Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hyunjoong On Champagne - Ideal Girl

Here's the Breakdown on the 32 Round Ideal Girl World Cup with Hyunjoong

[The girls he chose are the ones in bold]

Round 1

Goo Hyesun Vs. Lee Minjung
Kim Hyunjoo Vs. Han Chaeyoung
Lee Hyori Vs. Hwangbo
Park Shinhye Vs. UEE
Jessica Vs. Krystal
Sohee Vs. Seo Hyun
CL Vs. Dara
Goo Hara Vs. Nicole
Honey Lee Vs. Kim Jiwoo
Han Sungjoo Vs. Shin Bongsun
Kim Taehee Vs. Go Hyunjung
Han Yesul Vs. Han Jihye
Kim Yuna Vs. Moon Gunyeong
YoonA Vs. Taeyeon
Ivy Vs. Son Dambi
Yoobin Vs. Boa

Round 2

Goo Hyesun Vs. Han Chaeyoung
Lee Hyori Vs. UEE
Krystal Vs. Seohyun
CL Vs. Nicole
Honey Lee Vs. Han Sungjung
Go Hyunjung Vs. Han Jihye
Kim Yuna Vs. Taeyeon
Son Dambi Vs. Boa

Round 3

Han Chaeyoung Vs. Lee Hyori
Krystal Vs. CL
Han Ji Hye Vs. Honey Lee
Taeyeon Vs. Boa

Round 4

Lee Hyori Vs. Krystal
Honey Lee Vs. Boa

Round 5

Krystal Vs Honey Lee

I dunno about you, but he sure looked conflicted when choosing between Hyori and Hwang Buin, neh?..
I really wished he picked Hwangbo though. ^^;;


Anonymous said...

he really confuse and hesitate between LHR and Buin...i'm so desperate when he finally chose Hyo ri...i though he gonna chose buin...huff

Anonymous said...


so, i'm no longer a ssangchu fan...


Anonymous said...

GAAAH. I wish he chose hwangbo. I'm a die hard joongbo lover, this actually made me want to cry a little:/ glad his pick was honey lee in the end and not lee hyori... honey lee was the miss korea before right? she's pretty:) still.. hwangbuin!

=p said...

I can't really give an opinion since there was no subtitles but SH...I would have to agree with you...he looked a little burdened as he answered the question.

I would have preferred Hwangbo as the answer but I'm glad he was honest.

I'm a fan....but I even know its hard for them to be together...I just hope they still remain great friends.

again, thanks for the updates. You're a gem!!!

LvKprogram said...

We the Joongbo fans are too caught up with every little thing our couple do in the show or public. HJ's answers to call "Ideal Girl" is always same. It doesn't means marriage ideal mate is same as Ideal Girl. So people lighted up. It's just show. Also HJ looked burdened as he answered the question. If HJ & HB are together... HJ can not reveal anything about HB. He need to protect HB from antis!

Anonymous said...

As expected,he will choose Hyori over HB.I luv JB but i have to admit wit conviction, i luv HB more.I can feeel that they are not really together.Why? because he feels burdened and he looks like being annoyed everytime HB's name
mentioned in his interviews.As if they didnt work 2gether in the past..HJ doesnt like his name to be always connected to HB.If you luv someone [friendly love]at least, whats with the blank expression when her name being mentioned?How can you do that to an honest, faithful, sex appealing person like HB?So im not surprise w/ his choices...

angelolfthewaters said...

I was that disappointed that he chose hyori over hwang bo?

But in the other hand, if they (HJ and HB) are really together, he will still choose Hyori. To not create antis for HB.

But still, I'm disappointed...honestly, I left my computer for one hour to vent.

Am I too much? Haayyyzzzz....

Please forgive me for ranting....

Chelsea said...

Oh man. I'm devastated. Okay actually I sort of expected that he'd choose hyori over buin, but I was still hoping and praying. Sigh. Can tell that he really likes hyori from the way he was sticking by her side during their shooting for family outing, and how he was so chatty with her, I didn't feel good about that at all (especially when I recall how awkward he was with buin initially. But okay he did already know hyori quite well right, she was from dsp as well?). Ahhh how could he, hwangbuin is much more a sincere and nice person!!
Sigh, I really wonder how hwangbuin takes this. I wonder if she still thinks a lot about their wgm days? Some time ago she told the public to remember that it was only a fake wedding isit? So many people took it as if it were real, which is so not their fault, they really are so good, look so good together...

