Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Because Of - Compassion Band MV

watching this makes me think about how happy the husband would be to have hwang Buin as his wife. ^^


angie9705 said...

Looks like a real wedding all her close friends are there. Maybe this video is message to fans that she will be getting married soon. I wonder who is the lucky man .... Will shillang show up and shout that this woman married twice...like he said in WMG lol......Whoever she ends up with I wished them best wishes and happiness....Love Hwang bo forever.

Anonymous said...

Who is the groom in Mv? He is so natural and super perfect for Hwangbo , wish he will treat Hwangbo better than HJ as she deserve it , eventhough it is MV but I like both of them to develop good realtionship that last forever. I already gave up to see happy joongbo as day by day gone the 4D HJ seem to be very far apart and not nice anymore.Where is Rhu Si Won that always be Hwangbo support ?

Cheer up Hwangbo

Joongbo fan from UK

PrincessAlfred said...

I wish this was real..I want to see her live happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

she's really beautiful... i wish to see her wearing that dress in real with her groom KHJL (hoping)