Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Strong Heart Preview

OMG.. The special guests!!
Hwangbo Hwang Buin, Clazziquai's Alex, Shinhwa's Andy, Young masters' Kyujong & Youngsaeng!!!

I wish Hyunjoong came tooo... and the whole WGM family! :o

I just read about a few comments here about how Hyunjoong was supposed to be in this filming also.. o.o

I absolutely did not know that, and yes, that really is fishy!!!
I agree on the comment that Hyunjoong is not one to not go to shows even if he's sick..

Wow.. just wow DSP. I don;t wanna point fingers at anybody, but this is kinda weird.


Anonymous said...

when i watch this preview, most of the guest and the audience are crying... i am so curious to know why... I wish that KHJL is one of the guest, but I think the PD trying not to do that since they know that it wil be a hot topic to the media when the Lettuce Couple be together in a show..

fellow joongboer said...

shillang was supposed to record strong heart with kyu jong & young saeng but he was reported to be sick on that day. so he join recording the next week with hyung joon & jung min..
but i never know that buin was on that show to...
now i wonder is he really is sick? or the management just do not want him on the show with buin...
i am sad...for so long wishing them together on a show..but it did not happen

if ss501 is going to appear in infinity girls 2nd season, i will me more sad..fufufu~~

f09 said...

HyunJoongLeader was supposed to be appearing with YoungSaeng+KyuJong on this episode and HyungJunBaby+JungMin was scheduled for the next episode. Other guests were Alex+Andy. And then they invited HB the last minute. So the PD was supposed to have a segment or a topic about WGM since 4 stars from the show were present.. BUT THEN, well what do we have here... Hyun Joong was M.I.A.!!! the reason: he was sick. **but but but. the next day, SS501 appeared in Sukira Radio Show and HJ was A-OK. and we all know him and his stubbornness, he won't skip any activities unless he faints already... right? so, very fisshyy indeed.

Anonymous said...

i wish that someday we see them in a show together. someday you, please come soon!!

i see my kyu!

Anonymous said...

ooohhh... now i wonder why is that... too bad we couldn't see a joongbo couple reunion.

Anonymous said...

cant wait!!
but actually hoping there will be reunion of ssangchu couple..but i guess it didnt happen yet..
miss them so much ><...get together one day in a show would u!!

Anonymous said...

i really want to see joongbo together:(

Anonymous said...

Is it HJ himself that avoid Hwangbo, if this is so then it is sad ? Both of them were the best WGM couple and no other couples could match the public surveys' results that both of them got. Joongbo fan around the world really miss them and I beleive they also have the highest numbers of worldwide fans that looking more for their shows together.

Why can't they part as good friend and ocasionally performing laughable and romantically shows for us, six years age differerence seem unmaterialize to us ? If it because of DSP may be we should write and let DSP president know that HJ popularity to all ages of world wide fan doesn't happen because he is idol(for those over 30and plus who care much for idol)but was the result of his acting as Hwangbo's shillang in WGM and it was many months before BOF that his name has been well known worldwide .

Joongbo fan from UK

hyunhwang said...

I agree that it does seemed suspicious but hey guys I have questions. Do you think that the people around him doesn't want Hyun Joong to be with Hwangbo nuna because he's popular now? Do you think that if the two of them are going to be together again then they might develop further feelings and that bad to Hyun Joong's popularity if he and hwangbo nuna get married?
P.S. I couldn't help but smile and giggle at the word "married" them two :)

Anonymous said...

but if he truly loves her, shouldn't he persevere on? anyway, didn't he say that if he truly loves someone, no one can stop him? (can DSP, his company stop him???) ...sigh... hwang bo is such a wonderful person and my friend and i truly truly hope to see them together.
we even agreed that if they ever get together, we will both go for a great celebration. it's really his loss if he loses her.

hyunhwang said...