Anonymous said...

Hyo Ri over Hwangbo :((

i feel like crying right now. is being a joongbo fan really this tough? *sob*

Anonymous said...

i have mixed feelings actually...more on the sad feeling than anything else..

the truth hurts.

might as well accept it and go on with our lives.

but the child in me will hang on to what joongbo showed in WGM.

for now...back to reality

thanks for giving us the thrill

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

herm...why didn't he choose hwangbo unnie? herm..i guEss....hyori unnie is still his ideal type of woman! herm....but seriously i am a bit....sad?? that he didn't choose hB unnie. but...if he did...i am sure the rating of the show it self went up! still....he is sincere rite? about his ideal type..nvMD hwangbO unniE!!!!! ur stiLL have ur charms!!!!

tetsu8no8niji said...

Why is everyone so down? HJ basically just said that HB is a major contender for Hyori's all-time title as his Ideal Girl! ^_^

When the match came up, he was disturbed, took a long time for consideration, and even *said, "This is tricky. This is the finals." (!!!) HJ is that torn between his ultimate Dream Woman and someone he's barely mentioned for the past year. Hmm...

And in the end, *the male MC told HJ to choose based on looks alone, so the actual winner for the "whole package" is still undetermined. (A tie?!)

At the very least, this says that HJ's time on WGM greatly affected him and that his life with HB was the kind of life he wants (like he said in the First Farewell episode). Even if they're not together, I am touched and satisfied that there was true happiness (and love) between them. <3

I hope this cheered a few of you up. :) I STILL BELIEVE.

(*translation by blue_angel_1004@soompi)

Anonymous said...

It is hard for young HJ to make decision at this age and looklike he does not want any commiting relationship at the time he still need to achieve best career in being best singer and actor and more years to go . Also I beleive that HB is too good for him , she is very perfect lady with beautiful figure and mind and care a lot about peoples and I wish she and Taiwanese popular singer/actor and really rich background Wu Chun( Chinese of Brunei) know each other as I beleive both of them are perfect match to build good happy family life positively they are also at the same age. Love joongbo so much but still prefer that HB find better man than HJ(HB is too good for him and should not sacrifice as she demonstrated in WGM )
NPKD from Thailand

Anonymous said...

You know, after I rewatch the clip again and again..
I don't feel dissapoint anymore..
If you look closely, there's this sadness in HJ eyes, a heartbroken feel came through his eyes..
Its like when HB pic pop up, he's reminding again about something sad, somethin that he's trying to hide/forget..
This makes me realize that behind those laughter that they gave us in WGM, they are in fact a human being too like us..they have a feeling too..when we, a regular people can hide our feelings and heal, they can not..
Because every things they do and say will be watch by public..
I feel for HJ, I'm sure he also aware that despite his superstar status, there always people say that he's not good enough for HB, that HB deserve someone better.. His feeling must be devastated..
Could you imagine hearing that you're not good enough for someone you like constantly??
Not that I defending HJ, but with his IDOL life, when its hard to be yourself and to be actually choose the life you want..
Let say, If they really in a relationship and broke up in the middle, I can't imagine the pain that HJ had, despite the so called he's young, long life to come etc, but he's in public eye every minute, how's he's handle everything?
As for HB, with all the quality she had, with the big heart and friends that always there and protecting her, its really differ from HJ..
HB actually can be herself and weap for herself if they do let say broke up, but HJ, with his schedule and stuff, have to deal it with his IDOL image and smile..
I wish the best for them..
Be strong HJ..
Be Happy HB..
You guys both deserve the best, whether you both together or not..
Gosh, talking about the greatest love story we ever know..
Their fate in WGM brought us a really beautiful story yet mysterious and sad at one time..
And those stories called JoongBo..T_T..
*sorry for the long rant'll understand right, in the name of joongboers.. ;)

itsdrizzling said...

anyone knows where we can watch a video of that?

v.heritage said...

Yeah, I hate HJ not choosing HB! T__T
But some said cos to prevent HB from being hated by more fans, he didnt choose her so as to prevent her from getting troubles.
True but still very saddening!
He got sadness in his eyes but he still chose Lee Hyori!
I feel like crying now T_T

=p said...

