Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hwangbo Selca Music Bank

Hwang Buin never fails to look gorgeous!!


[Btw, the Music Bank Twitter have so much hilarious celebrity candid photos!!! xD]

..and yes post spam this weekend again! I rarely have time, but thank you guys for the tips!
I'm all collecting all the news I've missed!

Hope you all ahd a non stressful day in school and advanced Happy Labor Day!!!!


Anonymous said...

i too have been busy but I'm glad you're still on a roll with posting ;}

you mentioned music bank twitter, can you please link me to it? thanks always!

angie9705 said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful pic of our HB.....

Anonymous said...

puahahaha!! silly hwang bo! i say it the loving way of course.

jackuon said...

omg all the gorgeousness of Hyun Joong and HwangBo on one page. *mind breaks* they're like Brad & Angelina, just as impossibly beautiful, just as loving and generous, but like 100 times more fun! XD

i swear HB looks like a member of a girl group ten years younger than her. how?? *worships*