Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hwangbo's School Life

credit: allkpop.com

On the 14th, Hwang Bo was casted as a guest on cable channel MBC every1's "Teacher is Coming", and she met her high school teacher for the first time in 14 years. During the show, information about Hwang Bo's school life was released.

According to her teacher, Hwang Bo was "surprisingly calm and had more of a feminine side, while she also had her unique fashion sense like today."

It was then revealed that she had gotten in a big trouble in the past for wearing a red leather shoes to school. She also has gotten thrown in the bathtub before in a school trip because she didn't wake up in time due to her love of sleep. With this, Hwang Bo's revenge was "stepping on the teacher who was sleeping on the sofa."

Hwang Bo had quite a unique school life, don't you guys think? Well for waking up late, I've heard a quote before saying, "beauties like to sleep." Hwang Bo is a beauty all right, but getting thrown in the bathtub? It's the first time I've heard of someone getting thrown in the bathtub for waking up late. You gotta give a beauty some break.


Kimmie said...

Yeah that sounds like Hwangbo alright...stepping on the teacher as revenge!

Anonymous said...

she's one unique girl alright...

Anonymous said...

you guys really need to watch this