Friday, February 11, 2011

[Photos] More Hyunjoong Calendar + Photobook Pics

so innocent looking!!~~



kdj said...

woohoo~!! eyecandy!!!
SH!! Thank you~!!!! *bighugs*

(mm..may I LONG comment here? mianhe... & thank you! huhu)

wonder when this photoshoot took place, was it recent? nonetheless, it's seems not somewhere local,am i right? not that it matter much anyway, but somehow the "scene" reminds me of someone great photoshoot last year, somewhere overseas ^^

the twelve pic brings me back to the 100th day photoshoot. with that long-lost-in-thought-look, my wild fancy wish he was also being reminded to that "scary" day two years ago ^^

the next pic, with glassy (?) white background, he look so alienated gorgeous. ssorry I had to say that ^^ btw, that photo keeps hinting me it suits perfectly with stories in japanese manga "Emma"..well, it's different to HJ's "Aema Buin" (lol) but still, its "comic-related"...haha. I didn't make any sense, did I? keke...ssorry ^^

next, his pic with that rose. where was that place? I may be totally wrong, but I'm guessing it looks like a horse stable? am i right? again, that a major nose-bleed look.haha..let me joongbo-ing. Horse = Jeju = Joongbo. Gah..I totally CAN'T break that spazzing-chain.haha

that pic with him at the beach - that was totally Joongbo-spazz worthy. My major problem whenever I drive past by the sea now. I know other Joongboers had the same "problem" too ^^

and what excites me most? that last photo. Let me joongbo-ing again (lol) Looking so drop-dead gorgeous in that handsome suit, someone already waiting at the London Olympic arena for the final olympic mission?? *muahahaha*

Need I say more?? ^^

omo, almost forgot~~
that spazz-worthy necklace in fourth pic!!!
woohoo~ it's back!!! \^o^/

Ssangchu Heaven said...

omg like you, this photoshoot totally reminded me of joongbo *w*~~~~

coz he looks very lively and cute, like the joongbo days, the playful shillang!!!

ahh i miss them..

oh! this one was set in Spain :D