Monday, June 6, 2011

[MV] Kim Hyunjoong - Break Down

you're the birthday boy why are you giving us the present???
i absolutely love this MV!!!

btw, his cat daddy move @ 1:20 & 3:29 OMG.!! never in my dreams did i imagine seeing hyunjoong doing that. he got the swag for it too! WUUUTT?! CRAZYYYYY!!! ♥


BabyG12 said...

SH .. u put words in my mouth, i was thinking the same .. but just dont know how to put it in words/term ... so its cat daddy move .. really smexy

Anonymous said...

this is what i exactly want from him!!daebak mv KHJ!Congratulations! :)


Anonymous said...

Where did you have these sexy moves? And why is your voice suddenly so row?
love it