Monday, November 30, 2009

[English Subbed] Come To Play With Hyunjoong, Hwangbo and Hyori

There are six parts, I'll update this when all parts are up!

"Aegyo is only easy to do if it's infront of your man. If not, it's difficult." - Hwangbo


eiwa86 said...

the way HB flip her hair is so hwangbo so much...thanks again for sharing..

Anonymous said...

When was this show?

=p said...

Was reading comments from your previous "remote control" posting. You have some passionate followers, huh?

Thanks for the joongbo love. They are always fun to watch, regardless of their relationship status in real life!!

Anonymous said...

part 3 is already uploaded.

Anonymous said...

ahhh That's why Shillang wants Buin to Aegyo...
It's like he wants to know he's her man or not.

Ps. I cant sleep..tomorrow morning is the public sales for SS501 live in Bangkok ^^

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if this came out before of after "we got married"? Thanks 4 postin' !!!! :D

Anonymous said...

even if Hwangbo did the cute act, it was a promise that she had to keep, not really a natural thing...

Hyunjoong might have seen Hwangbo do the aegyo but he is smart enough to know that it was just one of the "missions"...thus Hwangbo really hasn't shown her real aegyo in public :D

but still, those episode were super sweet and cute!!! lol!


Anonymous said...

I love hawangbo unni no matter what HJ says.... Peace, HJ fans....

Anonymous said...

this is before WGM in 2007. they are fated together. joongbo fighting

Anonymous said...

A mission? But who did ask what to do for a "mission"..wasn't it HJ? or was from the script/PD? Anyways, HJ kept on insisting HB to do aegyo...(and HB just did it for the sake of the mission?)..i'm just wondering... does it mean he enforced himself to be HB's man? if yes, then, whooo..that's cute..goosebumps.

Anne said...

"A mission? But who did ask what to do for a "mission"..wasn't it HJ?"

yea it was a misson but its also like a promise. and HB never likes to break a promise. so if she did it with out him asking her then it would be more significant since she says she doesnt show it other than her man. but still i think she would have done it for him sooner or later ;D

Anonymous said...

Aw... I miss HB laughter! Love the way she laughs! So unreserved!

Anonymous said...

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