Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brian Joo concludes his album promotions and talks about Kim Hyun Joong

i find this article very interesting ahehehe~~

Two months ago, ex-Fly to the Sky member, and now solo-singer, Brian Joo made his return to the K-pop industry for the first time in a year with his mini-album, “Unveiled“. The singer officially concluded his comeback promotions on the June 10th episode of KBS’s “Music Bank” and an interview with TV Daily.

On the topic of fellow singer Kim Hyun Joong, who recently made his own solo debut with “Break Down“, Brian stated, “I was overcome with an unexplainable feeling when I saw him perform solo, since I’m used to him working in a group. I expected him to go on stage with his other members, so it felt a bit awkward seeing him alone. Still, his performance was excellent. His song is great and his choreography is also powerful.”

He continued, “I once MC’d on a music program with him but we’ve since gone our separate paths and forgot to keep in touch. It was nice seeing him again, and we promised to keep in touch and see each other more often.”

Kim Hyun Joong also left words of encouragement for Brian’s American showcase tour. Immediately after his “Break Down” comeback, he told Brian, “Hyung, be careful and return safely.”

Brian will be kicking off his showcase tour in Seattle on June 17th. - Allkpop


lk said...

Hihi SH!Thanks for the update!Yeah!

kiani said...

I'm LOL cuz this is only my pov, but I wonder why Brain, oops Brian, felt kinda awkward at seeing Shillang at Music Bank for his debut? And even overcome with an unexplainable feeling? Could this feeling have been jealousy? LOL, we all know Brian's always loved our Buin and during 2010 they both hosted a show together. Oh well, I've always loved Brian, in fact, I love all Hb's guys, haha.
Also on the music shows were The Four Men (Hb has a friend in this band, supposedly KHJ likes this group, cuz at one time last year, he showed up for their concert 30 minutes before the show was over,, and Alex, you know the guy from WGM, I guess it was wgm reunion, haha..