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Joongbo Episode 10 Quotes

Episode 10 Quotes

This is one of the episodes that had a huge impact on me... On the first part, they were so awkward, and sometimes I felt Hyunjoong's bluntness was too much,
but then he paid it all off on their unique date,
and the revelation of the love pledge that was most important for him. ^^

You guys remember?


Hwangbo surprises Hyunjoong by coming to Japan to visit.

While cooking ramen...

HB: It's nice to see me, right?
HJ: Ya, why are you here? Wait, why did I say that?
HB: *asks him in Japanese* Did you miss me?
HJ: *replies in Japanese* Yes, I missed you..
HB: Really? ...but that unconcerned voice again..
HJ: No~ I..
HB: Why I'm here? I came to see you!
HJ: You know a lot of people told me my Japanese sounds unconcerned as well.
HB: Really?
HJ: Yep.

HJ: Aren't you guys gonna ask her to join eating too?
Hyunjoon: *stands up* Ah, sister-in-law!!!
Kyu: Sister-in-law!!
HB: That's alright.. *laughs*
Hyunjoon: Please have a seat!!
HB: I feel full just by watching the young masters. *laughs*
HJ: Are you sure you don't want to eat?

Hyunjoon: This tastes really good~
Jungmin: Well, this is not really amazing but.. *laughs*
HJ: It's well made! Exactly like the directions!

Hyunjoong took their Jeju Island picture Hwangbo brought with her and showed it to the boys.

HJ: Look! This is the beach of Jeju Island.
Boys: Yaaaa~~~

Kyujong: She said she couldn't sleep the day you left.
HJ: Really?
HB: So you guys tattle like this?
Hyunjoon: Yep, we're big mouths!

HB: How were you feeling when you arrived here?
HJ: Me?
HB: He must be so calm and just started working, huh?
HJ: We were really busy..
HB: Did he say he missed Korea?
Jungmin: Yep.
HB: He did?
Hyunjoon: He said he misses you...
HB: No~ Don't make things up!
Jungmin: Men are like this. They're proud and want to come home successful.
HJ: I'm so sorry but I'm not like that. *laughs*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: You guys exaggerated things too much. I'm just working hard and constantly checking the 100 Yen shop for three items..
HB: You remember?
HJ: But I can't find any disposable underwear...

While playing rock, paper, scissors.

HJ: Young people shouldn't compete with the elderly!
HB: I'm not old...

HJ: Why didn't they thank you for the meal? Didn't they have a nice meal?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: *to the boys* YA!
HB: Stop~
HB: I think they thanked me.. Stop..
HJ: Did you guys have a nice meal? Did you guys have a nice meal?? Maybe they didn't have a nice one..
HB: Are you showing your temper?
HJ: No, I'm not.. Wait here.

One by one the boys went to her.

Hyunjoon: Thank you for the meal. *bows*
Youngsaeng: Thank you for the meal. *bows*
Kyujong: Thank you for the meal. *bows*
Jungmin: Thank you for the meal. *bows*
All 4: Thank you for the meal. *bows*
HB: *bows*
Jungmin: I'll look forward for tomorrow.
HB: *laughs*

Hyunjoon: I would like to have pork cutlets tomorrow..
HB: Pork cutlets?
Jungmin: A chicken dish for me!
Kyujong: Bibimbap!
Hyunjoon: Fried chicken!
Jungmin: She's making a chicken dish tomorrow!
HB: Okay, okay~
Jungmin: But you're tearing up..
HB: Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
HJ: My wife's really good at cooking~!

Private interview:

HJ: I really like it when my wife does things for other people... "That's my wife." Those things... "That's my wife, go and ask more!" These kinds of things. I want to show off my wife's abilities!

HB: What do you guys usually do?
Jungmin: We don't do anything!
Kyujong: Jungmin has a karaoke machine in his room, do you wanna play that?
Jungmin: I invite you to my room.
HJ: Do you wanna use the karaoke right now?
Kyujong: I'll get the drinks!
Youngsaeng: Ice cream! Ice cream!
HJ: I think they are united because of you.

HB: You were surprised I came right? You thought I wouldn't come all this way...
HJ: Yeah.. How did you come all the way here?
HB: I kept on thinking if I should go or not.. If I'm doing too much or not.
HJ: ..but since you're here we had a great meal... My room is now clean..
HB: It's clean, right?
HJ: Yeah..

Hyunjoong comes in wearing a Winnie the Pooh outfit.

HJ: Buin, what do you think about this? *laughs* I really bought this to wear.
HB: You can only wear things like this in Japan.
HJ: I really want to use it in Korea..
HB: In Korea?
HJ: When I go out with friends, I got this so people won't recognize me. I thought it can cover my face but I found out it does show my face!
HB: *laughs*

HJ: In Japan..
HB: People recognize you?
HJ: Nope~!
HB: *puts his Winnie the Pooh headgear on* It's so cute!
HJ: Will you walk around with me like this?
HB: Me? Yeah.. I'll walk far away from you.
HJ: Far away? Am I embarrassing? *starts to dance* I can dance too!
HB: What's wrong with you? *laughs*
HJ: I became weird right?
HB: Yes, get a hold of yourself! *laughs*

Hwangbo puts on the Winnie the Pooh headgear as well.

HJ: We can go out like this! Let's go out like this!
HB: *dances*
HJ: Ya~~ Let's go out like this!

*both of them start dancing*

HJ: We can dance anyway we want to. *dances*
HB: I think there's something wrong with you.
HJ: *looks at his reflection* It looks fine to me...

