Sunday, February 13, 2011

In We Got Married, Who Performed A Punishment Wave? Shillang Or Buin?

This is for my previous trivia post ^^
If you answered Hyunjoong, you get 1/2 point!! xD~~

Hihi~ many answered Hyunjoong, because his part was aired after losing on the rollercoaster game. :)
However, Hwang Buin lost also ^.~

Hyunjoong did the wave again as he was instructing her about the punishment HAHA!
He also recorded her, just like she did when he lost. :D

Happy Valentines Day!!!


meme =p said...

I'm starting to sound like a broken record..but I really want to see the unseen footages!! Thanks SH. Have a great Monday =p

Ssangchu Heaven said...

I want every deleted scene! muahahaha!

hihi~ it is still sunday here, and no date tomorrow HUHUHU~ I will enjoy it though, gonna be watching movies with friends :)

Hope you and Tommy have a great Valentines Meme!~~ hihihihi~!!

Michelle said...

you're the best!!! you just made my day!

fudgeorange said...

HAPPY HEART's DAY everyone! SH!^^ Thank you so much for sharing that clip! I'm pretty sure there are more clips like that out there! Thanks also for including HB's "Chance" & HJ's acoustic of "Pls. Be Good to Me" on mixpod!

Meme! ^^ meme buin! "wife!" Happy hearts to you and tommy! Maybe not much like a broken record, just a skipping CD. lol. :P but I have similar sentiments! I hope they still kept a copy of unedited footage!who knows, the ssangchus bought them already,hahaha! for future use, for their actual audio-visual presentation in the future! WF!

Ssangchu Heaven - where stars collide and angels glide! ^^ Segyero!!!

meme =p said...

SH-haha, it's only Sunday here in Texas too but I figured I'd wish you a happy day early!!

Fudgeorange-hi!! Thanks very much! We appreciate it! You have a great one too!!

Anonymous said...

this made my valentines a happy one!thanks for the clip!got 1/2


sarangyo said...

To all JoongBoers.. A Happy Valentine's Day!!
wink, wink...our couple gonna be celebrating too!!

Happy valentine, Ssangchu couple !!

kiani said... T)...everyone...Happy Love Day!
Haha..SH..why did I have a feeling there was a catch to the trivia.
I think you got us all on that one, so do you want us to do the wave? lol.

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhh..sweet!!!!first time for me to see this...and on valentines day!! wish that pd will release deleted scenes...hay..

sh, meme and all ssangchu couple lover,a love filled valentines to all!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks sooooo much for this trivia. It keeps joongboers' hope alive on V Day!

Anyway, HJ took a lot of HB's photos, don't you think. For a person who don't seem to care or just "acted" his role on WGM he initiates taking so many photos. Wedding selcam photo, family photos with jins, HB with her sand message in the last farewell, Everland photos etc.

ze said...

Hi SH.... tks for the upload...i really wanted to watch all the deleted scenes....:)

GaGa said...

How could there be still new WGM info again after 3 years?!!
Or this is New only to me?!!

Last year, we have new Wedding Shot photos.

Anyway, this make me a very happy Valentine's Day Gift!

To All Joongboers, Happy Valentine's Day!

PS, MeMe, let's go rob MBC stock room together!

Anonymous said...

ooh i guess i answered it right. :P
thanks for the vid..
I also want to see the behind the scenes vids.. Let's all go! hahaha

kdj said...

Yatta, I was right!! (tho I didn't write my answer on prev post, huhu)

Thanks so much SH!! Cute memories~

agree w Gaga there;
How could there be still new WGM info again after 3 years?!!
Or this is New only to me?!!

kekeke.. so true w me too^^
To all K-JBers who was lucky enough to be at d same shooting spot, they should spread around this kind of clips more!^^ I guess there were lots of other BTS we can expect eh? haish, really wish to see all those >.<

btw, again quoting Gaga above;
Last year, we have new Wedding Shot photos.

perhaps, we can see really NEW, REAL wedding shot photos NEXT YEAR. it's the significant 2012.

hehe. Wish hard w me JBers^^
Segyero!! v^o^v

Anonymous said...

I was right..even though I didn't write it out too XD I remember seeing this clip 2 years ago...can't believe time has passed by so quickly...

@gaga and kdj: in a sense, it's a good thing you didn't see it back in the days when it was shared, cause you can still get excited hehehe

Anonymous said...

I think this vid is old, it just that no one load it up or it has been suspended on youtube. Back then, every week, there is a fancam showing BTS or the deleted scenes from fans. if you tracked back on soompi, u may find the link there.

For newbie, if you can read those deleted scenes, you will be more happy. I think SH have them here too.