Monday, June 6, 2011

[Video] Hyunjoong Running Man Cuts

poor jaesuk.. xD

random moment as hyunjoong gets distracted by seeing a couple lol

the 'one man' kim jong kook against haha and hyunjoong! xDDD


jaefamo said...

running man is so funny!
can't wait for the next RM episode with HJ still be the guest.
HJ is so grown up with healthy and strong image - bulk of biceps ^^;
From X-Man to Family Outing and now RM.. HJ realy like Yoo Jea Suk "the National MC" 's program! he3

HJ, fighting!
Yoo Jae Suk, fighting!
RM, fighting!

kiani said...

This episode of Running Man was hilarious. Kim Jong Kook, when it comes to strength and muscle, lol, seems to always get the best of everyone, and it seemed HaHa and Kim Hyun Joong were both scared to rip the tag off him, ROTFL.
Just wanna mention some things;
HaHa is a very good buddy of Hwangbo's, well heck I think most of the guys in Running Man.
Anyway, whenever I see Kim Jong Kook, I always think of YEH, from past reality shows, hehe...

BabyG12 said...

Hjs strength was like a chikd's as compared to Jong Kook's. He looks so funny n cute being thrown down by JK and he was laughing away too ..combine with Haha they still cldnt beat JK ... this is so funny cant wait 2 watch with eng sub ... great job SH ..