Friday, February 4, 2011

[Photos] HJ For Hang Ten - Website, Photoshoot, Shop


Anonymous said...

I like how every endorsement he has taken on since joining KeyEast has always had some sort of campaign/charity event going on :D

kiani said...

@above, I think w/Keyeast, he has more of a say in the type of events he does, this could be due to him debuting as a solo artist and not as a member from a band.
I love how he looks so rested in this photo shoot, more handsome without all that makeup, I prefer him this way.

LiLy KnoTWiSe said...

imagine if one day.. this year maybe.. HJ and HB are in the photoshoot together just like the above.. HEAVEN! ^___________^

Liana said...

@Lily KnoTWiSe

I couldn't agree more with you. who's this girl btw?

and i am still rooting for joongbo to be tgthr. they're like meant for each other.


mani saranghaeee juseyo !