Thursday, November 26, 2009

Legend Kim Entertainment Group At Ssangchu Island Gifts!!!~

These are the fantabulous gifts the ladies of Legend Kim Entertainment Group at Ssangchu Island prepared for the boys!!!

Banner closeup!

There are loads more pictures at baidu here:

and you can watch the video here~~!

thank you irene (zdcherry) for sharing!!! *hugs*
i'm so sorry i read your mail so late ;__;
i'm so sorry to everyone because i always reply late ^^;;

..and with this i want to thank you all for visiting the blog.. i really am truly happy ^^~~ i apologize for not updating as much or commenting as much, but i am here, and i always read everything!~ (even if most of the time i am behind ^^;)

i'm always happy whenever i post about joongbo, and just the messages that say that my tiny posts can bring happiness to them makes me even more happy.

thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This thanksgiving, I'm thankful for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!



=p said...

No, thank you, for being so diligent even though you have a full load on you.

I'm extremely sarcastic by nature and can tend to have a snarky attitude....

But your site keeps me sane and friends and family thanks you too I'm sure!!

Be safe...and thanks again for sharing the joongbo love!!!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

T___T you're welcome!! that's such a unique thing hehehe~ i think the polka dots has a psychological effect o.o

..and being snarky and sarcastic is not bad at all!!! coz my changmin, heechul and hyunjoongie are all snarky and sarcastic, which is very adorable!!!

thank you so much, and i will definitely keep this site up!!!~~~

happy thanksgiving! ^^

Anonymous said...

My dear, thank you so much to post all the gifts. I was so happy to see your post at my friend's house. This really made my day.

Happy Thanksgiving.


pradthana said...

i really am truly happy too. ^ _ ^
i want to say that i'm always happy whenever
i read this blog that relate with joongbo.
Although sometime, i didn't post (too shy my eng. hehehe)
i really want to thank you for your blog.

apple (m_pradthana@soompi)

Still Beliveing
Positive Thinking
JoongBo Fighting!!!

Christina Tan said...

hi.actually i wan these pic to be my wallpaper but i cant copy from u and actually i went to the link u gave but i cant find.and i don't know,its really hard for me.can u help me?and does the happy together will air in msia astro?i wana watch.hope to see ur reply.tq

Anonymous said...

thank you, SH! if not for you we won't be able to know the activities of JoongBo. am sure plenty of us are all contented of your blogs. hope to see JoongBo together again. are their conpanies/managers aware of what, we, fans are worth dying for? for the both of them to be together in one show or movies...just like you SH pls post more updates