Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HJ Performs "Rainism" At Fresh DK Party

Hyunjoong seems to be showing his more mature/bad boy side nowadays neh?

Truthfully, no one can pull off Rainism better than Rain himself, but I gotta say, Hyunjoongie's move on 1:37 for me was better xDDD~~~~

ahh~~ he's so cute *w*


Anonymous said...

He's so hot...

Min Hyo Rin said...

Why is he performing a song by Rain eh? Hehehe

Twee said...

Me too~~His move on 1:37 makes me scream!!!wakakaka~~~

Anonymous said...

First he tried to imitate Eun ji won, the man who tried to put his arms around Hwangbo..
Second, He tried Rainism. Rain who once paired up with Hwangbo. In WGM, he once teased Hwangbo about Bi (Rain).
and Now he wanted to be reincarnated as Tom Cruise, who's Hwangbuin's favorite actor..
So tell, what's the meaning of this?
Is it just coincidence?
To the World!

vivienne said...

yep, i've watched that episode several times and i love it when he's showing that he is jealous:)
they keep on giving hints:)

Anonymous said...

can somebody tell me what episode in WGM when kim hyun joong teased hwangbo about rain?

Anonymous said...

ep. 11 at their first house.