While walking on the streets, with Hyunjoong in the Winnie the pooh costume and Hwangbo carrying his headgear...

HJ: I've always wanted to have a date like this..
HB: What kind of date?
HJ: A unique date.
HB: We can't walk like this in Korea..
HJ: We can't.. I really wanted to go on a date like this in Korea..
HB: Me too..

At a costume shop...

HJ: *takes an afro* This kind of hair.. is not nice.
HB: Try it on!
HJ: Me? This hair?
HB: *laughs* I think you're slowly ruining yourself since we got married.. Is it because you met the wrong wife?
HJ: Not at all.

After wearing the afro...

HB: You look cute in everything.

After seeing the picture she took...

HJ: I look like a psycho!

Hwangbo tries on a red feather boa..

HB: It's so pretty!
HJ: It looks good on you!
HB: It's pretty right?
HJ: Like a Pattaya woman.
HB: I'm always the South East Asian?

Hyunjoong wants Hwangbo to try on the afro.

HJ: This is how you'll look like when you're old.
HB: Since Shillang wants me to try it, I will.
HJ: The future old wife!
HB: Aish! *laughs*
HJ: It looks good on you. *laughs*
HB: Everything looks good on me! Will it be embarrassing if I walk looking like this?
HJ: No it won't. Am I embarrassing?
HB: No you're not. I'm proud of you!

Now both are wearing afros, Hyunjoong with an extra har and shades and Hwangbo with extra red featehr boa.

HB: What happened to us? *laughs*
HJ: I like this kind of date. When can you ever do this?

*both starts dancing*

HB: What would people think of us?
HJ: *points to an employee* Like that. He's holding his laughter. *laughs* Did you see his face?

Hyunjoong found shades that look like alien eyes.

HJ: If Crown J would wear this, he will become a real ant.

On the busy strees while walking back to the hotel...

HJ: Since we don't have money.. and so we can expand our house, shall we do a performance? If I dance right here, can you collect the money?
HB: *walks away from him*
HJ: Why? I'm not embarrassed.. *acts like a robot*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Should I stay like this? *freezes*
HB: *runs away*
HJ: Am I embarrassing?
HB: You really became brave.

On a celebratory party the SS501 members threw, Jungmin said it would be a good idea to read their Love Pledges again.

HB: Let me read my favorite part, "As I'm married, I will always be around my wife, just like oxygen."
HJ: For me.. "I will never look at another woman." That's the most important part.


=p said...

Aww...makes me nostalgic =p

I totally loved the next episode where he was in the recording studio and called her darling by accident..that was especially sweet.

You get it everyday but thanks much!

Anonymous said...

i miss them T_T..
although im a Believer..
sometimes i wonder, if their interaction made a huge impact on a lot of people, how is it to them..
i mean you're not fold 1000++ crane just for some girls, not paint somebodies toes just for fun, and the list goes on and on...
is it acting, but they a "bad" actor..
is it for show, its too much just for a show, too invading the privacy..
Joongbo is like a BlackHoles,
feels so real yet you dont know whether its real or not..
i just miss them T_T..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reviewing.That moves me much.Hope they can marry and live a happy life forever.

Anonymous said...

i still want to believe..they are too real...why i'm not feeling this for the other couple?

Anonymous said...

i miss JoongBo T__T

Anonymous said...

awwwww, you're making me miss hb so much...especially since we won't be seeing her as often after IG...she was such a sweetheart....


Anonymous said...

reading this again..brings back a lot of memories..I still believe in them..I will only stop believing once they admit being in a relationship with other people..but as of now am still stuck in the Joongbo world.

thanks again..I always check your blog to watch WGM episodes of our couple..

Anonymous said...

thanks for these quotes, Saangchu Heaven! iʻm back to rewatching WGM eppies and am missing these two together.
just read on allkpop that Hwang Boʻs leaving infinity girls. I wonder whatʻs up next for her...
thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I really like joongbo. miss hwang bo's laughter whenever hyung joong teased her. so adorable :D wish they can get together in real life. I think WGM is a great show, dont you agree?

Anonymous said...

sorry its hyunjoong. typo error. i think soeulmates are also another great example of celebrity couple. hope to see them in WGM too.

Anonymous said...

i agree. why they have so much impact on so many people. it's just a show, 20 minutes per episode, totally 20 episodes (i am not sure). what did they say, what did they do ? they did not do anything together after the show... but we are still here after a year, still believe in what they did and how they are now ...

i really want to know how they feel about us... stupid ? naive ?

hj and hb, can you tell me just once ... no matter what ... i give you my email address... can i ? i won't tell anyone.

Anonymous said...

U know...ii really loved Joongbo and ii was thinking...if they are the ones that cannot be together....we will be sad but ii'm guessing them themselves will truely be the depressed ones cause they are the ones that cannot express their feelings to each other...ii really love the 2 of you..you had such a big impact on me...be happy always...

Anonymous said...


He always keep his promises, with a man one word thats why everybody like him so much.

hana said...

hi SH, its been awhile i post a comment in your blog..
thank you so much for the translation..i've been waiting for it...i know. u r bz with your exam n school work..so the patience of waiting is worth it..love u
take care

fudgeorange said...

I also loved this episode---when buin visited shillang in japan... though shillang seemed quite insensitive at times...hehe. It was cool when they were at the recording studio -- when he called her "yeobo" --seemed like a freudian slip-- hehe.. I think he liked her too--if not only for the seniority issue, I think he'd have more courage. I really hope they have a chance in the future--I'd probably cry if another man would propose to buin and she accepts it. I dread the day... so shillang KHJ, hurry up!!!!

Anonymous said...

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