True, hyun Joong should persevere on already but who knows he might be burden about Hyori-nuna or whatever but shouldn't he at least gives his joongbo's fans some clues that he still think of Hwangbo-nuna as his buin or at least still the same Hyun Joong during WGM time. He's toying with our heads now guys. Sigh.....

jazzie said...

aok..uhmm..i've been a silent reader of ur blog and i can help not to comment until now..imma put my 2 cents on this ayt..hehehe

first, i really do think that Hyun Joong is sick bec. before Strong Heart, he filmed Dream Team..and i heard that the weather in Seoul was extremely cold that maybe he got colds or something.

second, having Hwangbo with that show have nothing to do with Hyun Joong not attending it...who knows if Hyun Joong even knows Hwangbo's gonna be there..ryt?

third, im so sorry to burst your bubbles but..WGM era was so long over. Both of them even wished for all Ssangcho supporters to get out of WMG world already..i too love them on that show..but we still have to deal with reality..THEY ARE NOT TOGETHER.

forth, the more pressure fans put on them being together..the more they are trying to avoid each other..dont you think so? oh well..i know a lot of people would not agree on me with this..but..just look at the signs..they dont want to be seen or linked together!

btw..i dont care whether you guys bash me or's MY OWN OPINION peace out! :)

f09 said...


with what you posted above, it just makes it more fishy. why can't he talk about HB when they worked for 6-7 months together? even if it is a reality show wherein they got married, can't he atleast talk about her just a little bit.

For example, he's been talking about Hyori for the whole time. Also talked about Gu Hye Sun and Han Cha Young. Even Lee Soo Ra that just made a statement that he's her ideal type sans the age gap.

I mean, everyone fell in love with SSangchu during their WGM days, aren't the MCs from the shows that he's guesting in, curious about their offcam interactions. even if it's already in the past?

Refer to HJ and KJ's latest guesting in Happy Together.. during the celebrity quiz portion. they asked: {blank} made Kim Hyun Joong throw the remote in front of the TV. Almost all famous female celebrity names came out.. where's HB's name? is it more possible that that is the answer bcoz they worked together before. and HJ also mentioned about HB and the thing about breaking TVs.

The only time i remembered that an MC dared to ask him about HB related questions during their REBIRTH promotions was Choi Hwa Jung (one of the House Warming guests/HBs friend) in their Power TIme Radio Guesting and the infamous Choosing between HR vs HB in Champagne.

I know. and all JoongBo Angels know that 90% of this whole thing can be "just plain old imagination and fandomness of the couple".. there's a big or i should i say BIGGER possibility that they are not together..

but the 10% of it gives us some HOPE... hope, that what we witnessed in the show's 7 month run could have some truth to it.. that what if during the wedding photo shoot, HJ really meant it when he said that he was scared of how their relationship on the show progressed in just a span of time. and why is that all he could answer when HB asks him why he's scared is.. "JUST BECAUSE."

that 10% of hope. keeps us all hang in there.

i know that some of the fans' spazzes are way too over the hill. but a lot are still worth it. the stuff that makes you say "Oh Yeah, why is that? Oh Right, it could be!"'s worth the sleepless nights lurking through JoongBo related threads and being like a zombie at work or at school just because of the "90% imagination and fandomness of the JoongBo Couple".

*sorry for the major ponderness and very loooong comment.*

i'm just voicing out what i've been thinking the whole time. peace! happy thanksgiving everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

What F09 said is really wonderful because Hope is still there even though the two of them are hardly be with together on any shows together anymore. Seriously, if you were fake marriage with someone on WGM (for I don't know 8 months) wouldn't you be at least talk about that person since it's your fake husband or wife after the show is over for you two?
Also, I'm wondering, I think I read it somewhere saying that Hyun Joong was asked if he was still contacts Hwangbo and he said that he couldn't because he "lost" his phone.... Why does celebrity keeps saying that? I couldn't contact or keeps connection with _ because I lost my phone? Seriously?
Anyway, Hyun Joong probably memorize Hwangbo's phone number by heart like the way he memorized the song he sang for hwangbo on the show.
Sorry, for the long post and please answer why he said he lost the phone?

f09 said...


