Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hwang Buin At Seoul Fashion Week + Twitpics

She was on the Seoul Fashion Week on the 30th!

I first saw this hairstyle on her on her twitter but I dunno guys.. I know many of you will disagree... But I don't like this hairstyle on her T__T

Please tell me it's a wig T^T


beautiful picture..


Charmed said...

Thank God I'm not the only one who thinks that! We share the same sentiments, sh. I don't like the new hairstyle. I thought of the same thing - Could this be a wig? I hope it is. I don't know, but this hairstyle makes her look older; I love her and I'll always be a Hwangbo fan regardless.

Zephyr said...

I wish she would start wearing her hair long and straight again like she did in he early part of 2007. She's pretty now but she was so pretty then too!

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

me tOO i tot i was the only 1 thinking that unnies hair is not looking tooo good like that!
kekeke...herm...i prefer her wif her long hair!` kyUuu...

Kiyaani said...

I think she looks kinda sassy with this short hair do. She has a totally different look about her.
In all honesty, I do prefer her with very long hair(to the waist), it's gotta be dark. Love what she's wearing.

LvKprogram said...

Thank God she's wearing a wig!!!
She is prettier with long hair than short.

HB is close with girl group KARA right? It seems like especially KARA leader Park Gyuri & Nicole.

KARA's 3rd Mini Album - Lupin, members were in short wig. So my thought is HB got the idea from hang out with them.

KARA is under DSP Entertainment...same as SS501. ^_~

Anonymous said...

I think the short hair is fine. She looks cute and sweet, but the problem is her wardrobe.
-ugh- too much.

Anonymous said...

I prefer her hair during the awards nite in dec2008 though HB's versatility is such that she can don diff hairstyles..
I wil 4giv d hair bt nt d outfit.. At 1 point, myb she jst wantd keep in d same theme w/ HJ for dis they always do since their WGM days...giddy me!

Y of ol girl grup - be close to KARA.. Y not T-ARA, wher d age gap is smaller..hehe..(we know d answr to dis, dont we? B-))

Hmmm..i realy love our couple... They make us ol live in a wondrous Joongbo dream..


Anonymous said...

Love hwangbo...cute that she experiment on different looks, maybe the short look will look good on her if she wears less makeup with it (natural look) will make her look fresh and youthful, but i still prefer her with long straight hair like her hair in Xman China/Hainan Special. She is more beautiful with very light make up.

Anonymous said...

is it just me or she look like a guy?? what with her clothes no offeence but...uhhh