Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hwang Buin Funny Video

LOL!!~~ LUUUFFFS HER!!! She's so adorable!!

Sorry guys for not posting much again.. ^^;;
School has just been crazy.. so much homework =.=;;
and I just found out I got accepted for an internship in Ohio!!
So i've been planning on the stuff I have to bring there.. housing etc.
I am not sure about how that will affect my blogging, but if anything,
I gotta save up to buy a laptop to bring there xDD~~

but first, I just commissioned more artists to make us Joongbo banners!
woohoo! Have a great day everyone!

Their second anniversary is comingggggg WAAAAA!!


Anonymous said...

Hi SH :D HB still look beautiful even she do those funny and cute thing :)) love it!!!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting this funny vids of Hye Jung..she's so hilarious and I agree to what leiron71 has said..she's so beautiful..can't wait to see Hwangbo in her new show..

Good luck to your internship....


UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

now i really wonder...
hurm..did....hj ever watch this?
kekeke...^^ i am sure he will laugh...crazily!! kekeke....owhh...i heard that hj will be starring in gummy's mv with ex-chakra..reawon? something like that...kekeke....everything have connection with hb unnie! i likE!!!!
SSangchuneSSSsss...!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

firstly Congratulations !!! for being accepted to a US school for internship and good luck also...

ive seen this video before..i find it soo funny i saved it on my favorites....HB is really a unique lady so fun loving, compassionate, caring, not to mention that she is also very beautiful Whoever she chooses to be her life partner is one very lucky guy.

Anonymous said...

juneone0601 said:

1st of, my sincere wishes to yor internshp in d US. It wud defntly b their loss to pass on such oportunity havg a very smart & uber diligent colleague lyk u..yor blogsite is a clear witnes to wat i sed so i hv i sound lyk a hardknock fan,SH??
2ndly, HB is so enigmatic coz she's never afraid to laugh at herself..she is very infectious.. Dont we ol love her to pieces?
Think, that HJ had seen (or is still seeing..wish mode) all her loveliness up close & personal..

Anonymous said...

Congratulation for your achievement in study SH, Wish you luck.^*.

HB is so hilarious XD

JoongBo jjang! said...

chukaiyyo! congratulation on ur intership, SH! ^^
the horror mask she wore in this video looks exactly like the dented bin she sat on when she had breakfast with hj in episode 2..^^ she must have thought of hj when she wore that mask..^^

kdj said...

@joongbo jjang: yay u noticed that too!!

the clip played so fast but I was instantly reminded of that bin-incident! lol
maybe I'm spazzing too much..I noticed after she pull-off the masked she laughed hard, but then when she claps with the the rest of IG she looked a bit...sad? or down? what's the exact word? (gah..the clip might not even related to the previous one but I just can't stop wondering)

its just that she doesn't look that happy..maybe the scream-faced-dented-bin memories flashed backed to her that moment? i wonder...

& oh...she was holding jins too!! <33