Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[Photos] Hwang Buin Photo Spam - Idol Championships, TV Filming , Cyworld Update

pabo marco LOL


Anonymous said...

And here I thought you were slightly Hyun Joong biased. :P yay, hwang buin

Anonymous said...

After looking at her recent pics, her face has gotten a lot younger and beautiful. Even younger than when she was in WGM, this woman is an exception to the aging process!

As time goes instead of becoming older, she becomes younger.

meme =p said...


Liana said...

@Anonymous !

couldnt agree more! haha.. yes, she looks more vibrant now ! and prettier ! wow !

i just wish hj sees these photos.. =)

wht are they waiting for? shikes..

Anonymous said...

yes i agree she looks younger nowadays!looks really happy too :)


Anonymous said...

wow! she is really pretty right now! i'm loving her now! hehe