Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hwangbo Unhurt In Car Accident

credit: coolsmurf @ allkpop

It was reported that Hwang Bo had been in a car accident early this morning on 15th September. Although the car was severely smashed up after the accident, Hwang Bo, her manager and stylist all escaped unhurt.

According to her management, Hwang Bo had been rushing to the filming site for MBC's Nodaji at around 2.30am when the accident happened. Due to heavy fog, Hwang Bo's manager who was at the wheels, veered the vehicle off the road and crashed into the guardrail.

The car was severely smashed up after the accident and Hwang Bo called up Jo Hye Ryun who was also the MC for Nodaji to pick her up for filming. For precaution sake, Hwang Bo, her manager and stylist will be heading over to Seoul National University Hospital this afternoon for a thorough body check-up after the filming of Nodaji.


jam said...

aww.. thank god nothing bad happened to hwangbo.. they should be careful driving next time!

Anonymous said...

Such as coincidence regarding our JoongBo couple..

As Shillang prepares to be discharged from the hospital on the 15th, this news regarding Hwang Buin happens..

Hope they both be careful next time.

claire said...

she's so beautiful! one of my favorite shots of her *nods*