@tetsu8no8niji, thank you for the translation.

I felt his hestitation before his answer but had no idea the relevance of the conversation.

Like I said before, I've always been a fan of joongbo..a love match would be great but it was their gradual friendship that won me over...

Unlike other fans, I don't think they are secretly dating.

However, we know from the show they are two people who don't express themselves freely or well...sometimes silence speaks a thousand words. What can you say about a person who has made such an impact in your life. Their quiet support of each other is enough for me =p

My fiance thinks it's crazy i'd rather spend time reading your blog instead of planning our impeding wedding....

Thank you SH, you are a gem. YOur site has introduced me to some really cool joongbo fans!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually i am glad that he's not choosing HB coz I can tell that she is contented and happy with her current life.
i dont want those crazy stupid antis to bother her anymore.
HJ is no longer the same guy as in WGM. He changed after BOF and even more after earning easy money like doing CFs. HJ and HB are getting far distance now. i truely wish HB would shine again in the entertainment world coz she is so underrated.

Anonymous said...

"Actually i am glad that he's not choosing HB coz I can tell that she is contented and happy with her current life.
i dont want those crazy stupid antis to bother her anymore.
HJ is no longer the same guy as in WGM. He changed after BOF and even more after earning easy money like doing CFs. HJ and HB are getting far distance now. i truely wish HB would shine again in the entertainment world coz she is so underrated."

Well said, I m a Joongboer but wonder why the Joongboer ppl still link both together now, as they do it,they made a lot burn themself by something been set up but not real. I can see with his type, he don become a good husband.He always want to win and do anything he want (ex-dont care and also take a Girlfriend' friend "is mean he take care himsefl dont think the feeling of another ppl ,also is a his friend) he said that not me. If HB want a happy marriage I hope she chose another man.

Anonymous said...

I like Hj because he handson, he cute,funny, he can sing , danging but not well. I dream he's my bf but not a husband too. hehehee

Anonymous said...

my opinion's better HJL didn't choose HB over Hyori. Bcoz, maybe in HJL's mind & heart, he's not worthy (at all) being HB's ideal man. Yes, he's handsome and talented, but that's all... compared to the whole (almost) perfect personality of HB..she truly deserves the best. If i remembered right (correct me if i'm wrong) in one of HJL's interviews, he said that nobody, no one can stop him if he truly loves someone (so,neither his fans nor his management cannot stop him)so for me (if ever) HJL and HB are into relationship..he might have chosen HB over Hyori. I have nothing against HJL though, he's such an adorable young man.
Am glad that the next article is just very timely (Hwangbuin becomes buin once more) it's such a nice counteraction (even if it's just for the MV) after the first article.. So for me... who cares if HJL chose those women...Hwangbo has also the right to choose her man....iloveyouhwangbo!!!!

Christina Tan said...

why didn't him choose hwangbo?instead of hyori choose hwangbo ma..ish~ how can this be possible?or is he covering up the headline?coz many complain about hwangbo.aih..that's something.

Anonymous said...

Why did we (Joongboers) make a fuss when HJ chose HR over HB. But when HB says that among idol group she likes TOP, she like EunHyuk, we just accept it as it is. No offense. I consider myself more bias to HB than HJ. Its just my observation all this while.

For me, it would be great if HJ and HB ends up together. But if they choose anyone else as their life partner, its ok. As long as they are happy.

caitlyn_m2010 said...

Hrm..its too bad he didnt choose HB..i was really upset at first after watching..i like ranted for an hour haha..but after thinking about you guys have said im kind of glad he didnt choose HB..i dont want any more troubles for her :/ i am more of a HB fan than a HJ fan..dont get me wrong..if one day they say that they are actually together i would jump for joy..but i want HB to have a man that she deserves and she deserves the best...if thats HJ then great, if not then its okay too...oh and on a side note--has anyone checked HB cyworld lately..she changed her minihompy..what used to be full of love with little characters kissing and running in the rain and what not is now just an autumn scene with one female character and a little dog..maybe this is her way of getting over HJ and now its just her? just kinda thinking.. HB unni..fighting! HJ stay strong! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not COMPLETELY mad about the fact that he chose hyo ri because well... he has had her as his ideal for a long time! and in the end, he chose honey lee so...

but what i'm really mad about is that he chose UEE over PARK SHIN HYE!!! i think that shin hye is WAY prettier than uee (no offense to any uee fans out there...) but awww... watching you're beautiful really makes me feel that shin hye is much better so i'm dissapointed that he didn't choose her!!

