Monday, December 14, 2009

Hyunjoong Spotted At An Egg Tart Shop

This is in Macau with his family and I heard it was the same one from BOF??


Anonymous said...

Aw he's SO CUTE!!! Just like dear leader to be awesome and kind on stage and off! I think he should keep his hair down like that more!! i love how he can just be really natural and doesn't care if his mouth is stuffed in front of fans!

f09 said...

yeah. it was the same Egg Tart Store from Boys Over Flowers. (it's said that the said store has a huge LCD screen playing the BOF scene wherein Ji Hoo and Jan Di were buying egg tarts in Macau.. that's why you can see them kinda watching something)

the man with the glasses holding a bottled water is HJ's dad, and the one wearing a black coat is his mom.
unfortunately, his older brother cannot join them as he's still completing his mandatory military service.
the rest of SS501 members were also in Macau with their family members.

you could definitely see in the vid that HJ's to-die-for jawline came from his dad. and the small frame of his face resembles his mom's.

good thing fans and paparazzis didn't bombard HJ and the rest of the guys. want them to relax and enjoi just like normal people.

Anonymous said...

i can't watch deny my access, saying e video is private..any suggestion?