Friday, February 11, 2011

[Photos] Hwang Buin Photo Update :D

credits: hjforest + daum


hwang buin.. where did you get your vest?? *w*~~

i'm gonna attempt this look o.o

just watched this episode!!~~ hilarious!!


kdj said...

oho~ perfect! first Shillang-dose, now Buin-dose~ (complete prescription to heal my Ssangchu-sickness. haha)

SH, again...thank youu~~!!!

btw, what about the wonder of the vest? I'm not-so curious to know *cough*

back then during WGM, I don't really fancy it when she tied up her hair like that (so like ahjumma - bad fan, brick me please >.<)
but now after WGM, I heart it so much whenever I saw a photo of her with that hairdo! Reminds me so much of her happy days during WGM.

Sometime it makes me think, why does she keep doing her hair like that? for me it's what married woman tend to do (NO OFFEND ladies!! ssorry from d bottom of my heart *bows*)
It may makes them look less attractive to others, but since they're married, they don't have to bother being too attractive to others since they already a very special person to their own spouse, right?

then again, my fancy-logic kicks in: Ohoho, perhaps she IS really married...married to Shillang...right Buin? (hehe)

But even when she dressed up or do that not-so-attractive hairstyle - she STILL looks gorgeous. No doubt. Maybe not that drop-dead-gorgeous, but that's what HJ likes right? Nice body, but not overly beautiful. On HB's case, not only nice body, she herself is NICE, and PRETTY too ^^ An epitome of both. woohoo~ *jumpingjumping*

Ssorry SH. I rant unnecessarily again. *hides*

Ssangchu Heaven said...

hii kdj i don't think what you said was a rant nor was it unnecessary.. it was very cute!!! >w<

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're not the only one who feels that way, after all, we love when our Buin is always super gorgeous and beautiful. POV...but don't think a certain someone is too comfortable when others are feasting on her, lol.
..and did not Shillang say something like, she's a married woman now, so she should dress a certain way, lol.
I also remember somewhere he had said he likes his idol woman to wear her hair pinned up (hmmm) or was it he liked seeing the woman pinning her hair up?

But yeah, thanks SH for all the latest on Joongbo, luv ya.