Anonymous said...

if you watch the episode... right when the two pictures pop out, he actually says, "is this the final round?" meaning that hwangbo and hyori are the closest to his ideal girl... the final contestants. although he didn't choose hwangbo, i do feel that his comment was a very generous. it was very entertaining to watch. i don't think ya'll should take it too serious. afterall, while some fall for their ideal girl/boy, most of us actually fall for someone we never would have imagined.

Anonymous said...

Wow and Bravo for super perfect woman HB . I beleive she do not need bad boy type like HJ eventhough both of them are Christian but I see HB more devotion to charity and church works than HJ moreover she is well like by friends, peers, unisex fans and now she is quite popular in UK with her ARISONG MV ( lots of my UK friends got copy of her new CD) therefore God should provide her with the best other half and she should find him soonest as Queen eternal composing lyric"Love of My Life". Cheer . Noi UK fan of HB

Anonymous said...

well its not hyun's fault he chose hyori over much as he can he didnt feed any lies or illusion he's into hwangbo but he's very open about his admiration to hyori. so what's so surprising about his answer?

reality bites eh?

Anonymous said...

i;m a joongboer fan for life, i love them both in WGM and i love them both doing their own thing.. it's not bad that HJ didn't pick HB in the variety show.. he might have his reason and i'm just happy that both of them are happy with their own life.. i mean they are both person with feelings and i think we can't push them to be together if they don't want to be right... i feel sad with some of the comments here like hating HJ because of not choosing HB.. it's just sad i hope that our liking them is not that superficial to be affected by a variety show.. just imagine you being in their places and people watching you like your in a microscope of course you would feel burdened.. i'm just saying

landlockdreams said...

I loved them very much in WGM and I still do love them now. But it's really okay for HJ to choose HR over HB. I guess he doesn't wants to invite any form of gossip because he just wants to focus on his career? Hwangbo is a very special, caring and kind woman and I guess she just wants HJ to be happy and she will live her life happily too.

I love them so much, but even though I know I'm believing a lie, I still do want to continue believing this lie, because it's a beautiful one.

Hyunjoong and Hwangbo, fighting. <3

Anonymous said...

I was very nervous when he was making his decision and for some odd reason I wanted him to pick HB! I wasn't surprised that he chose Hyori but being a JoongBoer was never easy in the beginning right? I still want to believe in them and his conflicted emotions before choosing Hyori. One thing for sure, he sure is consistent with his ideal type, but you don't marry your ideal type. You marry the one sent to you by God!

Yes, I want to believe! Like landlock above, even if this is a lie its a beautiful one! JoongBo fighting! No matter how many times they break my heart I still choose to believe!

Anonymous said...

I'm a diehard JoongBo fan but him not choosing HB makes sense. If he does I'm sure by now the korean netizens already tear apart HB's cyworld and all that. Come to think of it, it was the safest and most honest answer. HJ is known to like Hyori ever since he debuted. What bother me most was the look he had on his face and when he decided.
I don't think HJ is unworthy of HB, he's very mature in his own ways. Although he seems blunt but he does care, just he can't express himself well. I want to believe in him because I want to stay true to wat I saw in WGM. I saw a relationship develop during WGM, what kind I've yet to figure it out. Hopefully soon?

Anonymous said...

Hwangbo looks good with the guy in the wedding pic of the MV. May be he is the one whom Hwangbo is dating right now in the real life. They are in the compassion together. That is my wishful thinking. Hyun Joong, it is okay if you don't choose Hwangbo. That's your lost.

Anonymous said...

love is not a "multiple choice"... love is who's in you're heart..the one you want to protect and cherish for the rest of your is the "real one"...

Anonymous said...

its not hj's lost if he and hBO didnt end up together, that goes to hBo too. you're implying as if hBO is the only worthy woman living on this earth, that sounded like a bitter post.

hj is young,goal-oriented & @ the peak of his blossoming career...seriously getting romantically involve i think will be the last thing in his mind. wait until he gets 30-ish, maybe just maybe he'll give some answers.

