Friday, September 18, 2009

Hwangbo Performs Arisong

Last September 17, after just being in a car accident, Hwangbo performs Arisong!


RiaJoy18 said...

just like a true professional!!!
she can still perform after the car accident (^_^)
take care HB!!!
god bless!!!

Anonymous said...

her outfit jus gets better each time! Fighting hwangbo!

jackuon said...

truly admire her strong will, work ethic, and desire to please fans! i think she looks a bit stiff or sore from the accident, but it was still an awesome performance. <3 (i also notice that her outfits get more and more covered up. *wink wink*)

케일른 said...

@RiaJoy 18: i know right? she is such a professional, i guess when she said that she keeps her promises and never lets anyone down she was telling the truth..God bless Hwangbo Fighting! ^_^

@Jackuon: you noticed that too huh? hehe maybe someone has been complaining to her about her outfits? ;) ;) ;) hehe

Kimmie said...

Did Hwangbo get skinnier???

angie9705 said...

I can't believe she still performed after a car accident. She should be at home resting. But our Hwang Bo is a hard working woman and truly professional.