Thursday, February 24, 2011

[Photos] More Scans From SS501 Photo501 Photobook

more photos Hyunjoong included on his pages for photo501 photobook back in 2008 :)


Anonymous said...

Jus that his pledge or HB's pledge that he include in the photobook?

lk said...

SH,I love the pledge,he knows what she needed the most!He loves her earlier than we know of,I guess!

Anon above,it's from "김현중",from the top to the bottom,김현중,"Kim Hyun Joong" in English!

icyycool said...

WOw.. Thanks for posting this pictures. Never seen the top picture before. He even had Chopper of "One Piece" hat. ekkeke.. remind me of the One Piece figurine. I guess lots of korean artist love One Piece including Eric of Shinhwa^^

wink said...

Guys, I wanna ask fellow joongboers for insight. In Joongbo forum in my country, there's one "claimed to be Joongbo fan" member questioned us sarcastically,

"I don't feel that they date. They are super busy and don't have much time to think about relationships like some of us here. We imagine about their dating too much. If you guys know later that they have nothing to do with each other, will you laught at yourselves? Hehehe"

I can't believe it came from aperson who claimed to love Joongbo but a non-believer. I don't mind non-believers but personally, I think it's an offensive question. "Hehehe" in the end doesn't help. (FYI, while we were crazy on spazzing she always voiced her opinion many times that she didn't believe they have something special. I dunno why she still hangs around Joongbo thread. Sigh...: She was 20 years married with 2 boys.)

Anyway, people in that forum are kind and tolerate enough to answer her. Not me.

I need your opinions if I take it too seriously(about her sarcasm). May be she's just voicing her opinion. But the way she ridiculed joongbo believers made me mad.

Sorryyyyy for ranting!
Any advice?

Ssangchudream said...

@wink: I don't know the other comments coming from her in that forum but if she indeed is doing what you said then I don't think it's unreasonable that you get irritated by it since the forum is clearly label a JB one.

However, I would like to point out one thing. I know there is a portion of Ssangchu fans out there, myself included, that actually don't believe in them dating, but we are still fans. Why? It's because we like the potential of their story and we believe a connection was made during the show. But this doesn't mean that we necessarily believe they took that connection further off screen. Like what that person said up there, the reality is that they're busy ppl. And with HJ's fame, it's incredibly hard for him to date, living in such a glass house.

To clarify, it would be rocking the awesome boat if they once dated or are dating and making hot babies, but some fans like myself, we believe more in the possibly than a reality that shippers like us dream up.

umeboshi said...

They may not be together or will never be together in the end , but nobody knows for sure, right ? So we can continue to dream and hope that they are dating or will date in the future , unless one of them declares that he/she is getting married to another person ... until then , I will continue to believe ! For those who have lost hope , let them be ... no two persons think alike let's respect each other's opinion ...chill !!! and keep on hoping !!! Fighting !!!
To the world !

fudgeorange said...

@Wink: Who knows, maybe the forumer was trying to challenge your belief, like she's playing 'devil's advocate?' Were her posts always like that? It's normal to feel irritated though... maybe she ran out of joongbo vitamins, lol.
I also agree with Ssangchudream's POV. :) I second the motion. hehe

I also agree with umeboshi.

I think whether or not they are together, unless they're married to someone else, it is so OKAY to root for HJ and HB... and wish for another collab at the very least. The two ending up together in real life, will be the biggest,greatest bonus for me. That's out of our control. Instead of wishing,hoping and praying for them to just be "in a relationship," or "dating" -- haha I'd rather hope,wish & pray for them to be really "married." ^^ hahaha go hardcore! ^^

zaphira_calin said...


I know how it feels when someone contradicts on what you believe in. But after all, we are all just assuming.. We assume that there really is JOONGBO, some do not and some believe in the other HJ's coupling. As long as the poster is not harrassing/bashing anyone there, I think you can just tolerate her if you are not happy with her comments..

As long as there's no real confirmation between HJ and HB that they are not together or they are in a relationship with someone, we continue our to live in our joongbo world. After all, this world is not really a matter of just liking a make-believe couple, we have turned into a world where different nationalities meet, where we do anything that makes us happy, and sometimes we do things for a good cause.


GaGa said...

I think another TV had broken again!!

Anyone watched Muhan Girl EP12?!!!

Ya! Who's the PD now?!!
I want Tuna PD back!

Anonymous said...

I love love love the joongbo couple but I am one of the skeptical ones. I'm not skeptical of the feelings at all. He definitely liked her and still has some feelings of affection for her. I'm only skeptical that either one mustered up the courage to call the other one up. That said, I still follow them like crazy and will do so for a very long time. lol.


Anonymous said...

Been a Joongboer going on the second year, during this time, there have been several times, someone has popped into Joongbo sites I visit saying such things. Of course, as Joongboer's we will defend our ship. It's not easy being a Joongboer, as there will be those that tell Joongboer's to move on, and smell the coffee. Here is a quote that I will borrow from a fellow Joongboer, Chonsa/All Seoul'd Out, I really like it, and is well said.

(quote)...Even though it may seem that I am a fan of something that has been forgotten by time, I really don't think that it matters. Why should me liking something have to have a time limit? Why must there be an expiry date on something as simple as that? I won't stop doing anything I want to do just because someone thinks that I need to wake up an smell the coffee. I do smell the coffee, and it's great, I just like having my cake with my coffee as well, thank you very much! (unquote)

So with this said, Is it wrong for me to wish JoongBo together? After all, they are human, have needs just like us (I think, lol). They may masquerade around in disguises with funny masks, maybe play ninja, haha. But, still, in reality I support both Kim Hyung Joong and Hwangbo, so in the end, if they don't end up together, I will still support them.
Wink, all I can say is read all the info from beginning 'bout Joongbo, and you'll have facts to back your arguments, if any. Good luck, Joongbo the world...