Tuesday, November 10, 2009

[English Subbed] SS501 On Champagne


=p said...

Thanks SH.

This will tie me over until I get my You're Beautiful fix =p

Like always, you're greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

yes, thanks so much for posting the subs here!!
i was waiting and waiting for the subbed version to come out..heehee

Charlene said...

dun u think that the news anchor lady looked abit like hwangbuin? haa..

Anonymous said...

yes straight hair girl with big hair pin sit infront of the mirror was what HJ saw in Hwangbuin when played WGM. Looklike the faked marry will haunt him for long and as he had reviewed in WGM that the best faked happy marry that he had experienced will make hard for him to find same or better wife than Hwangbuin. Destiny and destiny is what he should look for as he still young and have long years before settle down .Hope he do not have to sing "way back in to love" like Hugh Grant . Wish god will bless HJ and HB to find perfect love of their life and be prosperous forever . Joongbo fan from UK