Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Joongbo's Second Wedding Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary Hyunjoong & Hwang Buin *w*~~~~


So many memories.. How can I fit this in just one post?
All I know is, it's the best love story I've ever watched.. and will continue to watch..
I know you guys feel what I feel for this couple, so I don't think I have to put it into words..
(..and because if I put it into words you might be reading an essay right now xD)

Again happy 2nd wedding anniversary to my favorite couple,
who, in a way, taught me what love really is, or what it can be..


[As you can see the blog also changed, well the banner that is.. xD but it will be soon revamped fully by tomorrow~

Thank you for the artist yaniko for drawing for the blog!
When I commissioned her, I was surprised when she knew about Joongbo also!
The lettuce details where all her idea xDDD ]


=p said...

Too cute.

CONGRATS ON YOUR INTERNSHIP!! Goodluck...those things have away of making you grow up fast!!

Thanks for always making my day a little better!!

Anonymous said...

The banner is lovely and sooo cute~~~!
It's been 2 years already nee??
Time really flies fast..^^

LvKprogram said...

Very cute banner!

Please thank Yaniko for beautiful banner.

Also congratulations on your Internship! Go Buckeye!

Like you say...Joongbo mean, what love really is, or what it can be.


♥ciK-t0ge ♥ said...

wHat a BeautiFuL baNner...
i Luv That t0o...

L0v j0ongb0!


Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Anniv JoongBo!

SH, your banner is so cute! But why dont have this pic of JoongBo?? *save save*

Staring at the pic makes me miss them again! *weep*

xaxa said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary JoongBo. We, Joongboers around the world are happy to celebrate this special day ^_^

SH and Yaniko, nice banner. Simple and sweet.

And congrates on your intership. Wish u all the best -_-

Lets celebrate from 29/04 to 11/05.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

=p; thank you!

oh they do?? that's what my sisters said also o.o~~

aww~~ your comments make my day better! haha!

anonymous; thank you!~ i will definitely tell the artist *w*

and yes, its been two years already.. ahh and the joongbo love is still strong!!

lvk; thank you so much! and i will definitely tell her :D~~~ i will try my best hihi!

cik; thank you~~ i just added the wuotes in, but i dunno which one do you think better.. with the quote or without the quote? o.o;;

anonymous; oh! this was in the banner section hehe~ gu gu save it! xD~~

and thank you *w*

xaxa; yes! all of the joongboers around the world are partying right now! xD

thank you so much!~~ i will definitely tell her :)

whoa! i will definitely celebrate that long!!!!

Anonymous said...

New banner is sooo pretty! I like!

Happy second anniversary to our Favorite Couple...hope to hear the GOOD NEWS Soon! kekekeke...

Thanks SH for all the updates and for continue keeping the faith in them and for all the couple supporters! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this site, all the hard work you put into it. Most of all, wish you much success with your internship "congratulations".
Love the awesome banner along with the poem, The artist did an amazing job, it definitely goes along with Ssangchu Heaven, hehehe.
Ssangchu couple, thank you for the love and happiness you brought into our world.
Here's celebrating the 2nd Year Anniversary filled with much love.
Still believing......
To The World.........

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary HJ & HB... all the BEST for both of you..

SH, thanks for all this hardwork that you've been sharing with us, we really appreciate it so much, you don't know how much you make us "HAPPY"... btw please send our thanks to Yaniko for the pretty banner that she made :D


babypam_08 said...

Happy second anniversary! The best couple, ever. Love them forever! To the woooorld!

babypam_08 said...

So true. The lil bits on the Ssangchu couple makes our day. Really appreciate it. Only a Joongboer can understand how much happiness they bring. Thanks again. To the woooorld!

th0yang said...

thank you for your all your hardwork these past 2 years. if not for your painstaking efforts, the world wouldn't have known more about joongbo/ssangchu couple, and the updates about their respective careers. kudos! good on you! here's to more ...(glug, glug, soju shot for you, glug, glug)

Anonymous said...

the banner is very nice.. the poem is also great.. still believe in joongbo...

Anonymous said...

Your new banner fits perfectly for their second anniversary. Though it looks blissful the poem makes me teary eyed .... I'm hoping for more anniversaries to come....thank you so much for your time and effort. I really apppreciate it. (joongbofan2)

Chewy said...

SH, Thank you for your past 2 years effort to keep this Joongbo blog. Please.. Please continue.. This is the only place where we can know about our Joongbo updates and keep loving them.
Thank you so much SH!!!

Haha... Only Joongbo and Joongboers know about TO THE WORLD!
That's where we connect!!


Anonymous said...

juneone0601 said:
SH,u capturd my thots exactly..hw cn we evr encapsulate the overflowg emotions we hav for r fave HJHB..they may hv simply had startd out w/ d pure intentions of advancg their respectv careers wen they agreed to join d cours of their doing so, they didnt only change their lives but also d countless of ours..
Those wer wat JB had shown & taught ol of us..bec those r wat they wer to ea oder.

ruthie said...

happy anniversary to JOONGBO!!!!

thank you for keeping this website. I love the new banners! It's so beautiful and cutee! :)

Anonymous said...

cute banner and lovely mv of joongbo^^

thank you so much SH...realy love it!

Anonymous said...

this a sugestion..can someone please make a joongbo phone theme? it would be great to have joongbo in our phone

Anonymous said...

Happy Second Anniversary our Lettuce couple!!! I hope to one day learn that you have become a real couple!!! Believing in Joongbo....

Anonymous said...

SH and Yaniko, Thank you for the sweet banner, I love it.

The poem.....
Maybe HJ and HB have it while travel abroad separately.. (Hope so XD..)

Happy 2nd anniversary to our beloved Sshangchu Couple. May still counting to the 3rd, 4th, ..... more and more...
Thank you very much SH for your kind efforts during these years, Keep sparkling and FIGHTING ! ^^

Anonymous said...

Beautiful banner and very touching. Happy Second Anniversary to our JoongBo Couple. And no matter how much i've said this before, i'll say it over and over again - thanks heaps for putting up this blog sh! May you never grow tired of it. Fighting! Now I only wish they get to have a reunion. It's been too long already since we've seen them in a show together. Really miss the old days. The blog background music even more fuels the nostalgic and melancholic feeling for those wgm days. T_T -charmed

Anonymous said...

wow, 2nd anniversary! it's time to rewatch our joongbo episodes on WGM.

Thank you SH to your hardwork for keeping everything that related to our joongbo ^^

Anonymous said...

Странно, искал совсем не это, гугл выдал Ваш сайт, и судя по всему не зря, есть что почитать! Goodwork!