Sunday, September 27, 2009

[English Subbed] Family Outing With Kim Hyunjoong & Seungri Part 1

credit: ibreathelifemusic


I didn't watch the whole thing yesterday, just the end of this episode actually...
but now that I'm starting it, why does "Almost Paradise" play everytime he comes on? xDDD


Anonymous said...

Too bad HJ didnt get that much air time...may be next episode he will

Anonymous said...

I love HJ, but sorry he's not really funny in this epi..
and Mc Yoo keep pushing him to talk make it more akward..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I waited since August for this FO episode with HJL, but then he was't able to show much of his funny, 4-D personality in this episode.

My heart also hurt a lot when I saw him with Hyori alone.. It painfully reminded me of JoongBo

How I wish that HJ also guests in HwangBo's "NODAJI" show..You, know, kinda want to see if they will still be able to relate well with each other after almost a year since their WGM stint..

Still love HJ forever!

ruthie said...


How I wish SS501 will guest at Infinity/Muhan Girls. They've guested a lot of idols already except DBSK and SS501. How I wish.


huifen said...

part 4 is out!

eiwa86 said...

thanks 4 shared...dis FO episode really make me reminisce how awkward HJ can b and how he react in early WGM episode.He become his self and really make me happy because it proved he always show his true color in reality show.Which mean whatever happened in WGM is real ...^^ Like buin always said b4 always think +ve,~

jean said...

i am hoping that HB & HJ to be together again. i love them both. am still waiting that they will be paired again....wish...wish...wish...

tahrehsi said...

Weeeeeeeeeee~~ LOVE the BAYWATCH scene! Lol, I was drooling a little bit on that. XD

tahrehsi said...

Weeeeeeeeeee~~ LOVE the BAYWATCH scene! Lol, I was drooling a little bit on that. XD

Kimmie said...

Was that the same grandma? In the beginning...the grandma from WGM...when hwangbo and HJ visited the farm? Or...does all the grandmas look like that?

COSYXD said...

Can someone help me to solve my questions in my heart ?? What is 4D Hyun Joong ?? i dont get it... why they call him 4D ??


Come to Singapore soon =D
Always welcome u =D

Anonymous said...

I miss Joongbo so much. Watch WGM countless time. Was hoping Hyori and HJ would have the same effect as Joongbo. Nope, not getting it! I see the genuin 4D HJ in WGM and trying hard to be 4D HJ in FO. I am sure the host is very much aware of how much we love his 4D, therefore he was trying hard to make HJ talk. Sorry, without HB, HJ is just another pretty face.
They need to be together again, perhape guest on IG?

Anonymous said...

ruthie, my wish is the same. If ss501 or DBSK on IG, the rating must hits the roof! Truefully, I don't think either one of them will be on IG. You know HJ and Yunho's fans will prob sending HB dead threats again if they are on her show. I am sure HJ and Yunho declined the invit to IG due to the fact that do not want to hurt HB again from those crazy fans. They prob realized that HB alwys got hurt because of them from WGM, XMN,Lve lttr. Otherwise why would they in all the reality shows except IG.

Anonymous said...

-Sorry, without HB, HJ is just another pretty face.

^obviously you only regard HJ as shillang you failed to dig deeper WHO is Kim Hyun Joong.prior to WGM he is already the crazy 4d prince particularly when the SS boys are with him.did you find time to watch/read his previous shows?interviews?read infos about him?pretty faces are everywhere, without the essential he wont be this popular. and to be honest people were drawn first to KHJ absurd wit before they even noticed the Joongbo chemistry.
the KHJ you watch in FO was the tired, worn out KHJ who holds much bigger responsibility than the KHJ in WGM.

Anonymous said...

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