Saturday, February 26, 2011

[Photos] Joongbo Today~

a new photo is released of hyunjoong practicing in a studio!!!! :o

he was on the cover of red hot chili pepper magazine, this is the photo i liked the most hahaha

hwangbuin and hot's heejun!

infinity girls filming!!

at her restaurant

HAHAHA another tv broken xD~


Anonymous said...

In the last 2 photos of HB, who is the guy that partnered with her in Muhan Girls3 episode 12? He was kinda cute, nicely built, haha...kinda short though, cuz with heels, she was taller than him. Anyhow, the guy with the lighter hair was kinda cute too, very nice smile. He was the one that pulled HB out when the guys were blind folded and touched the girls hands to see if they would find their partner. I thought that was cute and funny.

kdj said...

HAHAHA another tv broken xD~

hahahahahahaha *nodsnodsnods*

soooooo agreeee w uuuuu XDDDD
but I guess, this one, top with OJH the luv pursuer case last year...this time perhaps the whole tv set plus karaoke set too? kekekeke

but wait..uri Shillang now is wayyy more mature - he plays soccer for charity to channel his tantrum wisely. Way to go, 4D shillang ^^

just kidding...don't kill me =D

SH, thanks dear for this great-spazz-material...SH-jjang! ^^v