Thursday, April 1, 2010

WGM'S Best Couple!!!

Voting is over and tantananannn!
The couple with the highest votes on WGM's Best Couple category is our Joongbo Couple!!!

*w* //

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Joongbo love is so strong...
This poll only shows once facet on how we love this couple, and how we, as Joongboes, are united as one..

...but unity, to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking, neh?... ^^
Simple misunderstandings is nothing..
Let's move forward from this, okay? :)
Hwaiting! ♥


Anonymous said...

I hope the misunderstandings would end also,, thank you SH! I will always keep on believing!

Anonymous said...

YEHEY!!! what a best gift for us esp. to our dear couple imagine this month we're celebrating they're 2nd yr.anniv... i want to jump for joy... wooohh!!! clap!clap! :)))

let's pray and keep our faith that this misunderstanding will stop now and everything will back to normal


tetsu girl said...

yay! joongbo and joongboers jjang! congrats! :D
absolutely adore the new layout, ssangchu heaven! <3
er, not to bring up a sensitive issue again, but i've been away for awhile... what's this misunderstanding you're talking about? has there been trouble in lettuce paradise? =/

fang's hangout said...

perfection ^_____^

Anonymous said...

It was hard for me to see what's happening in soompi. I'm a resident lurker but the long posts, the arguments about what to talk about, what to believe... I miss the fun CSIs and conversations there..

Like you said were'll all united because of Ssangcho couple. Joongboers let's all move on from this. We went through far difficult trials and the issue on soompi is not something that should divide us..

I love all of you guys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks SH! You always make my day ^___^

Nisha86 said...

Aja Aja Fighting Ssangchu couple !

Anonymous said...

ssangchu couple is the best! ^^

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

proud that i vote too!!!!
lalalala....tO the wORLD!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Day! so happy they won the poll, this shows the love we have for them. You all rock Joongboers! To The World!

cati_21 said...

good job everyone~

i agree its so tiring to read arguments in the thread.....

i love the new look dear!

joongbofan2 said...

So...what's the price for our fav couple winning the poll?...are we going to see them together?...or shillang will get another kiss from buin...LOL...

Anonymous said...

I think those arguments only an early April Fool's Day, kekekekeee...

So since I have recogniced the pattern of Joongboers, I will prepare my self for the next April 1st 2011.

Yaa Joongboers, I will not fall on your prank one more time..

ohh, how couldn't I realize it since the first time? Fool me.... ;p

jini_14 said...

lol... Joongbo!! <3
They are still shining..
Nice to know they are still a lot of joongbo believers though a lot new couples are arriving....

Anonymous said...


Clap, clap, clap to our undisputable winning couple! A big hurray to d entire Joongbo world.. Ssangchu children...JOB WELL DONE! I hope all these polls would amount to 1 helluvah reward to us...we'd b hapi w/any kind of collaboratn of our dear couple..evn a bathroom tissue CF for Ppoopie... hehe! jjjang!:-o
Guys..a simpl plea..stand to unite for the our JoongBo love.. Paddle thru 2geder insted of rockg d boat..

All d HJ-HB related forum wer born out of LOVE 4 these 2 spcl creation.