Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who’s Next For Infinity Girls Season 2? [updated with cast]

credits: allkpop

Hwang Bo, who is a member of MBC every1's Infinity Girls, expressed her feelings toward her last filming.

Today (KST 18th), Hwang Bo uploaded a message on her mini-hompy with a title called, "Infinity Girls." Through her message, she revealed that Infinity Girls had their last (111th) filming and the 6 members will be out as it's the end of season one."

She commented:

"Euni aunni, Ga Eun aunni, Bo Ram, Bong Sun, and Shin Young who were with me in a short, yet long time on Infinity Girls... Thanks to them, I was happy because I was able to laugh and cry. I was only able to say farewell through the broadcast and I am sorry that I am saying farewell through this message. I want to thank all the fans who has loved Infinity Girls. I hope you guys will cheer each of the members throughout their solo activities. Infinity Girls will always be Infinity Girls."
The season one Infinity Girls members were Song Euni, Shin Bong Sun, Baek Bo Ram, Kim Shin Young, Jung Ga Eun and Hwang Bo - a total of 6 members.

But don't be too sad, it has been confirmed that Hyun Young, Kim Na Young and Jung Joo Ri will be part of the new cast for Infinity Girls Season Two.

Hyun Young and Kim Na Young's agency, Spring Day Entertaiment confirmed:
"It is true that they have been confirmed as the new members of Infinity Girls. They will have their first filming this Saturday the 21st."
Stay tuned for the last episode of Infinity Girls - Season One on the 28th and be excited about Season Two!


The full list of the replacement members have just been announced. The new Infinity Girls are Solbi, Kim Eun Jung (Jewelry), Ahn Young Mi, Jung Joo Ri, Hyun Young and Kim Na Young. A representative stated, "Infinity Girls Season 2 are expected to bring the audience the same fun and laughter as Season 1."


Anonymous said...

Solbi? i wonder what can she will do on IG ? in the past she did nothing in a lot games and always loose

=p said...

It won't be the same =/

Anonymous said...

I watch IG because of HB.I cant even understand korean language but through their actions they made me laugh to death..(Its like watchin Mr. Bean.If u watch this show you'l understand wut i mean ;])..Since HB is not in IG anymore,theirs no reason for me to watch..I have to bid goodbye to the show as well..definitely will NOT watch season 2..

Anonymous said...

Yes.Me too....I also watch IG bez of Hwang Buin>>>>Goodbye to this show.Who are the girls leaving....together with her?

Anonymous said...


Don't be sad expect for something new and unforgetable...wishing she has a new project and every one will love it.

angie9705 said...

Me too, I only watch infinity girls because of Hwang Bo I won't watch the new season anymore. Just like the WGM when Joongbo left the show I stopped watching. Her other show (Nodaji) ended also what I am going to watch now after work :( I just hope she has upcoming show pretty soon. I'm gonna miss watching her but for now I'll just watch her old show.... I'll Miss Hwang Bo.

tetsu8no8niji said...

I am really sad that "Season 1" is ended. At least HwangBo still has that Delicious Food show and I heard she also got a new show with Marco and some other people. Then there's the Compassion Band activities to look forward to. Hope she gets lots of new projects! HwangBo Fighting!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, this is so sad...lot's of people watch it because of hwangbo right! ah I hope she gets a good project soon...

Anonymous said...

Aww.. tats too sad to hear about it..
I'm gonna miss infinity girls so much =(
i watch this show cause of hwangbo too. but after tat i found out tat other members are cool and funny too!
anyways, wad i wanna say is infinity girls u all rock to the core!
i'm gonna miss u all so so much ~

Hwangbo unnie is getting prettier nowadays =D
love her. hope she can get more projects ^^