Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kim Hyunjoong On Family Outing Preview

This will air on September 27! ^^


Anonymous said...

So ahndsome!! I cant WAIIT!!!!

Anonymous said...


fellow joongboer said...

ssangchu heavan..u r so wonderful
i have been thinking all weekend about this and want to request for it
yet u have it first
thanks so much

because of the news KHJ in family outing, i watched most of FO episodes in the last two weeks..hehehe

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; yes very handsome hehehe~

fellow joongboer; thank you so much! and you're welcome ^^

i really wish i can update the site more.. the "news" tab is so late o.o and i haven't been commenting much...

BUT OMG!! i can't live without family outing and i'm so happy coz daesung is back!! since i love hyori-daesung couple haha! i was so sad when yejin and chunhee left T_T

anyways, i'm excited about this new episode!!! and of course the next episodes hehe~!

Anonymous said...

when will you have the episode of kim hyun joong in the family outing? thanks.

cati_21 said...

i cant wait to see that episode!
HJ and KJK my 2 favorite namja's! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
hugs dear! thanks for sharing

moonbeam said...

Thanks for the post! Really looking forward to the episode. The trailer reminded me of Shinlang's diving abilities that he tried to show Hwang Buin at the theme park. lol.