Friday, April 16, 2010

Hyunjoong Back In Korea!

He looks very well rested, neh? :D


Anonymous said...

Hyunjoong is so so "HANDSOME", just like I want to kiss kiss you hehehe... :)))


LvKprogram said...

He has been wear Tiffany Mini double heart tag pendant for while.

Must be his favourite!

Anonymous said...

maybe lee yunha got it for him.
he got that necklace at the Tiffany's Co in vancouver in canada

Anonymous said...

^ there you go again with lee yunha crap.. stop spamming the blog with it. SERIOUSLY. this is a joongbo blog and no one really cares about this HJ - Lee Yunha rumour.

First of all there's absolutely nothing to spazz about, except for a name that no one really notices. (well except for you of course, the one who made a blog about them lmao. MAJOR LOL to you.)

Good luck on your life and keep on worshipping lee yunha, the faceless made up girl from canada ^^


Anonymous said...

who is lee yunha????


Hwangbo is far more beautiful than any woman linked with HJ....HB aja aja fighting !!!!

Anonymous said...

i don't mind if hj dating other girl.. cos i think hb deserve better!.. plus many man crazy of her..