Friday, April 9, 2010

[Fanaccount] Hyunjoong In Barcelona Airport

Credits: Nidami + kanojokhj [English translation]

I arrived to the airport about 9:45 p.m. The first thing that I did was to verify the flights that came from Paris and there were three. Knowing it, my reaction was like “plop pork” because I wasn’t sure if it was true that he was coming or if that was a lie. When I got closer to the waiting room (I don’t remember the name) there were girls in the place who were doing banners and other things. Everyone was really nervous because we didn’t know how he would react.

We were waiting for 30 minutes more or less, and when the door was opened and we saw many people wearing in black, we though “what if it’s him?”, but he wasn’t. We were really nervous; I personally felt I was going to throw out everything I had eaten during the day because I was so excited. I felt really bad. At one point, I saw the stylist, but at first I didn’t recognize her… but… my subconscious was telling me “that girl… you have seen her before, where have you seen her? Where? Where?”. And he appeared all in black and I was like “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and everyone screamed like crazy people when he appeared. When he saw us, he looked us with a face that he always has when he gets surprised. His face was fun, I think he was also scared because although we were 10 or 15 people, we screamed really loud (people in the airport who where waiting for their relatives looked at us as if they were thinking “what are that crazy girls doing screaming like that”).

At first, all of them were apart between each other, but when they saw that there were fans, they got closer to leader and surrounded him. There were about 10 people with him. Since we were filming and taking pictures, we wanted to get closer but they didn’t leave us. We also wanted that he signed for us, but the guards in red (Silly guys!!!) pushed a girl and also ran over another girl with the trolley (or cart), that person was really rude with us (he is in my blacklist¬¬). Somehow, he stretched his hand backwards, and a girl gave him a photo so he could give her his autograph. In that moment I take advantage of the situation and gave him my letters. In the video, you can hear me saying “Please, please”, and “Thanks” (Gracias). It was in that moment when we had a faint touch of hands, it was exciting.

Then they arrived to the zone where they leave to the parking. At the beginning, we didn’t react because there was only one escalator going down, so we though “Now, what we can do”. I saw the elevator and though “I’m going down”. Since the elevator was really big, everyone could enter, so we followed him to the parking. He got on the car, but we could still see him by the window. We shouted him, and he looked at us as he was thinking “Those crazy girls”.

A cameraman went down and began recording us, we were like “don’t record us!”, but he did it. We were so excited.

People who were like his bodyguards were totally edges. A girl gave to one of them a drawing in order to reach leader’s hands but the bodyguard threw it. We saw it when they had started the car. When the car had started, leader wave his hand saying “Goodbye”, it was really nice of him even though he only said us goodbye. I understand that he couldn’t sign us autographs or taking pics with us because they must think that European fans are crazy as Asian fans, they are scary, but at least, I am satisfied because he received my letter and he waved his hand saying us “Goodbye”; however, now I wonder if he has read my letter or did he threw it away?


GaGa said...

This is NOT the first time I feel this, but I really think the Manager (this time he wore Red) is sooooooo mean!!!
He pulled the little fan girl by her collar real hard, and then later, trying to run over her by the fully loaded cart!
I think his action should be charged!!

Seems like I'm not the only person to notice this!!

Kiyaani said...

This is hard for me to write, I don't like to comment on anything that would cause a controversy.
This is only my opinion: Yes, the manager should have handled the situation differently.
My concern: Hyun Joong's safety. From what I have seen, some fans can get crazy, get out of control (can you blame them? XD). I have read of other Idol's who have been abused by fans, if there is no control, ie., pulling of hair, tearing cloth, or anything they can get their hands on (for momentos).
So at the end of the day, he needs protection for our Buin, hehehe.
love Joongbo...........

Ssangchu Heaven said...

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a manager of an idol treated a fan rather inappropriately... There was the case of a SHINee manager hitting a girl's head and i think it was MBLAQ's manager that punched the crowd out as the members got out of the car. There are some cases for DBSK also.. maybe not the managers but their guards..

I don't believe it's right either.. Even if there are some crazy fans out there, it's not all of them. Why would they want to hurt their idols? o.o Most just want to get a picture ^^;;