Anonymous said...

from my point view, yes, hb is almost perfect and can match with any guy. She is like water and can fit into anybody.
hj is hot and fun but he is so money minded and self centered. NOT every woman can bear with these.
Again for me, i still think it is a loss of hj instead hb if they didn't end up together.

Anonymous said...

HR is hj ideal girl type but only HB's understand thoroughly HJ' side. In WGM she knew he never got flu shot bc he afraid the sharp things,when HJ's thinner she advise he must eat not drink. she yield fo him to win alot in their games. Yes , maybe they are not together but in real life, HJ 's difficult meet a wife can made his have a very comfortable and happy life similar when together with her

Anonymous said...

^you're only saying that because their WGM stints was televised.what about HIS private life?what about the women outside the entertainment world?surely he can/will meet or already met someone who'll understand & fit him more when he's ready to settle down. when the time is right. its a pain to say this considering i also like hBO but you're making hj a pathetic loser just because he didnt chose hBO.
hBO is not the only worthy woman in the world. there are lots i tell you.with hj's character who knows what he wants & knows how to get it...if he deem the time/situation are right..he'll come out.
in the spirit of fairness, if both ended up with a different partner..then they wont lose anything but gain much more because they choose it.why?because i trust their judgment.

--end of story--

Anonymous said...

I am totally agree with you. HJ SEEM money minded and self center. You always hearing news about his work projects but never about him involving in charity events. I believe they have very different goals in life. HB's is to help the needy with the money she made and HJ just to make lots of money. I don't have love or hate feeling for HJ. If they ended up 2gether, great! If not, I am not sad about it. HB will be happy with who ever she ends up with (hopefully Yunho, he...he..)

Anonymous said...

yes, Yunho does charity on his own. They both have beautiful hearts.Beautiful peoples.

LvKprogram said...

Why some of people are bashing HJ or HB?
They DID NOT ASK US to fall in love with them.
WGM was just enjoyable TV show. Also HJ is not "Money minded & self center" young man. Life of Korean Idol/entertainers are very short & harsh. When there's a window of opportunity... you take on it much as you can. Korean Idols DO NOT make much money. There management company got the most. There contract with management are very unfair. Look at the case of DBSK. Let support HB or HJ individually.

angie9705 said...

I expected him to choose Lee Hyori just because he's always been saying she is his ideal woman. But it's ok I think HB would not waste her time thinking about this issue. She's got more important things to worry about like her wedding dress. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Destiny ,destiny and destiny it is what call for to be together as perfect and lovable couple. Eventhough I adore joongbo very much and want them to be together but fate may not support them. However if you watch Champagne closely you can realize that HJ disclosed that he like straight hair girl with big clip infront of the mirror and that was Hwangbo when she was with him in WGM and also girl in white dress with big hat sit on the beach again that was HB when they had their honeymon session at Jeju island . For me HJ will have Hwangbo in his mind for long but it is something like formiddable for him , the best faked married that they had together for 8 months will really haunt HJ for long eventhough in one of WGM session that HJ reviewed that when he marry he want at least same type of marry or better that he had with Hwangbo.HJ being self centered and money oriented and this time is his gold mine period I beleive he will not get marry before he will be 30 or more that will make HB at 36 so if HJ want 4 kids how can HB support that. So what we can do is to wish and bless them all the best of their endeavours and hope that both of them can be friends for life and share their happy and sad moments from time to time. Again in my mind I like to see both of them sing UK famous lovable song "Way back in to Love by Hugh Grant " . will be grateful if can any korean joongbo fan translate this message in korean for HJ and HB.Thanks Joongbo fan from UK noi

Anonymous said...

I still have to watch the clip, but honestly, I wasn't really expecting him to choose HB ever nor tell the truth... ;) He probably thought he'd better leave Buin in peace or out of the choices so he chose the more convenient answer. That didn't mean she was less dear. Though I like Joongbo, I wasn't expecting much from them either, given the "set-up" that they had.

C'mon if you had a crush on someone or liked someone so much and you knew how "dangerous" it could be to spill something about it, would you even drag that person's name in the picture, when you also knew that the person you liked already received a lot of crap during the time you were with the person?

I really think he liked her...probably loved her... but they weren't/aren't in the right stage to express it -- this made it more pitiful. I honestly think he wanted her. I have yet to watch the clip. hehe.

Anonymous said...

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