In one of HJ's past interviews (Seoul Fashion Week wherein he walked the runway for a designer), he was asked if he still contacts HB and he answered: "No, coz i lost my phone"

Then i think HB was also asked this kind of question in one of her radio interviews and she answered: "No, coz he changed his number"

amber said...

everyone should just accept that HJL's ideal girl will forever be Hyori. I'm also a sscangcho couple supporter and i love them both but whenever HJL mentions Hyori, it seems like he loves her still. as for HB, she used to be HJL's fake wife but that's just it. so sad how this happened but i think HB will never take Hyori's spot in HJL's heart.

and if ever there's "something" between HJL and HB, they will definitely find ways of finding out each others numbers right? i mean..entertainment business' not that big after all...connections anyone?

hyunhwang said...

so f09, does that means they are no longer having contacts with one another? That sad but hey guys like Hyun Joong are really hard to understand right but that is our 4D prince?

f09 said...


thats what they said. so its either, they are really telling the truth that they arent in contact with each other or that they are just lying to avoid rumors.

we never know.. the k.entertainment is too small for them not to see each other again or be in the same project or program. only time will tell.

hyunhwang said...

Oh, okay. Thanks a lot. Also last night as I was lying in bed a sudden thought popped into my mind. Like you said, hwangbo nuna said that he "changed his phone number" so that means Hwangbo nuna actually CALLED him to talk or something and that they used to have contact right? If that's so then it's wasn't so sad anymore. ^_^ Tell me what you think!!!

Anonymous said...

maybe i am thinking too much...but sometimes, the person you mention the most is actually the one whom you least hope to be together with. it's like using that person to 'hide' your real feelings. i think the fact the HJL can mention hyori so comfortably everytime is because she is someone everybody has come to accept and is very ok with. so it's ok to mention her. on the contrary, by being so sensitive and secretive on things relating to hwang bo could be because of something that is private to him.
if after wgm, hwang bo and HJL had become just good friends, there is no reason why he has to avoid mentioning her. it's not as if he has never mentioned other female celebrities. if he is worried about rumours about the both of them, shouldn't he be worried about rumours of him and hyori first?
anyway, hwang bo had been spotted lately with the black ring again (after it went 'missing' for a long time, i wonder why?

Anonymous said...

sori but i have another random thinking. i feel like he might have already lost her and that's the reason he looked depressed and sad when seeing her pic during choosing the ideal girl. He avoided meeting her in the shows coz of embrassment plus afraid of revealing his true feeling to her in public's eyes. He's still feeling delighted while seeing joongbo's pics and gifts coz this was his most delicious moments he ever had but in reality......
this is just my own opinion and i do hope my guessing is totally incorrect and they are ACTUALLY together ^^

hyunhwang said...

Well, I also hope that he feels that way. I have lots of questions so can you guys answer according to the questions for me, please!
1. Why did Hyun Joong offered to help Hwangbo feels better (the exercising before going into the water) and even tried to massage her legs if he hated "skinship"?
2. What do you guys think at the way Hyun Joong looked at Hwangbo nuna before she did the cute act? He looks as if he was looking forward to the act, right?
3. What do you guys think will happens if the call wasn't from Hwangbo's mom but the man from before calling Hwangbo back instead (When Hwangbo calls the Wonder girls but called the man instead)?
4. Did you guys notice that Hyun Joong kept on smiling sheepishly or shyly or softly whenever he looked at Hwangbo? (If you rewatch I bet you'll see! Pay close attention to his eyes and mouth).
Thanks beforehand for anyone who takes the time to answer! Thank you and let your thoughts be share with everyone here and post any questions that you might have!
P.S. Sorry for the long post!

Anonymous said...

oh,,,i really hope the answer for all your questions is 'LOVE and affection'.
i really hope what happened between them during WGM were all from the bottom of their hearts and out of true love, affection , respect.

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