people
I was so busy that I don’t even have time to breathe but kept on running..
This year too... I have 'Boy over Flowers' which I met with 'JiHoo Sunbae', Asia Tour, Rebirth album and
Other various stuffs... After all these things and now looking back, the reasons for the one year is?
I think I lived it well-filled but even though there are definitely some things that I felt regretful on,
But regretting over an already past thing... What's the point of regretting. - -;;
First of all, I would like to say sorry
I said I will leave a message once a month but using busy as a reason
I didn’t care about it to the extent that I even forget the password...
Last time, few years ago I made a promise that I will let Kim HyunJoong.. SS501 and their fans feel proud about themselves and not regret..
So from then on, I worked very hard to live with making music even until now
Well even now in that way........... well..................even though
The road that we must go is long
Until now the life of a supporter, recently seems like it is called act of fan right... ^^;;; is that right?
Is it meaningful being a fan???
As a singer, as an actor, as an entertainer, I will work even harder to make it more meaningful for you
There is nothing else I can do beside this..
Well. It is not like it will slowly die off....
But frankly speaking, I had thought about what would I do if you find that it has become not meaningful anymore keke
I am also like that, when I get stuck to one restaurant, by only going there, I will get sick of it in a moment kekeke
So for me, I will become a restaurant with a lot of (variety in) menus kekeke
Getting sick of it, but you can still eat this or that, who about that???????
Am I saying something too difficult?
I have a lot that I want to show it to you in the future, please look forward and in year 2010, I will show you something newer
Good songs, cool dances, interesting stories, good products/works
I wish you be happier. Because I did this
Please watch over me more, I will try to do better, please support me more~~
Even though there is not many days left for year 2009...end it off well and welcome year 2010 ^^
I will be 25 in year 2010 - - this is x
My mustache grows out again at night, it is tough for idol kekekekekeke
Even so, I will properly manage myself to be sharp and gorgeous for next year too
Thank you for reading until here. I have nothing to write after this…..
To express my gratitude, I will play 'Thank You'

You believed it? kekeke


Anonymous said...

Hyoljoong T_________T
way to break my heart..

what did you regret oppa? im really curious..

Sunshinecrush said...

I will still support you matter what =))

Anonymous said...

does this mean hyorilovehyunjoong? someone please explain, omg:(

Anonymous said...

.it's basically hyolee (that's how many spell it in korea) and hyunjoong together.

all said...

Hyorjoong, it is probably Hyori & Hyunjoong. When was this ID (password) made though? Maybe it was made before WGM.

Anonymous said...

i think HJ is a sincere person, or at least trying his best. reading this makes my heart warm.

i miss joongbo!

Anonymous said...

hyun joong for you :handsdown:
it must be hard to be in your status right now.being an idol & trying to live a normal life isnt work hard for it, you deserve every bit & pieces of the success you're getting now.
2009 is a good year for you & im praying that it wont stop there. good luck for all the upcoming projects & plans next year.i have so much faith in you.